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Official Requests Thread Anonymous ## Admin ## 18/08/11(Sat)21:13 No. 22341 Stickied

File 153401479813.png - (619.18KB , 613x522 , 1527077363162.png )

All requests go in here. This thread will periodically be purged of old posts.

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Iron Iron 19/01/21(Mon)17:37 No. 25937

does anybody have I Will Be Iron By Bud Jeffries ?

Anonymous 19/01/21(Mon)17:44 No. 25938

can someone compile the RP male physique templates clearly and only include the up to date ones?
for ex:
Novice/Intermediate 4 day
Novice/Intermediate 5 day
Novice/Intermediate 6 day
Adv 4 day
Adv 5 day
Adv 6 day

instead of what we have now which is a huge list of old ones, a list of random new ones, some not labeled.....

I will be iron Original+Funkmaster 19/01/21(Mon)17:49 No. 25939


Here you go enjoy


Please feel free to share anything good with us all

Iron Iron 19/01/21(Mon)18:13 No. 25942

many thanks funkmaster !!!
do you have also the The KSC Texas Method ?

lauren simpson panda 19/01/21(Mon)18:22 No. 25943

Anyone have Lauren simpson plans?
I have Nicole Wilkins, Fighterdiet, etc. if anyone wants

#Athlean-X2 !caG84MXea2 19/01/21(Mon)18:31 No. 25944

#Can anyone post the Athlean-X2 pdfs/videos again, the link for MEGA is no longer available, i've been really looking for this program for a long time now. I will upload Athleanx Max Size/Shred and Zero if they havent already been posted

Broken links Mustafadump 19/01/21(Mon)18:41 No. 25945


Seeing that all the links in that post are not working I am going to assume that the uploader (Skrux) possibly has removed all the shares on those programs/files. Asides there were no videos uploaded just PDFs of AX2 program

I've uploaded all those PDFs to anonfile for you if you require them


Would be good if you can upload what Athlean programs youve got

Anon 19/01/21(Mon)19:05 No. 25949


What are these as Chrome throws up a load of warnings

Renamed Renaissance Periodization RP Templates Anonymous 19/01/21(Mon)19:23 No. 25950

I like that idea, here's my contribution. I've posted these before, but now they are renamed for clarity (instead of M_5_C or something like that)

RP Male Physique Template Beginner/Intermediate Full Body 3 day/week: https://anonfile.com/W8weo5rfb2/RP_Male_Physique_Template_3x_Week_Full_Body_xlsx

RP Male Physique Template Beginner/Intermediate Full Body 4 Day/week (Dec. 2018): https://anonfile.com/b6x2ocrab9/RP_Male_Physique_4_Day_Full_body_xlsx

RP Powerlifting Hypertrophy 4 day/week: https://anonfile.com/dexfoer5bd/RPPowerLiftingHypertrophy4Day_xlsx

RP Powerlifting Beginner Strength: https://anonfile.com/fdx9o1r1be/RP_Powerlifting_Strength_Beginner_xlsx

RP Powerlifting Peaking Beginner: https://anonfile.com/h0xfodr5b8/RP_Powerlifting_Peaking_Beginner_xlsx
Zip file of a bunch of RP Female Physique Templates, most labeled well: https://anonfile.com/q0x5o1rfb3/RP_-_Female_Physique_Training_Templates_rar

enamed Renaissance Periodization RP Templates Pt. 2 Anonymous 19/01/21(Mon)19:43 No. 25951

RP Male Physique Template, full body, 5 days/week: https://anonfiles.com/U21foerbb7/Male_Physique_Template_Full_Body_5_Days_xlsx

RP Male Physique Template, full body, 6 days/week: https://anonfiles.com/W819oer7bd/Male_Physique_Template_Full_Body_6days_xlsx

RP Male Physique Template, Chest & Back Specialization, 6 days/week: https://anonfiles.com/e325o5rab8/Male_Physique_Template_Chest_and_Back_6_days_xlsx

RP Male Physique Template, Shoulders & Arms Specialization, 5 days/week: https://anonfiles.com/f329ofrdb2/Male_physique_template_shoulder_and_arm_5_days_xlsx

Element9876 19/01/21(Mon)21:38 No. 25953

You need ad block or something like that.

Anon 19/01/21(Mon)22:00 No. 25954


Have you tried to download it? I've come across random warnings like this before without any problems but without an idea what it is, as the poster hasn't stated what it is, I'm not going to risk it. Been a few fake malware virus posts posted in some forums of late

gal101168 19/01/21(Mon)22:02 No. 25955

File 154810456937.jpg - (5.68KB , 224x225 , download (6).jpg )

Anonymous 19/01/21(Mon)17:44 No. 25938
Replies: >>25950
can someone compile the RP male physique templates clearly and only include the up to date ones?
for ex:
Novice/Intermediate 4 day
Novice/Intermediate 5 day
Novice/Intermediate 6 day
Adv 4 day
Adv 5 day
Adv 6 day

instead of what we have now which is a huge list of old ones, a list of random new ones, some not labeled.....

These are the new ones (2018) that I know are available here...
Novice/Intermediate 4 day full body lbs
Novice/Intermediate 6 day full body lbs
Novice/Intermediate 5 day Arms & Shoulders lbs

Advanced 5 day full body kilos
Advanced 6 day full body kilos

They are the only new templates I have seen available which means there are quite a few more new ones missing.

UP Principles of Muscle Building Anonymous 19/01/21(Mon)22:36 No. 25956

Hi all.
Does anybody have Principles of Muscle Building Program Design (UP Encyclopaedia of Personal Training Vol 1)?
Lots of RP/Lyle M stuff to share if anyone has it.

Calisthenics Swag 19/01/21(Mon)23:09 No. 25957

Looking for PDFs on calisthenics and or gynmastics

Anonymous 19/01/22(Tue)00:18 No. 25958

Here you go.
Would be interested in anything you have on Nicole Wilkins and Pauline Nordine.


Anonymous 19/01/22(Tue)01:10 No. 25960

does anyone have The muscle and strength pyramid books

Request StrongFirst Kettlebell course Kettlebellnewb 19/01/22(Tue)01:28 No. 25961


Anyone have this course from Pavel's new group?

Apex Vision Fitness Anonymous 19/01/22(Tue)03:28 No. 25962

Not sure if anyone has or knows if they are even good programs or not, but anyone have anything from Apex Vision Fitness such as 12 weeks to Apex or Alpha Shred?

Here is an e-book from Shelby Starnes so I am at least contributing something in the meantime.

Anonymous 19/01/22(Tue)04:01 No. 25963

File 154812610666.jpg - (128.59KB , 1000x1000 , ader-kettlebell-10_1_1.jpg )

Somebody put this links but they doesn't work, its possible the owner can uploaded again

Bar brother nutrition program

Bar brother freestyle moves program


Athlean x AX2 program


Athleanx zero program

Lynette McDonald
The ultimate diet 2


Lynette McDonald
Stubborn fat solution


Lee Taft Complete speed 2.0

Mike Roberson bulletproof knee program


Mike Robertson Access and correct program


Joe DeFranco power program


JOE DE FRANDO DEADLIFT MISTA+CHOW 19/01/22(Tue)06:16 No. 25964

Hey brotha the link doesn't open
there are no apps to open it
can you download it another way?

Jeremy ethier built with science Anonymous 19/01/22(Tue)06:58 No. 25966

Can anyone upload built with science programs of jeremy ethier ..

Anonymous+!puU58fdiFo 19/01/22(Tue)07:43 No. 25967


Allready posted

Muscle and Strength Pyramid v2 Original+Funkmaster 19/01/12(Sat)14:50 No. 25637


File uploads 19/01/22(Tue)08:03 No. 25968


Use anonfile.com to share the programs then post the link. You can't upload files to this site only pictures with messages

FitGuy 19/01/22(Tue)09:56 No. 25970

Does anyone have access to ganbarumethod.com?

chan 19/01/22(Tue)10:30 No. 25971

Mark Carroll book for Male - the art of gen pop transformations male guide

Anyone knows where I can find it or can pass me a copy?

I have the female version:

The art of gen pop transformation female guide


Defranco Barbell Training Essentials Strength Series Original+Funkmaster 19/01/22(Tue)11:59 No. 25972


Here you go the 3 videos from the series. Just need to obtain the accompanying book (350 pages), so if anyone has it please share and upload to anonfile for us complete the collection.

Defranco Barbell Training Essentials Strength Series







If you are going to download this have the courtesy to upload something in return, thank you. Keep the spirit of the forum alive

bp 19/01/22(Tue)15:41 No. 25973

giving back to this awesome bunch.

Jeff Nippard's Squat Specialization Program


Parkour Anonymous 19/01/22(Tue)15:55 No. 25974

Does anyone have any material on parkour that they would be willing to share?

RP Template not working velocity05 19/01/22(Tue)15:58 No. 25975

Is anyone using the Physique Template novice/intermediate 5x full body by Renaissance Periodization?

I've filled everything out and I've moved onto week 2 but the "Sets" "Weight" and "Rep Goal" figures haven't changed.

I thought the template updated itself.

Ely 19/01/22(Tue)16:45 No. 25976

Thank you so much!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„

Original+Funkmaster 19/01/22(Tue)17:00 No. 25977


Thanks for the share

Anonymous 19/01/22(Tue)17:30 No. 25978

i am using it and you have to write your 10RM for each exercise in the "violet" column named "10RM". Then your template will be automatically filled with the correct weight.
Writing down the reps you made is useless (you must always be in the 8-12 range) but selecring the rating (1 , 0, -1) after each one is mandatory. The template won't ALWAYS update itself but only on some exercises, let it do the job because it works

RP Template not working velocity05 19/01/22(Tue)18:27 No. 25979


Hey thanks for getting back to me!

I've followed all the instructions but it just doesn't seem to be updating.


Can you see anything wrong with that? Really want to get stuck into this program!

Bolton Bolton 19/01/22(Tue)18:31 No. 25980

Does anybody have Deadlift Domination and Supersize Your Strength by Andy Bolton?

Anonymous 19/01/22(Tue)19:55 No. 25981

You mount it and play it like a dvd but Funkmaster uploaded most of its contentsJoe Defranco Deadlift

Anonymous 19/01/22(Tue)20:11 No. 25982


did some1 take the new thibarmy neurotyping test already? Is in worth the 15 bucks?

RP Working Fine Anonymous 19/01/22(Tue)20:28 No. 25983


Everything seems to be working fine.

Anonymous 19/01/22(Tue)21:08 No. 25984

anyone have cardio code/ master your press by kenneth jay?
hardstyle abs?
mike reinold or charlie weingroff products?


Original+Funkmaster 19/01/22(Tue)21:59 No. 25985




Feel free to post up something not already uploaded and I am sure the other items you requested will be uploaded in time also

Hhh 19/01/22(Tue)22:26 No. 25986

Looking for the system soviet periodization adapted for the american strength coach can anyone re-upload? The old anonfile link doesn't work

The system soviet periodization Hhh 19/01/22(Tue)22:28 No. 25987

Looking for the system soviet periodization adapted for the american strength coach can anyone re-upload? The old anonfile link doesn't work

freekarol 19/01/22(Tue)23:31 No. 25988

You can download it from here: https://sendit.cloud/no6ybhep2c0z

But the anonfile link must work. Try free vpn to access anonfile links.

Kettlebell but not only! Help me :-) Anonymous 19/01/23(Wed)00:44 No. 25990

Hi guys, some of you have:
- Fabio Zonin master SFG, SFB and SFL - book (even his Italian book "hard and essential kettlebell" would be fine) or video;
- Brett Jones master SFG, SFB and SFL - book or video;
- Brent Brookbush book or private videos;
- FMS stuff.
Thanks in advance

dinomarino 19/01/23(Wed)01:16 No. 25991

Anyone have shifthing the curve from tsg freq 2,3 and 4? 3,4,5 sessions? thank you


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