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poly 18/09/18(Tue)21:13 No. 26720 ID: 12ef80 [Reply]

File 153729799691.png - (184.20KB , 311x414 , Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 12_21_14 PM.png )

gimme cute anime furries

Vulpes Inculta 18/09/19(Wed)02:50 No. 26721 ID: 1e5fb7

File 153731824925.png - (773.19KB , 507x692 , 12813132294.png )

Vulpes Inculta 18/12/02(Sun)00:05 No. 26933 ID: 1e5fb7

File 15437055079.jpg - (54.63KB , 736x1024 , ec4f59a4368b4792d70e9ce6c78b2fc7--furry-art-stripe.jpg )

Vulpes Inculta 18/12/02(Sun)00:05 No. 26934 ID: 1e5fb7

File 154370552189.jpg - (340.75KB , 1066x1200 , tumblr_nldp9cAOSS1t3gnf3o1_1280_png.jpg )

Vulpes Inculta 13/05/17(Fri)02:15 No. 15345 ID: 9a2f83 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 136874973632.gif - (378.54KB , 500x281 , http%3A%2F%2F25_media_tumblr_com%2F42a7fedd3462aa9.gif )

Post yiffy gifs

52 posts and 49 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Vulpes Inculta 17/05/08(Mon)01:22 No. 25003 ID: 3545c4

File 149419932167.webm - (1.70MB , 1280x720 , TSBOTW_03.webm )

Vulpes Inculta 18/08/04(Sat)01:45 No. 26652 ID: e8cc57

Sauce plz

Vulpes Inculta 18/12/01(Sat)23:52 No. 26925 ID: 1e5fb7

File 154370476618.gif - (1.64MB , 1042x768 , 152160058021.gif )

is this board dead tuna fisheries 18/09/18(Tue)02:43 No. 26717 ID: 99972b [Reply]

File 153723140969.png - (208.61KB , 398x459 , Capture - Copy (2).png )

give me a subject/idea/fursona and i'll write a little bit about it

Vulpes Inculta 18/12/01(Sat)23:42 No. 26921 ID: 1e5fb7

File 154370413137.jpg - (86.47KB , 600x800 , Cuntboys029.jpg )


The AMC Commit die 18/11/04(Sun)22:55 No. 26868 ID: 934d68 [Reply]

File 154136853024.png - (1.42MB , 1542x1550 , thicc.png )

well, Im new

Vulpes Inculta 18/11/05(Mon)01:31 No. 26870 ID: 1e5fb7

File 154137787422.png - (1.60MB , 1206x1280 , tumblr_nczmys8kHW1rr6n0bo9_1280.png )


dad dad 18/11/29(Thu)20:20 No. 26917 ID: 8c32be


Nicole Vulpes Inculta 18/02/01(Thu)20:58 No. 26360 ID: 24ac78 [Reply]

File 151751511587.png - (339.09KB , 338x474 , 1515488004150.png )

Why does she wear White panties?

29 posts and 78 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Vulpes Inculta 18/11/29(Thu)05:16 No. 26914 ID: f5705c

Vulpes Inculta 18/11/29(Thu)05:16 No. 26915 ID: f5705c

Vulpes Inculta 18/11/29(Thu)05:17 No. 26916 ID: f5705c

Fursonas Vulpes Inculta 16/12/31(Sat)19:06 No. 24391 ID: e96c59 [Reply]

File 148320756460.png - (402.25KB , 776x1529 , gaoooo.png )

Hey /Fur/, show off your fursona's

7 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Quint 18/06/16(Sat)12:24 No. 26584 ID: 09e1d7

File 152914464230.png - (63.99KB , 498x540 , 49FA7B56-F03F-42B9-B610-160EC20C66BD.png )

Here’s my badger oc quint

Show off your fursona Zixea 18/10/28(Sun)14:48 No. 26834 ID: a1b074

File 154073449864.jpg - (101.06KB , 1080x894 , IMG_1832.jpg )

This is my precious baby Ivy Goliath

Its an old drawing, just to let you know.

Vulpes Inculta 18/11/21(Wed)06:59 No. 26886 ID: 7d0bc0

File 154277998260.png - (14.94KB , 100x100 , unnamed.png )

This is my boi Greggory

Naked Fursuiting Vulpes Inculta 17/08/27(Sun)01:15 No. 25900 ID: e7e3e5 [Reply]

File 150378934659.jpg - (78.99KB , 736x981 , action shot.jpg )

Has anyone else gone commando under their fursuit at a con? Cus I have and it's fucking awesome.

Pic related it is me (naked underneath)

5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Vulpes Inculta 18/04/22(Sun)00:20 No. 26461 ID: 63ed94

cute. i admire you. enjoy.

Zixea+ 18/10/28(Sun)14:52 No. 26835 ID: a1b074

I'm sure all the children enjoyed feeling your dick under there.

akai 18/10/30(Tue)02:25 No. 26865 ID: 389776

ok now thats epic

Sharkys Vulpes Inculta 17/08/18(Fri)21:27 No. 25834 ID: 688eae [Reply]

File 150308447148.jpg - (231.01KB , 1366x768 , RkhAYLQ.jpg )

Here some cute sharks. I hope you like

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/18(Fri)23:05 No. 25835 ID: 8cf411

1 picture....

Vulpes Inculta 18/10/29(Mon)21:57 No. 26864 ID: 7bde86

Naylor Sharing Vulpes Inculta 18/05/26(Sat)13:19 No. 26508 ID: 5e1587 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 152733354164.jpg - (1.85MB , 2178x3366 , theawakening01.jpg )

I didn't see it in the DNP list, so I figure it's safe. Anyway, I funded Naylor's patreon and have access to some of his most recent comics, though I don't really know where to post the .zip files to share. And I don't have a furaffinity account to gain access to some of his older comics, since the torrents I find stop at around 2011 and I haven't seen anything more recent than the ones he's posted.

What i'm getting at, is that if you have a request for recent comics, hit me with them, and I'll share. Or I can just post the pictures here, whichever. Also, if you have anything -after- 2011 and through 2016 or so, please, please, PLEASE tell me where to find them.

I'll dump this one as proof of my intent. I just like good porn, and though he's a cunt(gathered this from his videos since I never read about the guy, just jacked off to his porn,) he makes good stuff and I wanna see things I missed.

147 posts and 421 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Vulpes Inculta 18/10/29(Mon)21:06 No. 26861 ID: 35ee87

Vulpes Inculta 18/10/29(Mon)21:06 No. 26862 ID: 35ee87

Vulpes Inculta 18/10/29(Mon)21:07 No. 26863 ID: 35ee87

Stolen Art. Vulpes Inculta 18/10/06(Sat)00:13 No. 26733 ID: 08aba3 [Reply]

File 153877763974.jpg - (161.33KB , 970x523 , stolen.jpg )

Can anyone identify the artist in this "game" and let them know their art got stolen?


I only recognized the 3rd pic as old art from Dr. Comet and already emailed him

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