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Eeyore 16/11/12(Sat)08:23 No. 5170 ID: fdfdf0

File 147893538118.jpg - (503.16KB , 2486x1914 , 1357298141517.jpg )

Can we get a population poll up in this bitch?

Genuinely curious about how many people browse/post on this board.

Just post in this thread about how you're holding up, and how many times a month you come here.

I usually browse once every 2 weeks, post once in a blue moon.

Eeyore 16/11/12(Sat)10:24 No. 5171 ID: 779e7a

been depressed lately. tired. acting more impulsively.
feeling unstable. but i'll be okay.

visit /grim/ very rarely.
i used to come here a lot. just lurking mostly. occasionally i would post something supportive, try to offer advice and help to those that sought it.

i hope you're doing well.

Eeyore 16/11/12(Sat)12:11 No. 5172 ID: bd7ae1

I often take a scroll through here hoping to see new shit. I honestly feel like not enough people gather here. I've made a few posts, but the lack of conversation and response makes me want to find other (maybe darker) places to post online.

Eeyore 16/11/13(Sun)01:44 No. 5173 ID: 295dc9

come to think of it, i probably never posted anything on /grim/

i just couldn't bring myself to do it

Eeyore 16/11/14(Mon)23:36 No. 5175 ID: d922d4

I come here once every week or two, usually when I'm extremely bored and don't feel like doing anything. I'll post if I have something to say, but that's not very often anymore.

I'm not very depressed anymore. I've taken all the pain and transformed it into hatred for everything and everyone.

Eeyore 16/11/17(Thu)17:00 No. 5177 ID: 7efbdb

I regularly visit grim but rarely post

Eeyore 16/11/25(Fri)00:29 No. 5185 ID: ebcc1e

I'm desperate for a job. Money is short now.

I come here two or three times at nighttime every week when I feel particularly bad.

My brain usually goes completely blank when someone responds to one of my very few posts, but I've always had that.

小碧 16/11/25(Fri)15:26 No. 5186 ID: 6b11d1

I am not exactly regular here, not as much as I used to be, and I prefer lurking rather than posting most of the time.

But I like to reply to threads here when I feel shitty and bitter, like now.

Eeyore 16/12/07(Wed)21:23 No. 5212 ID: f027eb

browse often, post rarely if ever. I would prefer a darker and more gore filled board or site but I always seem to end up here so

Eeyore 16/12/08(Thu)07:33 No. 5213 ID: 35d255

I typically rotate through /grim/ and a few other boards three or four times a day, even though I know I'll only find one or two new posts in the whole day. I post a bit less than once a week in /grim/, but almost daily I post somewhere in 7chan. Sometimes I feel very lonely, like when all the threads on a page end in my posts for days.

Eeyore 16/12/21(Wed)16:32 No. 5231 ID: 6dee54

I used to browse a lot in 2012-2013, maybe
Now I only pop in every few months
I've lost touch with true melancholy and with the main idea of this board, and that ironically makes me feel bad

Eeyore 16/12/22(Thu)19:49 No. 5233 ID: 75c683

I'm here nearly every day.

Eeyore 16/12/24(Sat)15:08 No. 5236 ID: d9ad92

First time in years, used to come to a few boards on here when I was in high school but busy with life and usually spend time on reddit simply because it's more focused

Eeyore 17/01/15(Sun)22:11 No. 5270 ID: 2e9d09

One essay due tomorrow at 5 pm.
Not going to finish it. I'm just going to hand in the 600 words I have and let it be.
going to fail that course, but at least it's only 11% of my total grade.

Eeyore 17/01/16(Mon)03:16 No. 5271 ID: 4a392b

I come here every day, but I rarely post.

I browse other chans more often.

Eeyore 17/01/20(Fri)10:44 No. 5279 ID: 4186b5

I come here once every couple weeks, but rarely post. Barely brought myself to even reply to this thread.

Eeyore 17/01/21(Sat)05:50 No. 5280 ID: 7b148a

in university i would lock myself out of my dorm and stay up all night in the computer lab until the essays were done. although i did ok, looking back, i probably would have made top grades if i'd paced myself instead of waiting until the last minute, but i'm also glad that i got myself used to the pressure of having to slap shit together to meet an inhumane deadline and passing it off as quality work. the adult world consists of doing little else.

Eeyore 17/02/07(Tue)06:20 No. 5299 ID: 19c1df

hello my friends

Eeyore 17/02/09(Thu)04:11 No. 5301 ID: 5c64c0

I browse a lot, but I do not post hardly anything to be completely honest with you.

Eeyore 17/02/12(Sun)09:08 No. 5309 ID: a32eb2

File 148688689879.jpg - (614.49KB , 1200x1600 , IMG_20170121_163501.jpg )

I come here at least twice weekly.

Eeyore 17/12/11(Mon)08:13 No. 5657 ID: 2671d5

lurking about once every three months or so

Eeyore 18/03/07(Wed)00:40 No. 5735 ID: ee3ced

I come here when I'm bored. Post whenever I feel truly down.

Old post :)

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