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Fursonas Vulpes Inculta 16/12/31(Sat)19:06 No. 24391 ID: e96c59

File 148320756460.png - (402.25KB , 776x1529 , gaoooo.png )

Hey /Fur/, show off your fursona's

Vulpes Inculta 16/12/31(Sat)19:07 No. 24392 ID: e96c59

File 148320762444.png - (477.08KB , 896x981 , qGa0dNu.png )

Just to give a little bump as not to get banned, I'll throw one more photo up.

Daeday 17/01/02(Mon)09:25 No. 24401 ID: 217592

File 148334549994.jpg - (388.12KB , 3097x2299 , Liv.jpg )

This is Liv from DaemonQuest, a quest I did on /qst/.

She's a feline cat, basically a rookie super soldier.

Jacob 17/01/03(Tue)13:57 No. 24415 ID: a72b37

File 148344822778.jpg - (1.08MB , 1736x3549 , Sonic_CG27_Chnl.jpg )

My fursona is called Jacob the Super Hedgehog.

He's a cool super police officer who loves lincoln park and killing bad people. His super power is to run faster than sonic can, and to be invisible whenever he wants.

Please don't draw him without my permission or I'll sue you :(

Vulpes Inculta 17/01/29(Sun)07:33 No. 24576 ID: 992d64

File 148567163274.png - (1.11MB , 1280x956 , Clean Shep by Jagzcat.png )

This is Raven. He's my German Shepherd.

TaiFuckingJones 17/01/29(Sun)07:37 No. 24577 ID: c33e60

File 148567185617.jpg - (374.47KB , 911x1805 , escanear0009.jpg )

My fursona, Tai Jones, he's a dragon/goat hybrid - professional edgelord

Vulpes Inculta 17/02/06(Mon)12:46 No. 24598 ID: 897a41

File 14863816026.png - (713.92KB , 769x1088 , sherrimox.png )


Vulpes Inculta 17/06/11(Sun)21:55 No. 25254 ID: 688eae

Aww, so many cuties

Quint 18/06/16(Sat)12:24 No. 26584 ID: 09e1d7

File 152914464230.png - (63.99KB , 498x540 , 49FA7B56-F03F-42B9-B610-160EC20C66BD.png )

Here’s my badger oc quint

Show off your fursona Zixea 18/10/28(Sun)14:48 No. 26834 ID: a1b074

File 154073449864.jpg - (101.06KB , 1080x894 , IMG_1832.jpg )

This is my precious baby Ivy Goliath

Its an old drawing, just to let you know.

Vulpes Inculta 18/11/21(Wed)06:59 No. 26886 ID: 7d0bc0

File 154277998260.png - (14.94KB , 100x100 , unnamed.png )

This is my boi Greggory

Sylanna 19/03/03(Sun)03:53 No. 27061 ID: f00c17

Here is mine, you can find more of my stuff on FA at: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/puppyruffles/

Vulpes Inculta 19/04/07(Sun)04:44 No. 27136 ID: 29643e

File 155460504164.jpg - (1.33MB , 1668x2388 , Untitled_Artwork.jpg )

My fursona is Dolores, the raccoon.

Vulpes Inculta 19/04/08(Mon)04:20 No. 27138 ID: dc1c67

Do written fursonas without art count?

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