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TF Thread 16.0 Vulpes Inculta 16/11/02(Wed)07:22 No. 24181 ID: 037ee1 Stickied

File 147806775013.jpg - (63.89KB , 750x638 , 1411536584242-1.jpg )

It's about time.

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Vulpes Inculta 17/06/30(Fri)18:59 No. 25305 ID: 1a50af

Cacoethic Cavalier 17/07/02(Sun)07:31 No. 25307 ID: 6848ac

Got a source for those first three?

Cacoethic Cavalier 17/07/03(Mon)08:31 No. 25309 ID: af31a3

👌 Thanks man.

Stories Vulpes Inculta 17/07/04(Tue)00:48 No. 25311 ID: b228f6

Anyone know any good female TF stories/authors? I'm fine with futa, and really any animal. I prefer to keep it anthro tf, stuff like multiboob, etc is fine. Longer stories are preferable, set over multiple days like Komperaklause.

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/04(Tue)07:02 No. 25312 ID: cb457c


Vulpes Inculta 17/07/04(Tue)07:40 No. 25313 ID: b228f6

Thank you. Do you know any unwilling tfs?

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/06(Thu)17:44 No. 25316 ID: 3b3ba7

File 149935589043.png - (112.67KB , 915x873 , beg_for_me_by_bendzz-db8ygi9.png )

any can share all becumming saga (1-5) pls

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/10(Mon)07:54 No. 25317 ID: b228f6

Yes, this please. Also, does anyone know this artist?

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/10(Mon)09:41 No. 25318 ID: 962b2a

I forget his name, but this is pretty much the extent of his animal TF work, which is a shame, because he's pretty good at it.

He mostly does bimbo/maid TG stuff.

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/10(Mon)19:34 No. 25319 ID: a6f068

It's a bit of a weird site to navigate but IIRC this is where they upload all their stuff, their Pixiv last I checked was a bit barebones.

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/10(Mon)20:20 No. 25320 ID: b228f6

Oh, thats sad. There isnt a lot of good bird tf either so i was hoping for more.

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/13(Thu)23:39 No. 25324 ID: 44e68e


Honestly send any tf you got sorting my archive of 35,000 pics should be done in a week.

bat cockamouse 17/07/14(Fri)01:10 No. 25325 ID: 064eee

just see this on sadpanda

cockamouse 17/07/14(Fri)01:11 No. 25326 ID: 064eee

File 149998748289.jpg - (261.59KB , 1280x904 , 1499200823_biobasher_page_5_nomennescio_uploadable.jpg )

last page

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/19(Wed)20:53 No. 25330 ID: c6f8f9

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/19(Wed)21:00 No. 25331 ID: c6f8f9

Anyone got a girl turning into a werewolf? Bipedal and one pair of breasts preferred, not a fan of girls turning into 100% pure wolf.

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/19(Wed)21:02 No. 25332 ID: c6f8f9

Pics like the ones I posted are the things I'm after.

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/20(Thu)00:00 No. 25334 ID: af3a3a


Tiraleonne 17/07/21(Fri)01:37 No. 25336 ID: e5b269

File 150059382120.jpg - (255.21KB , 709x709 , elemmire-louve.jpg )

Axillia!!SvAQplL2L4 17/07/22(Sat)00:01 No. 25337 ID: 753bdc


http://imgur.com/DysSId3 <- short Female to 2-breasted antro-wolf TF Video, as requested

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/22(Sat)17:37 No. 25338 ID: 3e5e1f

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/23(Sun)10:13 No. 25339 ID: ba1056

I've definitely seen the first one on the left on E.H. - here:


Morpher4life 17/07/28(Fri)22:35 No. 25342 ID: 066d2f

File 150127411118.jpg - (171.29KB , 682x1000 , Mt_Lion 2.jpg )

Would there be any interest in bringing back the photomorph thread? I have amassed a decent collection that I would be willing to share. I know somewhere in the backlog of this thread is a link that includes all of the old thread. My collection features some of that plus other things as well.

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/29(Sat)18:05 No. 25343 ID: 99a6e4

File 150134433269.png - (547.54KB , 1200x681 , tumblr_odsbepZLfT1rmqzavo1_1280.png )

I would like to know if anyone could share their TF material
I would greatly appreciate it

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/30(Sun)05:23 No. 25344 ID: 1dc51d

Go for it. Follow your dreams.

someone know Tester Bug 17/07/30(Sun)06:42 No. 25345 ID: 15dbdd

hi someone where i can buy the reworked version of the comic from 25243 to 25248

Vulpes Inculta 17/07/30(Sun)11:33 No. 25346 ID: 3e5e1f

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/01(Tue)05:42 No. 25347 ID: 88226c

Yes please

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/01(Tue)18:00 No. 25348 ID: b3b4b9

You bet there is interest.

Morpher4life 17/08/02(Wed)01:38 No. 25350 ID: 700b82

File 15016307106.jpg - (330.18KB , 850x1280 , bunny_concern_by_mrtboy-db7mdpt.jpg )

Alright then, I will start throwing things up when I get back home tonight.

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/03(Thu)23:25 No. 25429 ID: 6a6c53

File 150179550510.png - (289.11KB , 480x662 , 035342790.png )


Vulpes Inculta 17/08/04(Fri)10:55 No. 25483 ID: 5198a3

These are great

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/05(Sat)10:04 No. 25542 ID: 2f4af3

File 150192028129.jpg - (196.77KB , 1043x1200 , DGJKM-bUAAA1Esp.jpg )

This Kemono Friends x Evangelion art book parody probably doesn't have any TF content beside this fake storyboard, but it's neat


Vulpes Inculta 17/08/05(Sat)10:09 No. 25543 ID: 2f4af3

Oh, he actually made an animation

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/05(Sat)10:40 No. 25544 ID: 2f4af3

Not sure why I didn't think of this sooner, but Kemono Friends is a series with a lot of potential for this kind of stuff.

It's about an abandoned zoo/nature preserve/theme park which is full of humanoid animals. They're all the 'catgirl' type with just a few animal parts and animal themed clothes, but there's more to this. They used to be normal animals until they were exposed to this mysterious mineral from a volcano. The park is also full of monsters which try to eat them. If they're eaten, they don't die but they turn back into the animal they were originally. The content creates itself.

This art is from Sigmarion on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sigmarion

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/08(Tue)01:52 No. 25643 ID: 003503

Yo, here to share some porn again. Message me at alt.r9-2xvsycu@yopmail.com with a request for whatever, I'll send the link(s) your way.

I've got most of what's been posted here and elsewhere in the last few years, newer stuff like interludes 6 included. Note that Cavitees is only madame's web - if anyone has Tangy's Spell (or anything new in general) I'd appreciate it. Not including Locofuria this time because I'm pretty sure like everything of his is on e-hentai now for some reason??

I'll respond to emails for some time, but if it's past like a week don't count on it.

Also - got a shitload of curated and meticulously organized futa dick growth (part of my personal directory in third image) some people on here were weirdly interested in last time around - I've updated it and put it on mega in 5 parts totaling something like 13gb, if you're interested in that make a note of it as well. I have a couple imgur albums and misc images in a thread on halfchan's /d/ right now too if you want to get an idea without dowloading, but this ain't the place for linking it. Not including the corruption or gender bender stuff from last time though, got rid of them as I flesh them out and create directories for them as well, maybe next time.

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/08(Tue)04:16 No. 25661 ID: 003503

Since I've already got a few people asking, here's what's in the "other". Plus some misc tf images so that everything's not just windows explorer.

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/08(Tue)10:18 No. 25663 ID: cf78be

File 15021802876.png - (236.36KB , 612x792 , d191495bcae28d3c91ec954013dac1b4438bf1f9cde25bc23c.png )

Any MirandaLeigh? Someone posted a few pdfs a while back, but it was hardly a fraction of her paywalled stuff. If you've got the alien soldier sequence, that'd be fantastic.
Pic related is a teaser for said sequence. Six years and I've still never seen it.

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/08(Tue)10:47 No. 25664 ID: 003503

Not really, no. I picked up one set at some point, but it didn't have much, and I don't really know anything about her to say what I do or don't have. Didn't interest me that much, as they're more just individual pics rather than comics with a story, and ideally sex of some sort. Pic related's all I got.

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/10(Thu)01:30 No. 25723 ID: ceb654

Not TF, but I don't suppose you've got Giant Hunting?

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/10(Thu)02:47 No. 25724 ID: 888a9d

Nope, only ever what people have posted in these kinds of threads - which generally doesn't include macro-micro stuff. I'm personally missing Metamorph of Jitensha's, which I was going to ask for but it's actually easy enough to find just googling so never mind that I guess!

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/10(Thu)08:41 No. 25726 ID: b6e84b

Have any of you considered putting together a megatorrent with all the comics?

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/10(Thu)09:55 No. 25727 ID: 888a9d

Never gonna happen, at least not by me. Don't think it's fair to the artists - having a potentially perpetual distro's way more distasteful to me than limited giveaways to just a select group of people.

Also partially why I don't just post the links here - part of it's just because I don't want to have to recreate accounts/reupload stuff, but the other's so that the artists don't necessarily have to go through the motions of getting notified and doing a takedown. If they don't for public-facing links, people can just keep pirating whenever, for years even, and absolutely anyone stumbling into the thread can get it. This way, I can cut it off myself - I delete share links after a few days to a week so they can't get spread around, and relatively fewer people actually bother emailing and asking for a set of comics - probably like 5-6 a day.

I'm still being an absolute cunt to em, even if I personally don't believe in paying for porn, but I try to keep the cuntiness levels to a minimum? Bendzz is a cool guy that lurks here, Abe makes some chill free content for people too, BSB is super active with free stuff on DA and FA, I've got my limits with how far I'll screw them.

Considered making a torrent for my own stuff but I don't really want to be constantly seeding another 13gb of content. Such is life.

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/10(Thu)19:35 No. 25728 ID: 3e5e1f

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/11(Fri)02:39 No. 25746 ID: 7793ce

Do you have any transformation h-manga? I remember finding so many, but I made the mistake of not saving any of them and they became lost to time. Only few do I remember by name, such as the amazing Hito Moe linkai.

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/11(Fri)06:32 No. 25764 ID: 888a9d

Yes, but a tentative yes - I have it, but incomplete, and there's stuff of all types, like humans turning into monster girls, monster girls reverting from human form, humans gaining minor animal-y characteristics, and animals gaining majorly human-y characteristics (pics related), alongside some other things that are just a human altering their tongue, height, hair and the like.

There's pretty much nil in the way of actual eastern furry TF (barring like one or two horse tf shorts I can think of off the top of my head, like https://exhentai.org/s/4a4c34bd38/1013555-29), which is why human lover's committee stands out so much.

Basically I'm working on that too, but what I've shown is all that's available right now. In the process of combing through stuff like corruption, GB and transformation to thouroughly grab everything, I've only just completely finished futa and even then I wanna cross-reference on nhentai before I really move on.

Axillia!!SvAQplL2L4 17/08/12(Sat)23:03 No. 25796 ID: d3e359

Does anyone have any of Solone's Patreon Stuff to share? Particularly interested in the seemingly finished 'Curse of the Cat Woman from Channel 6'.

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/13(Sun)05:43 No. 25797 ID: 6bc3d9

Last day for getting links to the misc. Paycomics in the linked post; 24 hours from now I'm pulling the plug, so if you haven't downloaded them do so. Address to message for a link is again alt.r9-2xvsycu@yopmail.com, but please don't get cute and try to ask for it past the 24 hour mark, these posts are timestamped and it's a bit annoying.

Vulpes Inculta 17/08/14(Mon)16:00 No. 25807 ID: d996bf

Here is something for you guies! Anyone has the full version of the camel pic?


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