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Eeyore 16/10/13(Thu)18:05 No. 5110 ID: 1fdc02

File 147637472379.jpg - (10.56KB , 548x394 , IMG_0444.jpg )

What would be your perfect suicide?

Eeyore 16/10/15(Sat)19:27 No. 5112 ID: 75c683

Helium exit bag.

Always, helium exit bag.

Eeyore 16/10/17(Mon)06:22 No. 5116 ID: 0d6f75

File 14766781308.png - (445.21KB , 722x978 , 1440966535113-howto.png )

Eeyore 16/10/17(Mon)20:43 No. 5117 ID: 8b71db

If only it were real.

Eeyore 16/10/20(Thu)01:40 No. 5118 ID: 73dd70

It does seem to be the best way to go.

Eeyore 16/10/20(Thu)05:51 No. 5119 ID: ec97df

id want some sort of multi-guillotine. decapitaion suicides are nothing new, but what if i got all my limbs cut off, too? pull one blade down and the rest go with it. a wriggling torso in a pool of blood.

dont be a fucking pussy. get creative.

Eeyore 16/10/22(Sat)07:52 No. 5121 ID: 70c3d6

Why not just opt for quartering?

Tie the ropes to a vehicle instead of horses, secure the body to a central point, then drop the guillotine at the same time the ropes go taut.

Pulleys could ensure all four limbs are removed using a single source of motion, all you need is a central point stronger than the joints in a human body to ensure it stays put.

Of course the guy dropping the guillotine could be a dick and let you suffer for however long he wants. It wasn't unknown for people to survive quartering long enough to be burned alive.

So its got that going for it, which is nice.

Eeyore 16/10/25(Tue)07:48 No. 5123 ID: 192ce5

exit bag or drug overdose

Eeyore 16/10/26(Wed)02:24 No. 5125 ID: 336e19

To go on a long trip into the woods and shoot myself where nobody can find my corpse.

Eeyore 16/10/27(Thu)11:12 No. 5129 ID: f1d3df

The means doesn't matter to me as much. I want to take the world out with me. Some kind of giant explosion or something.

Eeyore 16/10/29(Sat)20:23 No. 5134 ID: 75c683

Never thought of doing it like that.

Eeyore 16/11/03(Thu)03:36 No. 5149 ID: eaa6c7

Driving a car into the water and drowning.

Eeyore 16/11/03(Thu)04:32 No. 5150 ID: 1f2240

Or stealing a nice car and crashing it in a brutal fashion.
Take a few tumbles off the side of a cliff.
Or a face flattening impact straight into a wall going 110mph
OR I could just shoot myself. In a car that I like.

Death The Lone Wolf 16/11/05(Sat)00:23 No. 5153 ID: 55428d

I am in no way suicidal...contemplated killing myself many, many years ago. There I was in the garage with a fully loaded .357 in my hand, alone...no suicide note, no phone calls or cries for attention...just me and a choice to make. I remember not wanting to partially because my grandmother would have probably been the person to find my body, sans a head, or much of one...I simply put the gun away and never thought about it again, ever. That being said I am 100% staunch supporter of other people killing themselves. Remember, there's no murder like self murder.

Death The Lone Wolf 16/11/05(Sat)00:23 No. 5154 ID: 55428d

I am in no way suicidal...contemplated killing myself many, many years ago. There I was in the garage with a fully loaded .357 in my hand, alone...no suicide note, no phone calls or cries for attention...just me and a choice to make. I remember not wanting to partially because my grandmother would have probably been the person to find my body, sans a head, or much of one...I simply put the gun away and never thought about it again, ever. That being said I am 100% staunch supporter of other people killing themselves. Remember, there's no murder like self murder.

Eeyore 16/11/05(Sat)08:34 No. 5165 ID: d78ba2

It's a bit of a paradox. I feel like I should die in abject pain and misery, usually by stabbing myself, which is what I've nearly done on several occasions. But the perfect suicide? I way to kill myself that I would enjoy, perhaps? Different ball park. I think I'd enjoy killing myself after having a lovely meal, when I would maybe crank open a carbon monoxide source, preferably a stove, and someone I love, preferably my partner, would be there to hold me while I die. The two main problems with this of course are that my partner obviously wants me alive and he would probably have to die as well in that scenario, since him wearing a gas mask would make it less intimate, and I don't really want him to die.

Eeyore 16/11/19(Sat)18:12 No. 5179 ID: 6dee54

>live with qtp2t in some grubby city
>we don't really associate with anyone other than each other
>we do all kinds of fun stuff
>one day we both mutually agree that we're done with this here life, it's not a sad occasion
>either OD or compress arteries together
>by the time we're found we'd be melded into some sticky decomposed mess and nigh inseparable

小碧 16/11/20(Sun)12:58 No. 5180 ID: 6b11d1

Ingesting a (relatively) slow-working poison and then just slowly falling asleep with my old stuffed toy in my hands and never waking up.

Eeyore 16/11/24(Thu)20:57 No. 5184 ID: 1f2240

With poison, you won't fall asleep slowly.
You will be awake and in pain until your body gives up.

You probably won't just fall asleep unless its the exit bag or carbon monoxide.

小碧 16/11/25(Fri)15:34 No. 5188 ID: 6b11d1

Oh well, I am used to pain.

suicide farmer 16/11/27(Sun)00:44 No. 5194 ID: 90dca0

my perfect suicide will be OP's

Eeyore 16/11/29(Tue)04:22 No. 5199 ID: 473067

Something that would definitely be remembered. Dress up as a dead meme, Harambe perhaps, travel to middle east, charge terrorist group while swinging fists. Go out in a glorious and confusing way.

Eeyore 16/12/04(Sun)05:55 No. 5204 ID: 77a501

on more than one occasion i've considered dropping my life and joining a war effort somewhere. i know i'd be no use in combat, which makes it a surefire way to get killed.

Eeyore 16/12/05(Mon)03:41 No. 5208 ID: 00ad2f


Haha that's impossible though, 7chan is mostly quiet but this board seems surprisingly active

Eeyore 16/12/05(Mon)13:06 No. 5209 ID: e2219d

File 148093957380.gif - (42.61KB , 548x394 , 147637472379.gif )

definetly not a noose; leaves you hanging there alive and struggling for quite a while.

nonetheless, nice noose >>/banner/1299

Eeyore 16/12/09(Fri)00:08 No. 5215 ID: 271575

File 148123851744.jpg - (11.38KB , 300x225 , th.jpg )

The most painful, whatever that even is.

Eeyore 16/12/09(Fri)19:08 No. 5216 ID: 1f2240

File 148130692361.png - (155.89KB , 781x770 , IMG_0726.png )


Eeyore 16/12/11(Sun)03:44 No. 5219 ID: 60afc9

Nah, if you do it right you'll snap your neck and be dead in a second. You'll have to fall from a height with the noose around your neck. You'll only die of strangulation if you fail. But even then, it won't take more than a few minutes. You'll pass out before your brain actually dies.

Eeyore 16/12/14(Wed)03:06 No. 5222 ID: 31846d

Eat some polonium. You'll die in a few days of essentially having all your vital organs turning to liquid.

Eeyore 16/12/21(Wed)16:21 No. 5230 ID: 6dee54

Cult koolaid
I would prefer to be the leader if there must be one but it doesn't matter

Eeyore 16/12/24(Sat)15:09 No. 5237 ID: d9ad92

Something artistic- slit wrists on grainy video in a cabin in the woods with music blasting or something

Eeyore 17/01/24(Tue)01:08 No. 5283 ID: 6f5148

I always liked the idea of sailing into the open ocean and shooting myself and having my body fall into the ocean.

Eeyore 17/01/24(Tue)01:46 No. 5284 ID: fa5f06

Buy steel wire and super glue

Make noose out of wire and stick heda through it.

Glue hands to head.


Head gets cut off but will look like I rippes my head off.

trapazoid 17/01/25(Wed)20:11 No. 5286 ID: 1d03ea

i dont know, i really like to think about cutting my throat(carotid artery) open. Passing away quickly when done right, lying in my bed, listening to some nice sounds and feeling the world around me turning all black, all noises getting swallowed up and everything gets cold..

Eeyore 17/01/27(Fri)22:56 No. 5288 ID: 0294d4

Carbon monoxide poisoning.

Eeyore 17/01/29(Sun)02:41 No. 5289 ID: 295dc9

File 148565408915.jpg - (534.95KB , 1024x686 , 56.jpg )

Everytime I head out to buy a new batch of alcohol I pass under a bridge and at least every other time there is one or another gigantic train passing by.

Sometimes a passenger train, sometimes a freight train.

The waiting time is a couple of seconds.

It is possible to stand there right next to the rails for maybe twenty seconds, and then another train passes by.

Eeyore 17/01/29(Sun)19:03 No. 5290 ID: 7577a7

>make a bunch of home made c4
>roll it into pills
>swallow like... two pounds of the stuff washed down with gatorade
>tazer myself in the gut

Ariel 17/01/31(Tue)00:58 No. 5292 ID: fb3651

Shotgun to the brain or plastic bag and helium gas for asphyxiation.

Eeyore 17/01/31(Tue)04:15 No. 5293 ID: 4f2ced

I'm thinking about going to Las Vegas with all money I can muster, both my saving and some loans and just place it all on a single number in the roulette, and if I win I'll live out the money and go from there and if I lose I'll go back up to the hotel room and hang myself.
I have a new job coming up in a month, but when I inevitably get fired from it this is my final backup plan.

Eeyore 17/02/01(Wed)04:09 No. 5294 ID: e47463

The whole "going to Vegas" bit is a waste of time. A single number is only a 2.63% probability of winning. You might as well save some time and just go ahead now.

Eeyore 17/03/11(Sat)07:12 No. 5339 ID: 03bf92

Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9WgtlgGAgs
I want to take someone else along for the ride, so at least by being cursed I won't be forgotten.

Eeyore 18/05/04(Fri)18:34 No. 5790 ID: ee3ced

Me getting drunk and blowing my head off or making a giant mess of my body in public for a last giggle.

Eeyore 18/05/08(Tue)01:49 No. 5798 ID: 618796

scissors and use it slit my hands or arms
maybe a car accident
jump off a bridge

Eeyore 18/05/16(Wed)02:36 No. 5805 ID: d28da9

handle a six pack in an abandoned delapidated factory alone with a record playing in the background. rig a noose somewhere near the corner of the room but with enough space to swing around. preferably have one ominous blinking light going. . maybe have my laptop laying in the corner as well. probably dressed like a slob wearing sweatpants with cheeto stains on a wife beater as a joke idk.

Eeyore 18/05/22(Tue)07:09 No. 5808 ID: 9892e2


Driving in a race car at top speeds, blasting out songs from intial d out my car. In that exact moment, I'd be free, finally free. The feeling of being like a caged animal would cease, and I would finally be free. And when I crash, it would be all worth it, because I was actually truly genuinely happy in the end.

That is my idealization.

Eeyore 18/06/01(Fri)13:38 No. 5817 ID: 4ba2a4

something gruesome, but in a self-contained way. I would love to use it as something to haunt someone who's done me wrong, maybe hang myself outside their window with my stomach split open and my entrails spilling out. That sounds really edgy but I think it would be neat if the image of my dead body would be the first thing they see when they wake up or something. Or, I would love to die in a little dug up hole in a garden somewhere, and have the plants feed off me and flourish. I think that would be lovely.

Eeyore 18/06/17(Sun)13:58 No. 5830 ID: 889397

someone snipes my head in a public place. it makes me an important person. just kidding, i'm not suicidal hehehe

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