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Eeyore 17/09/03(Sun)21:42 No. 5543 ID: 15dcfa

File 150446774161.png - (4.86MB , 1920x1080 , 34701631086_2eda5dddf5_o.png )

do you believe in god, does it help ?

Eeyore 17/09/28(Thu)03:31 No. 5557 ID: c37fdf

Prayer has done nothing for me these last few years.

Eeyore 17/10/10(Tue)22:23 No. 5564 ID: bd0b29

Yes and yes. Fuck all religions. Ask God to guide you to Him and keep asking until he shows himself to you. He is real

Eeyore 17/10/11(Wed)02:52 No. 5565 ID: 1cc147

>Fuck all religions
>Ask God
Choose one.

Eeyore 18/02/06(Tue)21:03 No. 5701 ID: 4bc195

God is not bound to man-made religion. Sometimes thinking about someone higher than me, feels right; can't really explain.

Eeyore 18/02/11(Sun)04:54 No. 5707 ID: 59a79f

I do, but only if you're willing to believe will it make you happy

Eeyore 18/02/11(Sun)12:33 No. 5708 ID: e7b72e

>God is not bound to man-made religion
You would have no words to describe the concept if not for man-made religion. If you ask me, the most compelling evidence against the existence of a higher power isn't the complete lack of evidence proving its existence, but the myriad forms man has concocted to represent it over the millenia--each complementing his vanity and exaulting his standing in the universe. Were there any such thing, how could it be even remotely similar to humanity? Why would it favor or disfavor humanity beyond any other thing that exists? It wouldn't. You might as well self-fellate facing Mecca five times a day.

There are an undefinable number of galaxies in the universe. Here on our own planet we have lifeforms that survive in the vaccum of space, thrive on radioactive decay in places too deep for light to have ever reached, and live in extremes of heat, cold, and pressure that would be the norm on a million other worlds.

Life comes in all shapes and sizes, and very likely exists throughout the universe. How concieted are we to come up with gods that look like us and created the universe just for us? How does being sentient on Earth make us the chosen people of some divinity that created a universe infinitely beyond our capacity to explore?

It doesn't. We exist for the same reason any other natural thing does: the right molecules in the right place at the right time and evolution. We happen to be the only sentient species on the planet because we've hunted, domesticated, or otherwise dominated every other species for millenia.

On the other hand, the sheer statistical improbability of it all is amazing. You could even call it beautiful, in that of all the things that could have happened or not happened, this happened. Compound that with the vastness and complexity of the universe, and you begin to see something more than random chance going on. The universe is moving, galaxies are drifing apart and colliding. Dark energy holds it all in a lattice we are just beginning to be capable of obseving. As we proceed to destroy our panet's ecosystem, the consequences make it ever more evident that we are as much part of the whole as any species we've driven to extinction. Our planet is part of a solar system, that solar system plays a minute role in the spinning of our galaxy, our galaxy has its place in its cluster.

Our galaxy and Andromeda will collide, annihilating any trace of a blip once known as mankind (unless we survive long enough to achieve intergalactic travel) billions of years after our sun explodes and destroys our world--and then a new galaxy will form, with new stars and new planets and new people.

To me, it looks as though the universe itself is alive. That we are a part of it as much as a single carbon atom in one of your cells is a part of your body. We need carbon atoms to build biological compounds that build cells that build organs and make up your body, as much as the universe needs galaxies and solar systems and planets and lifeforms to make up its body.

If you feel as awed by it as I do, I could understand. Keep in mind though, that the universe thinks nothing more of you than you think of a single subatomic particle in one of your atoms. It doesn't hear your prayers, it will shed and replace you as certainly as you would a hair.

Eeyore 18/06/27(Wed)19:18 No. 5837 ID: 3378ae

God only job is to teach humanity good morals and respect believing in one is living by good morals

Eeyore 18/07/01(Sun)04:03 No. 5839 ID: 3bae46

File 153041058977.jpg - (5.25KB , 184x274 , cthulu.jpg )

>believing in one is living by good morals
Not necessarily.

Eeyore 18/07/03(Tue)05:48 No. 5840 ID: 3b29f3

In the way Spinoza did, yes.
>Does it help

Eeyore 18/07/06(Fri)14:32 No. 5842 ID: 380c52

I don't but at times I wish I would

Eeyore 18/09/20(Thu)17:16 No. 5897 ID: 718082

I mean, no. I believe in sprituality, even in a secular sense I can't deny that each organism's existence and actions influence one another, that itself means there's something outside the physical body that comprises a person. Like if there's six of you at work, and you're all talking and laughing, there's friendship, but if you're all silent and tired, it's different. I know when I have that talking and laughing all around me I'm more productive and take care of myself better. I think God is friendship. Like people say God is good? I think god is Good. If you took all the sunshine and the friendship, it would be the reason we're alive. AKA god. I also think therefore it is sacred, and we should base our lives around it instead of money, materials, etc (not plausible in 98.5% of cases, but if you can you should).

Eeyore 18/09/20(Thu)20:33 No. 5898 ID: 11de95

hey man you don't need god
even if he did exist its clear that he hates us
fuck him , anon you only need yourself ,
times are tough but hey you survived what's worse
didn't you ?

Eeyore 18/10/02(Tue)02:32 No. 5905 ID: bb0954

I do, but it hardly helps. I can't tell you how many times I have looked up at the sky and screamed "What's your next move, asshole?"

Eeyore 18/10/23(Tue)18:41 No. 5927 ID: 35ee87

Consider for a moment the truth that, at their core, at their very foundation, every single mainstream religion, and every pseudo-religious cult, is essentially a man-made creation in some way or other, created by one person, or by a smaller group of people, with the basic intent of gaining power and control over a much larger group of other people in order to make them think, and believe, and act, precisely in the way(s) the creator(s) of their chosen religion want them to.

And then consider that within most/all of those mainstream religions there are sizeable sub-groups of people (e.g. christianity>catholics/protestants/etc. etc. or muslims>sunni/shi'a/etc. etc.) , who effectively all read the exact same holy book, or a different persons/groups own personal interpretation of that same book, as those in the other sub-groups of their chosen religion, and who then have wildly divergent interpretations of what their chosen book actually means; such differences that have, and will continue to, be the primary, and in most cases only, consistant cause of war, violence, suffering, genocide, abuse, etc. etc. etc. throughout the world.

Taking christianity as an example, there are many 'versions' of the bible, each taken as gospel by a different branch of that one religion, except surely if all those sub-groups all essentially believe in the same god, and they all believe that he handed down his instructions/wishes/guidance/whatever for every person to live by in good faith, why did he then apparently give each group a slightly differently worded version of his teachings?

The simple answer is that 'god' didn't do anything.

This is entirely because, while there undoubtedly are/were actual people in the past who have been, and still are, worshipped as 'god', and/or who themselves actually claimed to be 'god' or to personally represent 'god', maybe even to the point that people actually believe/believed in them, in essence the term 'god' is little more than another fictional construct of man, it's a tool of man, of mainstream religions and pseudo-religious cults alike, in whatever form they might take. In effect 'god' is nothing more than a simple whip to be used by one, or by the privileged few, to keep a larger group of people toeing the religious party line at all costs, and preferably without examining and/or questioning the things they are being asked to believe in.

Equally the so-called holy book(s) of each cult and religion, in all their many man-made variations and interpretations, are all just yet another man-made creation, wherein a religions/cults chosen holy book is the leash that one man/a small privileged group of people uses to capture and control the obedience and belief of others around him/them, particularly others who are more susceptible and/or willing to be taken in by something that might initially sound quite attractive, but which is ultimately limiting and/or counter productive to a persons humanity.

So in effect, there is no difference whatsoever between so-called false prophets, pseudo-religious cults, and mainstream religion, because they are all entirely man-made constructs designed with the express purpose to render as large a group of people subservient to one person, or to a smaller group of people, as that person/group can possibly convert and control without getting found out and denounced.

And so, if 'religion' is man-made, why not simply tell 'religion' to go fuck itself, and instead start believing in yourself.

hunky spunky 18/11/19(Mon)04:43 No. 5935 ID: b9f873

It helps... though I can't really put it into words, it goes something along the lines of how many values/rules you got 'right' - imagine guessing at all life's choices, you are bound to get some right according to a decision model you have. God gives feedback on these values, that's how I've felt it, but like me, you can still just crash on a huge wall and be unable to move on.
Things have very slowly gotten less worse, who knows? when I pray, it makes me feel somewhat at peace.

I have done the same as >>5927, but wow, things can get really really much worse, like to the point where you stop caring about getting up, sleeping, eating, even thinking, you just somehow wait for it all to end - and it doesnt.

I sure don't know how and why things work, for the most part I wish they didnt, but usually its the simplest that make most sense: this one goes to you >>5842
I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the LORD sustained me.

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