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boxing training Anonymous 14/04/25(Fri)01:28 No. 13811

File 139838212979.jpg - (191.72KB , 1280x765 , Boxing-Quotes-78.jpg )

Hey everyone, I recently got into including boxing workouts into my workout routine. The problem is that I am dirt poor and any extra money goes to my wife and kid. Any ideas on good ways to train for free? Dont have enough for gloves or gear yet.

Anonymous 14/04/25(Fri)02:11 No. 13814

You can hit random strangers on the streets to get into fights. You should start with women and elders, then you can move into more demanding opponents as you progress. Eventually you'll end up in prison, where the real fighting will begin.
Good luck!

Anonymous 14/04/27(Sun)14:36 No. 13825


Boxing is all about jabbing and getting jabbed. Find a partner and start from youtube.
Also, punch the wall with both hands.

Anonymous 14/05/29(Thu)02:17 No. 14128


If you want to, like, box-box, then you need to go to a gym and learn from someone who knows what they're doing. Try to teach yourself and you'll pick up a metric crapload of bad habits, and probably injure yourself.

If you don't care about the sport and just want the exercise or the risk of injury (hitting things can cause serious joint and tendon injuries, especially if you're ill-equipped), you could probably find a torrent some Billy Blanks-style boxercise videos.

I would strongly recommend saving up and joining a class, though.

Anonymous 16/04/13(Wed)19:09 No. 18981

Boxing is the 2nd cheapest martial art.

The scam of boxing is that your coach gets 1/5 of your winnings. They're hunting for the prize fighters to get that huge payout.

The only way to get good prize fighters is to have them fight other humans, and so they lower the price just to get warm bodies into the door.

Your not there to box, you're there to train other boxers. But a great boxer has to fight good boxers to be good, so they'll train you, too.

You can find places for $5/ hour if you just look.

A few blow jobs on the side of the road can fund your entire boxing career.

Anonymous 17/05/15(Mon)08:46 No. 19636

give up that faggy dream of "practicing" and look for a fight club, also do muay thai

Anonymous 17/05/25(Thu)17:24 No. 19657


What's the cheapest? Morning Tai chi in the park with the geriatrics?

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