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Eeyore 17/05/09(Tue)23:08 No. 5399 ID: 750857

File 149436411781.jpg - (1.48MB , 2514x1931 , 57c2b07b7c6f2bdba3151805eff086ea.jpg )

I reached a point in my life, where I'm about to lose everything I've worked for, again.
So I'm looking for a painless ofr very quick way to kill myself.
I think about to jump in front of a moving train, would I feel much?

Eeyore 17/05/10(Wed)23:19 No. 5400 ID: f1d3df

The only ones who can provide an honest answer to that are probably dead.

Eeyore 17/05/11(Thu)14:44 No. 5401 ID: 56c530

Plastic bag, zip ties, helium tank. You can probably figure the rest out. Google "Exit bags".

Eeyore 17/05/11(Thu)19:27 No. 5402 ID: 750857

Thank you, I never heard of that before.
After a quick search, it looks like exactly what I was looking for.

Eeyore 17/05/12(Fri)00:00 No. 5403 ID: 1e262e

If you get it right, no you won't feel a thing. Your skull will instantly be shattered by the impact and your brain turned to chunky salsa inside.

But if you fuck it up by jumping too soon or too late, you could end up dragged under the train, get your legs and/or arms cut off, or sliced in half at the waist. In the worst case you'd be rescued and survive but be crippled; in the "best" case you'd lie there in shock and possible agony slowly bleeding to death before anyone comes.

It's probably best to go with the helium thing. Just make sure you're discovered by a stranger or the police within a day, instead of a relative or friend in a week when you're all rotted into the carpet. If you call the police before you turn on the helium, they'll show up in 20 minutes or so, after you're dead, and will clean up the mess.

Eeyore 17/05/12(Fri)00:58 No. 5404 ID: 750857

I've read that Amazon mixes there helium with oxygen, will it still work?

ProleGirl 17/05/13(Sat)02:30 No. 5405 ID: 2a32f8

If you get it right, probably not.
I sincerely hope you explore all other options before ending your life, though.

Eeyore 17/05/13(Sat)11:46 No. 5406 ID: 750857

I already did, tried several times to get everything together.
I'm 29 now and this life just isn't meant for me.

Eeyore 17/05/18(Thu)02:34 No. 5409 ID: cfee17

That's an exceptionally good question. It would depend on the mixture ratio (actual air is only about 20% oxygen so even if it's 75% helium you still wouldn't die because helium is inert). But the short answer is: Amazon won't sell helium mixed with oxygen when it says it's pure helium, because that would be false advertising and illegal. If it says its pure helium and its from a reputable seller, then you can assume it is.

However, any inert pure gas will do the trick. If you can get helium, then nitrogen or argon will be just as effective. It's only carbon dioxide that produces a painful suffocating feeling, not the lack of oxygen. So long as you're breathing SOMETHING, it will be painless.

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