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What happened to Request Thread? JD15 19/01/11(Fri)04:18 No. 25520

File 154717670555.jpg - (31.10KB , 564x846 , e47f91d6437d556b6cb7057f2b0d96d3.jpg )

What happened to the request thread? I was here a lil over a month ago, and there were thousands of posts with a ton of programs available...now all I see is 59 posts. Am I doing something wrong, or are they gone?

Anonymous ## Mod ## 19/01/11(Fri)05:01 No. 25523

The thread had previously been purged of any post that did not contain a link, which reduced the thread count. However there were so many dead links that it would be impossible to check each one. So an admin made a post stating that he would delete anything but the 50 most recent posts and that he was giving people who had shared anything of value time to save it then reshare it after the delete. After that he cleaned out the thread.

TL;DR it was too big to mod so this is a fresh start.

Anon 19/01/11(Fri)06:47 No. 25525

So you guys were lazy and wiped out the most comprehensive fitness resource? :/

Anonymous 19/01/11(Fri)10:55 No. 25546

it was the admin
the board was a cluster fuck of a mess a fresh start is good

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