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Let's ride Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:32 No. 2862 ID: a8dada

File 135337515517.jpg - (163.46KB , 1024x768 , Stephanie LazyTown.jpg )

I'm on a mission, I want to put Stephanie on the pink car from 2 fast 2 furious with her best pal, pedobear. I saw a pic with just that me thinks, haven't found it yet.

I want to make a short animation of it like the car comes from the right side fo the frame and then it stops right in the center.
Stephanie just arrived.

So I'll just dump what I have so far, I guess I needto choose a proper face and/or body and make a composition of the car (didin't found the perfect side view of it).
Feel free to contryboot.

Will dump what I have.

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:33 No. 2863 ID: a8dada

File 135337520370.jpg - (158.68KB , 1024x768 , 001_2_Fast_2_Furious-005.jpg )

first some car

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:34 No. 2864 ID: a8dada

File 135337523955.jpg - (2.84MB , 1772x1181 , 2-fast-2-furious-173584l.jpg )

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:34 No. 2865 ID: a8dada

File 135337526061.jpg - (675.17KB , 1600x1200 , 2Fast_2Furious_by_Gaben07.jpg )

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:35 No. 2866 ID: a8dada

File 135337531432.jpg - (234.53KB , 1600x1140 , 2004519164812_9415041.jpg )

this would be like the view at which the gif/video/whatever stops, they just arrived.

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:35 No. 2867 ID: a8dada

File 135337533912.jpg - (1.12MB , 1920x1080 , HondaS2000-001.jpg )

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:35 No. 2868 ID: a8dada

File 135337535496.jpg - (51.53KB , 800x473 , veilside-pink-s2000.jpg )

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:38 No. 2869 ID: a8dada

File 135337548552.png - (1.93MB , 1920x1080 , sportafakesanssprout1.png )

now some faces

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:38 No. 2870 ID: a8dada

File 135337550878.png - (1.51MB , 800x450 , steph30001.png )

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:39 No. 2871 ID: a8dada

File 135337555110.jpg - (1.19MB , 1680x1050 , 0008598109.jpg )

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:39 No. 2872 ID: a8dada

File 135337558086.png - (975.80KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap2010121510h55m26.png )

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:40 No. 2873 ID: a8dada

File 135337564713.png - (965.82KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap2010122808h33m28.png )

maybe this body could do the trick, but I'd so much preffer her dressed like an explorer like in the first post

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:44 No. 2874 ID: a8dada

File 135337586035.png - (528.95KB , 800x500 , darkcakeencounter.png )

Help with the face body and car would be much appreciated.

Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)16:59 No. 2875 ID: a8dada

File 135342718982.png - (145.51KB , 802x1300 , pedobear.png )

Anonymous 12/11/22(Thu)00:05 No. 2876 ID: a8dada

File 135353913069.png - (316.18KB , 507x511 , rueah.png )

from: >>2864

So whadya zink, did I earned the right to masturbation for today?

Anonymous 12/11/22(Thu)05:20 No. 2878 ID: c3a2bf

This could be a fun and interesting idea, but I'm sure it would take a good amount of time.
I personally won't do it.

Besides that, I didn't really get your idea; perhaps you should sketch it with Paint or something (that is if you really are interested in someone [else] helping you to do it.)

Anonymous 12/11/22(Thu)05:57 No. 2879 ID: a8dada

File 135356025365.gif - (16.68KB , 829x890 , brodystoar.gif )


THe thing is, the camera is static, doesn't move, so the car arrives. THen last thing that happens, happy bear pops out from the back seat... It could be going down on her or just on the side, ocluded by Stephy's body.

I'm thinking about downloading the movie in HD or something and find a similar scene... dunno.

Anonymous 12/11/22(Thu)06:55 No. 2881 ID: c3a2bf

That's good, I wondered if you'd end up drawing the whole animation or just take/pull a scene from the movie and edit it.

Anonymous 12/11/22(Thu)21:58 No. 2882 ID: a8dada

File 135361788335.jpg - (54.51KB , 636x478 , wtfstephfootballzx2.jpg )

I'm scanning the movie for good sequences, nothing for now. Will also work on the shops, I might end up using a combination of both, who knows. Just realized I have to reshoop the wheels so they are a perfect circle in full frontal view, they are distorted by the camera angle.

Anonymous 12/11/23(Fri)01:18 No. 2883 ID: a8dada

File 135362989242.gif - (1.58MB , 388x165 , no.gif )

Ok, that movie was bad, now I've got a headache.

Hopefully I can use some frames from the movie, but I doubt I can use a whole sequence from there.

Anonymous 12/11/24(Sat)00:56 No. 2886 ID: c3a2bf

You know, I said I wouldn't help, because I don't think I have the expertise to do such work, but I'm actually getting really curious for the final product and for the work put into it. This leads me to ask if you could keep updating your progress in this thread.

One suggestion I have, since this seems like a mildly medium-to-large project, why not intend for the final product to be a movie clip, which may be cleaner, so it is uploaded to a site like YouTube, and from which a .gif (for example) could be made of?
I mention all of this because in the OP it wasn't specified if you'd make a .gif or a .swf (or the like) to be shared in forums or *chans, etc.

Anonymous 12/11/24(Sat)02:37 No. 2887 ID: a8dada

File 135372102039.jpg - (123.59KB , 1000x720 , 1203527956465.jpg )

I'll be updating whenever I get some new material. I think I'll upload a few gifs from the car sequences and maybe upload a clip to youtube of them. Doing a swf/video/gif seems like a pretty good idea, had only thought about making a gif but I don't think there would be a problem to output on all 3 formats.

Not today, but hopefully soon will update.

Anonymous 12/11/25(Sun)01:19 No. 2889 ID: a8dada

File 135380275475.png - (512.58KB , 705x699 , pneumatixxx.png )

The wheel, it is now ready to spin, and now it even comes with a pneumatic!!!11!!!!!1!!!

Somebody helped me with that on some other chan. I came to realize, I will probably be needing to actually build parts of the car, and not only from the actual pictures of the original car, but from everywhere. The pneumatics, for example are from :

Also realized that for perfect round wheels and stuff I need to build them by mirroring, transforming and tweaking a single fragment of the wheel (it is very difficult to find a 100% frontal view of anything)and make a complete element out of that fragment.

Imma excited.

Will try to upload the sequences from the movie soon.

Anonymous 12/11/27(Tue)08:44 No. 2893 ID: 5d0e00

That .GIF would make a good /banner/ too.

Anonymous 12/11/28(Wed)06:14 No. 2899 ID: c3a2bf

I hope hearing all these questions isn't annoying to you...
I want to know what programs/software are you using exactly?, is it just and only Photoshop?
If there are others you will be using, could you tell what they will be for?

Anonymous 12/11/29(Thu)16:55 No. 2901 ID: a8dada

Not annoying at all.

At this very momment I've only used photoshop, for the gifs and as well for preparing the wheels for future animation.
As for the gifs, simple gifs from a image sequence I link you to this guide:


As for this "future" animation, I plan on using After Effects for the animation process, because it is golden for that purpose. That means, making the wheels spin, creating a virtual 3D camera and 3D layers (the car, and the background) and putting it all together.
On the final step, I don't know, but I think I could output a video and/or swf from there.

If I make a fig, I'll output an image sequence from after effects and just render the gif in photoshop, it producess fucking badass gifs by just following the guide I linked up there.

Hope I cleared your doubt.

Anonymous 12/11/29(Thu)21:16 No. 2902 ID: a8dada

File 135422019758.png - (213.35KB , 741x315 , damnigga.png )

Here we go again.

So I mixed all the sequences from 2fast2furious together and made a video of it, I uploaded to vime, because it has the option to download the video, so you can download it there.


Also uploaded the raw image sequences in case someone needed them, here:


If some one willing to help me dig for proper pics of Stephanie, I think this is the best place for the research:

if need help finding the right thread try:

but there shall be more useful threads and topics.

Remember, sideviews of her, as she was driving, bonus points for boyscout costume sideview.

Anonymous 12/11/30(Fri)00:51 No. 2904 ID: c3a2bf

File 135423308784.png - (856.60KB , 1024x768 , Lurking 7ch.png )

Damn, that's cool.
And again, I'd like to highlight my suggestion and maybe explain why I think it would be a good idea: If the final piece/product is made a movie clip, it could be uploaded to YouTube (or the like) for somewhat easier sharing through the Internet; secondly, it may give a better, cleaner product, which could additionally be used for remixing ('YouTubePoop' videos, as one example), adding [different] sound/music, etc.

Anonymous 13/01/20(Sun)10:53 No. 3120 ID: 3e33c6

File 135867559212.jpg - (74.35KB , 480x655 , 1249375271633.jpg )

this was always my favorite lazy town edit

steph mud man 14/11/02(Sun)04:07 No. 3826 ID: 5023f6

File 141489764684.jpg - (10.06KB , 190x265 , images.jpg )

what happened to the tons of lazy town porn that used to be here or at four chan ? this was several years ago....

Anonymous 14/11/02(Sun)04:16 No. 3827 ID: c49e6f

Well, considering that it may have been on a completely different site in addition to the fact that it was several years ago, I would hope you were capable of deducing the answer for yourself.

mud man 15/12/23(Wed)14:34 No. 5991 ID: 2c5764

super helpful thanks


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