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New to lifting Shinobi 19/03/31(Sun)20:53 No. 27538

File 155405843961.jpg - (39.30KB , 474x316 , E1F104EB-829A-4B58-AD98-423BFDCD00BF.jpg )

So I just recently started lifting/working out about 3 weeks ago and I’m just wondering if my routine so far is pretty good.
For starters I’m 6’2 about 185-190 lbs, I’m eating about 3200 a day (trying to bulk) and here’s the routine I’ve been doing- just wondering if this is a pretty decent routine and if you have any suggestions/advice.

I do bench (5x5 of) started out with 155 and today I moved up to 165 (had some trouble on the last set could only do 2 reps so I brought it down to just 135lbs and did 7 reps) then I do pull ups (I did 35 today) and ended it with 50 pushups.

On leg day I do squats (5x5) of 185lbs and then I’ll do some lightweight front squats (100lbs) also 5x5 and then finish it off with some stationary lunges (30 each leg).

I know this is probably a weak ass routine but I’ve never worked out seriously before so I’m just doing what I know. Is this pretty decent? Every week I try to do more weight, pull ups, push ups than before so I’m also trying to improve not just plateau. What do you guys think?

Smiles 19/03/31(Sun)23:40 No. 27543

Any of the Renaissance Periodization full-body templates from the request thread will be good for you.

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