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Eeyore 16/12/08(Thu)19:58 No. 5214 ID: 354b15

File 148122352756.png - (1.81MB , 2259x1600 , 007.png )

Lets say you die and wake up in a grey room devoid of anything, "god" what ever that may be says it will decide your fate in 1 hour, in this time you can ask 3 questions of any nature.
what are they?

Eeyore 16/12/12(Mon)17:14 No. 5220 ID: d1204e

Who are you?
How did I get here?
What do you want?

Same three questions I'd ask anyone who'd abducted me against my will.

Eeyore 16/12/13(Tue)21:50 No. 5221 ID: 75c683

How can you explain the existence of evil in the world yet proclaim to be just and good?

How do you claim to be god yet require a cause in order to exist logically in the first place? As the universe needs a cause so must you.

How do you explain that you claim to be all powerful yet cannot create a rock so heavy you cannot lift it?

Eeyore 16/12/15(Thu)02:04 No. 5223 ID: 1b2188

he did not specify a particular god

Eeyore 16/12/15(Thu)11:33 No. 5224 ID: 75c683

That would maybe only apply to the first one.

:) 16/12/19(Mon)07:41 No. 5228 ID: 3c8054

1. Are you the only god?
2. what is the purpose of the entire universe?
3. How can I leave

Eeyore 16/12/20(Tue)18:47 No. 5229 ID: 8f31d4

File 148225604834.gif - (4.39MB , 1525x1080 , 148122352756-curvature-1080.gif )

>Lets say you die and wake up in a grey room devoid of anything
Is it devoid of geometrical boundaries?

>what ever that may be says it will decide your fate in 1 hour, in this time you can ask 3 questions of any nature.
what are they?
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

I have no intention of taking it easy on on my captor.

Eeyore 17/01/10(Tue)20:42 No. 5252 ID: 335076

File 148407735650.gif - (4.00MB , 1525x1080 , 148122352756-curvature-1080.gif )

i just felt like redoing this one.

Eeyore 17/05/03(Wed)09:07 No. 5396 ID: 203ed3

What could have been?

Can anything be done now?

Would you accept me?

Eeyore 17/05/22(Mon)07:12 No. 5413 ID: 257703

Can i have cake and a cup of black tea?

Num ninho de mafagafos, seis mafagafinhos há; quem os desmafagafizar, bom desmafagafizador será?

What about the universe? Its your time to ask.

Eeyore 17/07/14(Fri)11:45 No. 5459 ID: 86f262

What are the possible outcomes of this?

did my actions in life make a matter in my outcome?

May I have a large container of coffee, Stout and smoke?

Eeyore 17/07/19(Wed)17:28 No. 5477 ID: 6d5c72

the answer to all these would simply be " we do not have the same Idea of perfection"


"I am not perfect"

Eeyore 17/07/21(Fri)03:30 No. 5482 ID: d5b502

How do I escape this room and your judgment?
What's outside of it?
How do I convince you to leave me to my own devices forever?

Eeyore 17/08/18(Fri)14:32 No. 5525 ID: 53dc9a

Is this universe the only way you could have made it?

Does suffering have a purpose toward greater good?

Is there a single sentient being who suffered and died or who will suffer forever?

Eeyore 17/08/24(Thu)08:53 No. 5532 ID: f123fe

>3 questions
Honestly, I don't care. If I had an infinite amount of questions, then maybe I would consider it. Otherwise just end my existence.

Eeyore 18/01/23(Tue)09:07 No. 5692 ID: f04c32

1) Why was I born into this shithole existence?
2) Can you let me relive my entire life with all my memories intact?
3) Can I die in a painless way?

Eeyore 18/01/28(Sun)06:08 No. 5694 ID: 2753dc

Why are you such a spiteful cretin to hold me here against my existence.

Did your father beat you when you were my size?

What purpose do you have in tormenting me for no other reason than to do so?

Eeyore 18/02/04(Sun)03:11 No. 5698 ID: f55f63

this >>5694
petty divinity is too petty to be divine,
alien abduction is rape,
no means no in any galaxy.

Eeyore 18/02/04(Sun)17:48 No. 5699 ID: 07ec8f


What are you?

Where did you come from?

Why can't I choose my own fate?

Eeyore 18/02/06(Tue)21:16 No. 5703 ID: 4bc195

have you ever looked upon me ?

have I been the only one to meet you ?

can you hold me in your arms ?

Eeyore 18/04/16(Mon)16:58 No. 5770 ID: 4e144d

Is there an objective meaning to life ?
Which religious belief is the right one ?
Will my knight come to deliver me ?

Eeyore 18/04/17(Tue)10:22 No. 5771 ID: 1773b6

For what purpose was I created?
If there was one, did I fulfill it?
May I rest now?

Eeyore 18/04/18(Wed)21:43 No. 5772 ID: 2c04ab

is the persistent self really an illusion

if it is then it doesn't matter what happens next. That will be the problem of another me

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