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Eeyore 16/09/04(Sun)14:55 No. 5035 ID: 8b6ae7

File 147299373752.jpg - (21.57KB , 236x354 , 12a12bd39e6ac6a7ca8fe32f8cba1364.jpg )

What do you desire /grim/?

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Eeyore 16/09/08(Thu)06:19 No. 5047 ID: c6d794

absolute ruin

Eeyore 16/09/23(Fri)07:47 No. 5066 ID: fdfdf0

A fulfilled life. To define this, I would say that would mean I would positively influence someone else's life. Hopefully more than one. I want someone to look at me as an inspiring person. I want to be inspiring by struggling, bleeding, sweating, beating myself up, but no one would know but me. In average day to day situations, you can't exactly prove yourself to be inspiring, so I'm pursuing a military career. Once I'm done with college, I'm enlisting into the Marine Corp as a riflemen. After, if all my hard work pays off, I'll become a member of the special forces. Even if I don't become MARSOC, I' m sure I prove myself.

Eeyore 16/09/25(Sun)21:23 No. 5071 ID: 3e4a64

Heroin would be nice, just enough to kill me though. I would want to waste any by taking too much because then the next guy might not overdose. Even in my suicide, I shall remain thoughtful

Eeyore 16/09/30(Fri)01:17 No. 5081 ID: c61562

A maximum eight hour workday, preferably sitting alone and doing some simple shit and my own small house outside of town, near the woods where I can spend my free time alone.

Eeyore 16/10/02(Sun)21:01 No. 5090 ID: 75c683


Full communism.

Eeyore 16/10/04(Tue)23:50 No. 5096 ID: 5ad559

To no longer remember anything.

Eeyore 16/10/05(Wed)12:27 No. 5097 ID: c6d794

try benzos. lots of them

Eeyore 16/10/05(Wed)15:27 No. 5098 ID: 858dc5

I want death

I've wanted to die for a few years now, but I set one key guideline: I can't inflict it myself. I say this because as you die your brain can either shut down instantly or slowly. as your brain shuts down I assume the last things you think and see will carry on towards your death. I don't believe in after life just an everlasting last thought.
I read that before you die that you think of all the important things in your life. I'm sure many of you heard the phrase "life flashing before your eyes" yes, I want that. I want to be shot, hit by a car or fall over from heart attack and feel a final rush of animal instinct.
I jay walk, go through rough neighborhoods and try to be a hero trying to increase my chances of random death.
I might die a hero, or a victim or even a martyr, but i do not want to die weak I want that to be my secret.

If I cannot get that wish then give me the strength to do it myself,

Eeyore 16/10/12(Wed)18:23 No. 5108 ID: 981715

I want death too. I've already lived about a decade waiting for something to kill me, but I am also not actively suicidal. I don't have the guts to make it happen or the will. I'm just sort of looking forward to the prospect that sooner or later I will die and I don't really mind if it's tomorrow or sixty years from now, but I think it's going to be a big relief.

I don't believe in any perpetuation of individual conciousness beyond physical death; not even the experience of everlasting nothingness. I'm satisfied the energy and molecules of my self go on to be other things in the world. Actually, There is one orther thing I'd want related to death--to have my body dropped into the atmosphere from space, so I could be broken down to my base elements and sprinkle them as far over the planet as possible.

Eeyore 16/11/01(Tue)01:01 No. 5143 ID: c8555b

i want the pain to stop

Eeyore 16/11/03(Thu)15:15 No. 5151 ID: ee292c


I want to feel happy, content, driven.

I want to have a meaning.

I want to move forward.

I have it all, job, car, apartmet (that I own), but life is just so empty.
Got up at 3 this morning, drove to a gas station, got 12 beers, drank those, now I'm about to open a bottle of whiskey.

Fucking Hell, what am I doing with my life

Eeyore 16/11/03(Thu)21:01 No. 5152 ID: 1f2240

-Smoke a few bowls-
"Now I'm ready to wake up"
-Take some pills-
"Now I'm ready for work (school) 'Responsibility'"
-Knives on skin-
"Now I can finally relax again"
-Take a few shots-
"Now I'm ready to go to bed"

'Normal' is no longer tolerable.
I desire substance.

But most of all, I desire a friend who I can build a nest in.
Comfort. Sleep. Food.
To feel wanted by one other person who would do anything.
To feel important.
To feel like I can love myself.

小碧 16/11/20(Sun)13:04 No. 5181 ID: 6b11d1

A life worth living.

Unlike this one I have now, with a broken, despair-lined soul residing inside a cocoon from which there seem not to be an exit.

Eeyore 16/11/21(Mon)12:56 No. 5182 ID: feeae0

File 147972939874.jpg - (68.39KB , 500x530 , iwillnothatch.jpg )


That reminds me of a poem by Shel Silverstein (pic related).

小碧 16/11/25(Fri)15:32 No. 5187 ID: 6b11d1

The only difference is that my cocoon is neither safe nor warm.

It is the place full of misery and coldness.

Eeyore 17/02/26(Sun)04:09 No. 5316 ID: 7b948e

Right now I wish someone would tuck me in and stroke my head until I fall asleep, and then never wake me again.

The closest I will ever get to this is letting a bullet smear my brains all over my bedroom.

Eeyore 17/03/26(Sun)08:11 No. 5358 ID: bc26ee

File 149050869167.jpg - (61.97KB , 235x363 , 1268.jpg )

In the very least a hole for my body to be buried in.

Eeyore 17/04/09(Sun)07:12 No. 5377 ID: 307418

File 149171474532.jpg - (53.26KB , 550x550 , 4.jpg )

>I don't believe in after life just an everlasting last thought
I've thought about this possibility a lot, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It could be a still eternity of agony, or maybe happiness. Is it better or worse than nothing?

Zacharius 17/04/11(Tue)06:40 No. 5382 ID: 9c4b9c

File 149188564564.jpg - (19.60KB , 236x349 , poem.jpg )

to die at the age of 101 and rise again

Mee 17/04/21(Fri)03:48 No. 5386 ID: 2e1d8f

To forget.

Eeyore 17/04/30(Sun)08:48 No. 5389 ID: e47853

to go back in time and do everything over again so i can do it all right

Eeyore 17/05/02(Tue)02:42 No. 5392 ID: f1d3df

File 149368572788.jpg - (72.35KB , 700x700 , a0902633644_16.jpg )

Yes, the end.
The very end of it all.
An end to erase even the memories and echoes of all that came. An end no one could ever speak of.

Eeyore 17/05/03(Wed)19:34 No. 5397 ID: 5bde38

for there to be nothing after death

Eeyore 17/05/03(Wed)23:56 No. 5398 ID: 2bc299

Things I know I can never have.

Eeyore 17/05/15(Mon)17:27 No. 5407 ID: 4bb259

A world without change. A timeless stagnant place where every day is the same as the next

Eeyore 17/05/21(Sun)07:58 No. 5411 ID: 894509


Eeyore 17/05/21(Sun)19:47 No. 5412 ID: a6056e

I only desire to leave West Virginia and never come back.

Eeyore 17/05/26(Fri)11:50 No. 5417 ID: c17ba0

Power, freedom, and probably for everything to end, but I'm not sure yet because I don't know everything.

Eeyore 17/05/28(Sun)05:49 No. 5418 ID: c6553a

I want to understand everything.

Eeyore 17/05/30(Tue)03:56 No. 5419 ID: eae098


Eeyore 17/05/30(Tue)17:29 No. 5421 ID: 4185f8

hah, we're the same. too bad such people don't exist.

I wish I could truly love my self, too.

Eeyore 17/06/07(Wed)10:28 No. 5429 ID: c17ba0

I want my heart back.
I don't recognize the creature I've become.
It's too late to even kill myself now, it would have been okay if I had some few years back, I have to live and somehow fix it.

Eeyore 17/06/07(Wed)23:51 No. 5430 ID: 0c2267

i want to be pure and innocent again
i feel so dirty and like my body and mind are corrupted sacks of shit that have lost every kind of virginity there is
i want to be clean and pure and untouched
i hate myself so much
and i dont know how to change
i also dont have any money so i can't get supplies to kill myself with, and I'm too afraid to kill myself by jumping off a building or something
i just want to be cleansed of everything

Eeyore 17/07/10(Mon)23:25 No. 5450 ID: 61c041

>want someone to look at me as an inspiring person
>enlisting into the Marine Corp
What part of becoming a nameless, faceless serial number do you think anyone will even notice, let alone take inspiration from? You are already a nameless, faceless nobody. Do something original with your life, find a goal of your own to die for, instead of burning your life for the flame of someone else, who will never, ever know your name, your face, or even the fact that you actually lived through decades of existence only to lose it all as an evolutionary misfire.

Eeyore 17/07/14(Fri)11:26 No. 5458 ID: 86f262


Even when I think that I myself am the only thing truky preventing me from getting it

Eeyore 17/07/18(Tue)00:05 No. 5465 ID: cd3f5d

File 150032913771.png - (37.47KB , 450x549 , Grey Aisa.png )

I want to feel peaceful and happy again.
No more unneeded stress and anger in my soul.

sad 17/07/19(Wed)06:30 No. 5473 ID: 6d5c72

File 150043862156.jpg - (74.19KB , 600x454 , alex_colville_1954_horse_and_train.jpg )

I also have this desire. But maybe even if I think I did right, maybe I will want more

sad 17/07/19(Wed)06:45 No. 5474 ID: 6d5c72

File 15004395217.png - (375.42KB , 500x530 , 147972939874.png )


Eeyore 17/07/20(Thu)08:53 No. 5478 ID: 00f535

to not exist and to have never existed, for "my Self" to un-become into a non-concept

Eeyore 17/07/21(Fri)03:26 No. 5480 ID: d5b502

I want to live in a world where I can learn and have fun without being punished and threatened, or having to do things that I don't want to do.

This shit is whack I'm pretty sure existence is supposed to be more lighthearted and meaningful than this.

Eeyore 17/07/22(Sat)07:23 No. 5490 ID: f77716


the only answer of a true depressive

Eeyore 17/07/25(Tue)03:13 No. 5500 ID: 4f3631

File 150094523726.jpg - (13.72KB , 300x439 , kys.jpg )

it isn't a competition

Eeyore 17/07/29(Sat)20:42 No. 5512 ID: d71b9d

To have friends and have good memories with them. Maybe a good gf too.

roof 17/08/01(Tue)08:17 No. 5513 ID: 9762cc

I want to be able to live alone and free
I've never been at peace

Eeyore 17/08/09(Wed)02:01 No. 5519 ID: 06656c

To be free. To end everything.
But I am too much of a pussy to do so. And I feel it would betray everyone close to me whom I outlived.

Or maybe I just desire having had a normal life. Instead of this train wreck I got.

Eeyore 18/05/06(Sun)05:25 No. 5796 ID: e84f42

For my anxiety and depression to be gone. That's all I need. I'll do the rest afterwards.

Eeyore 18/05/29(Tue)00:30 No. 5810 ID: 192c10

File 152754665774.jpg - (46.24KB , 421x427 , cock.jpg )

To die and have nobody feel sad about me being gone so I can go peacefully.
Here, have a meme that i like. You can remember me by it when I'm gone.

Eeyore 18/05/29(Tue)01:10 No. 5811 ID: 62ba55

Just like the majority of people here, death,or, to have a new point of view in living, my life is a piece of shit and will continue to worsten as time goes by 'cause I have a boring princip

Eeyore 18/06/12(Tue)06:31 No. 5823 ID: fba3f3

why would you want to be remembered?

Eeyore 18/06/24(Sun)04:42 No. 5834 ID: cd14a1

I can't stick to one hope or want for very long...
but for some time I have dreamt of living in off the grid in some way. Maybe a small farm plot or something like that.
Got to have a steady job and some cash to get a loan for that. Already got a job, but paying off a loan would take a long time.
I guess I want a better job.
Make more money and faster, perhaps in a more enjoyable and comfortable way than now.
Maybe take a loan and flee abroad and start over like a new person all together. The money would last longer there too, everything's expensive and our currency us going down the drain.


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