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Official Requests Thread Anonymous ## Admin ## 18/08/11(Sat)21:13 No. 22341 Stickied

File 153401479813.png - (619.18KB , 613x522 , 1527077363162.png )

All requests go in here. This thread will periodically be purged of old posts.

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power/built Anonymous 19/12/26(Thu)16:36 No. 32599

Hey! does anyone have power/built by micah marino?
thank you.

KILO FÜR KILO - Pascal Su Anonymous 19/12/26(Thu)16:55 No. 32600

merry christmas to y'all

anybody willing to share Pascal Su - Kilo für Kilo Beginner program as x-mas gift?

ty hehe


Anonymous 19/12/26(Thu)17:34 No. 32601


The amount of times you have asked for it surely you could have put it on your own christmas list or even bought it by now

Thibarmy Anonymous 19/12/26(Thu)18:02 No. 32602

Anyone have Thibarmy's physique transformation the male and female ones please?

Jay Cutlers Guide To High Volume Training Abid Zaman 19/12/26(Thu)18:08 No. 32603

File 157738010810.jpg - (48.66KB , 465x659 , images (25).jpg )


Lever Pro Defiance 19/12/26(Thu)19:13 No. 32604

Merry christmas everyone
Still looking for Lever Pro from FitnessFAQs!

The Official Dorian Yates Training Journal Anonymous 19/12/26(Thu)21:36 No. 32605

anyone have it?thanks

Renaissance Periodization 6 Day Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)01:12 No. 32608

Does anyone have RP's Male Physique 6 Day Full Body Template in Kilo?

THOR POWER PROGRAMME 2.0 Stunky 19/12/27(Fri)01:21 No. 32609


dave!ozOtJW9BFA 19/12/27(Fri)06:15 No. 32610

Much appreciated. Thanks very much.

Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)10:45 No. 32611

Could you please share the other parts ♥


Hi,does anyone has a copy of the GROW YOUR GLUTES WITHOUT GROWING YOUR LEGS: 12-WEEK PROGRAM (EBOOK)by bret contreras??

willing to share glutelab in return.

Max+ 19/12/27(Fri)11:22 No. 32613

Hey guys does anyone perhaps have Layne Norton’s The Complete Reverse Dieting Guide ?

Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)11:36 No. 32615


Trading not permitted here, plus Glute lab has been posted already

Here is the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EWtBmiO3r-l0bSWPBwfa8W2YJbEHLV9j/view


Hi does anyone has the GROW YOUR GLUTES WITHOUT GROWING YOUR LEGS: 12-WEEK PROGRAM (EBOOK)by bret Contreras?

Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)11:59 No. 32617


Posting your request every hour will not make this newly released book appear any faster. I doubt anyone here has even bought, expect myself as part of a group buy which is awaiting completion

Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)13:07 No. 32618

ok, whatever

"why why why am i sinful as hell? why why am i sinful as all hell?"

the funny joke about a pig is that it's so full of valuable information entropy that it could be described nothing as but "not see"

what a passive pig you are, what a passive pig you are, be liberated from your sin as if you never admitted you were a lech either.

Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)13:20 No. 32619

the french language appears to be lacking linguo whatsoever

as in the sense of 'lingua fracas'

Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)13:37 No. 32620

saul i'm scared of visiting you because you'll circumcise me

Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)13:48 No. 32621

ok i got a handle on this thread

sooooooooooooooooooooob anyway

do you kniow when shit is bready shit is bready as shit

Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)13:50 No. 32622

"the earth is flat"

no you're talking about the holographic principle

Does Anyone Have these ? Request 19/12/27(Fri)14:17 No. 32624


[Request] RP MPT Novice Fullbody 3 days 2.0 (updated version) Otaner 19/12/27(Fri)14:54 No. 32625

[Request] RP MPT Novice Fullbody 3 days 2.0 (updated version)

Calisthenics (Lever Pro) Defiance 19/12/27(Fri)15:43 No. 32626

Hey guys, I am organizing a group buy for FitnessFAQ's Lever Pro.
Incase anyone is interested, mail me at defiance_main@outlook.com and I'll add you to the my mother's fax machine server!

Reverse Dieting Guide Brown 19/12/27(Fri)16:46 No. 32627


* Not the original uploader

Irregular Strength 8 Week Bench Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)21:08 No. 32628

Hi, does anyone happen to have Irregular Strength's 2x World Record 8 Week Bench Program?


JACKED STREET Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)21:35 No. 32629

does anyone have the Jacked Street program?

Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)22:53 No. 32630

Thanks so much for this guide! Thought this wasn't released till January!

Pugthegoat programs Veetor 19/12/28(Sat)02:06 No. 32632

Hi, I am looking for the programs from Ricky Cho aka Pugthegoat

Anonymous 19/12/28(Sat)05:10 No. 32635

The sheets include the load calculator and weeks 1-12 exercises

Essentials of youth fitness Anonymous 19/12/28(Sat)10:02 No. 32637

Does anyone happen to have the Essentials of youth fitness book? By Avery Faigenbaum from ACSM

Thanks in advance if any kind soul could help me out.

Forums Anonymous 19/12/28(Sat)12:33 No. 32638

Hi, can anyone share links to other forums/boards like this?

Thibarmy Anonymous 19/12/28(Sat)16:42 No. 32641

Hey guys I know it's been asked already but if anyone has Thibarmy's physique guides would be so grateful if you could uoload it!

Calisthenics (Lever Pro) Defiance 19/12/28(Sat)17:46 No. 32642

Hey guys,
For anyone interested in Lever Pro from FitnessFAQ, I've created a group buy (we're planning to buy it as a group), if you're interested in being added to it e-mail me at defiance_main@outlook.com.

Also if anyone is looking for any Calisthenics programs, leave me a reply and I'll see if I have it and upload it here, cheers!

Max+ 19/12/28(Sat)17:53 No. 32643

Hey guys does anyone have Bret Contreras; Grow your Glutes without growing your legs by any chance please

Anonymous 19/12/28(Sat)18:31 No. 32644


You keep on asking for the latest releases how about offer an incentive and share with the group something new yourself. I may even upload it for you

Ryan Fischer - Superset 100 guide Anonymous 19/12/29(Sun)00:03 No. 32647


Anonymous 19/12/29(Sun)01:59 No. 32648

Maybe someone is willing to share any of the new Thibarmy add-ons? Thank you in advance

Anonymous 19/12/29(Sun)02:14 No. 32650

it is called "REQUEST" Thread

Leah Itsines Anonymiss 19/12/29(Sun)04:49 No. 32651

Anybody got Leah Itsines vegetarian Bare guide (with recipes)? Im so thankful if someone can share.

Max+ 19/12/29(Sun)06:36 No. 32652

Thank you so much for this man really thank you

Anonymous 19/12/29(Sun)07:53 No. 32653

Hey guys, what program/resources would you suggest for someone looking for upper body development only

Anonymous 19/12/29(Sun)10:52 No. 32655

Train Like a Bodybuilder Get Lean. Get Big. Get Strong


Anonymous 19/12/29(Sun)12:35 No. 32656


Anonymiss 19/12/29(Sun)13:01 No. 32657

Here is new Layne Norton Reverse dieting book. https://anonfile.com/tbEcIfJ9n9/Layne_Norton_-_The_Complete_Reverse_Dieting_Guide_pdf

Still looking for Leah Itsines vegetarian BARE if anyone has it.


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