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Eeyore 18/01/12(Fri)01:21 No. 5670 ID: fa0745

File 151571646740.gif - (935.38KB , 500x251 , crying.gif )

that face when i will never be a true female
i will always be an imitation, a fake, an impostor

every morning i look in the mirror and feel wrong

Eeyore 18/01/12(Fri)02:22 No. 5671 ID: 0c2267

i understand
i feel the same way
I don't like thinking about because there's nothing i can do
and the human body is the most disgusting thing i can think of

but if you want to be a female, maybe you can go on HRT and get surgery and work out and stuff
and as technology progresses, you can get more advanced and better surgeries that will support your goal and get you closer to where you want to be

it'll be okay, friend

Eeyore 18/01/12(Fri)05:05 No. 5672 ID: 28f1b2

What stupid nonsense you're spouting? "True" females were just born female. They had their gender handed to them. They did nothing to deserve it. They were made female and thought "oh this is my life now"
You're more female than they are.

Eeyore 18/09/08(Sat)18:25 No. 5887 ID: ede4a5

File 153642394689.gif - (499.28KB , 500x281 , 1518988674698.gif )

I feel you
It hurts so bad I can't even focus on anything else
I am getting on estrogen in a few weeks and I used to think that finally starting hrt would make me happy, but I feel sadder than ever
This ride never ends

Eeyore 18/09/16(Sun)08:17 No. 5892 ID: 93a374

i'm gonna be blunt
who cares ?
you are who you think you are anon
if people saw you as an impostor that's on them
their loss tbh you do you

Eeyore 19/02/28(Thu)20:37 No. 6023 ID: 53a6d3

You don't need to be a "true female". It has nothing to do with your body. Be who you are, do what you can to have the body you desire but don't put yourself down for things you have no control over. I bet you're already a beautiful girl, what you have between your legs doesn't matter at all.

Eeyore 19/03/01(Fri)23:02 No. 6025 ID: 3e75f7

Why are you enabling this unhealthy mental illness?
You are like a feeder except it's a skewed view on genitalia you provide.

Eeyore 19/03/02(Sat)02:54 No. 6026 ID: 770b32

Are you sure this is the right thing to be doing? Maybe the problem is in your brain rather than on your body. I have a friend who went through the same thing and turned out much happier after he got a gf and accepted himself as male.

You might be mentally ill, I honestly think if you're unhealthily obsessing over your physical state you lose the ability to be satisfied with it.

Based on what he told me I went through a similar thing where I desperately tried to look as I did when I was much younger. I was seeing features that weren't there or things would be highly exaggerated in my perception. What convinced me was that I was looking in the mirror as I had a mood swing and I saw my face morph and distend into a much uglier version of myself as I grew more anxious.

I stopped it from frying me completely by getting into reading so I could articulate my thoughts better, learning which actions were rational and feasible and which weren't, as well as which thoughts were spawned solely from shame and self hatred. Also practicing positive self talk, or at least forcing myself not to negative self talk.

That and I just stopped looking in the mirror. I appreciated myself as I was more after about a week or so of not relentlessly criticizing myself. Cut yourself off from whatever you use to shame yourself.

Might have nothing to do with you as well. Idk.

Eeyore 19/03/03(Sun)18:08 No. 6028 ID: 5b6888

This sounds as if you're a FemCel, OP? Excuse the incorrect terminology here, as I'm just curious is all.

Now if you're not, that's also fine. This world is a materialist one and that's all it cares about. Material creating our artificial feelings and the fucking normies that judge and hate us for who we are. That'll soon change.

Eeyore 19/03/03(Sun)18:11 No. 6029 ID: 5b6888

You feel as if you're not good enough or held to a high standard in society while simultaneously seeing others that have nothing earn something you want (friends, affection, and etc.)

It makes you angry, envious of those who have it better than you.

Eeyore 19/03/06(Wed)00:02 No. 6031 ID: f7ad5b


Eeyore 19/03/14(Thu)01:51 No. 6047 ID: b39097


Eeyore 19/03/14(Thu)01:53 No. 6048 ID: b39097

thats the truest shit ever

Eeyore 19/03/29(Fri)02:23 No. 6064 ID: 53d852

gender doesnt really exist
souls dont have genders

you just have a sissy fetish

Eeyore 19/04/10(Wed)05:22 No. 6074 ID: 26f1f4

Cut off your penis and save money to get surgery done. Duh, you've never been born female, so even if you do look 100% female and become on between your legs, you're still gonna remember the fact that you're born a boy. Just give up. Stuff like this is gross anyway.

Eeyore 19/07/28(Sun)17:40 No. 6142 ID: 770b32

you will always fail when you try to be something you aren't

Eeyore 19/08/15(Thu)14:47 No. 6163 ID: a68974

write about it, make a novel or draw a comic/mango writing your story imagining yourself as female

of course change the names and a few life events, and then share them anonymously or whatever

it's normal to face these struggles, it's like the curse of having a brain

Eeyore 19/09/17(Tue)18:35 No. 6191 ID: 5fcb85

I used to be crushed by the same thoughts constantly, every day, for years.
A couple years ago something snapped though. Not sure what changed exactly, but I finally came to the conclusion that 'I am me.'
I don't really care how others see me anymore. At the end of the day, I am who I am, regardless of that judgement.
I'm still on HRT and everyone still sees me as female in my every day life, but, at this point, gender is just a formality. I really have just stopped caring so much.

I'm sorry you feel the way you do, and I hope it all passes someday, in one way or another. Good luck, anon.

Eeyore 19/09/23(Mon)07:49 No. 6201 ID: 283520

To any anons reading this, please be very careful about making any permanent changes. I don't know how much of what is going on with you is fetish-gone-too-far, or mental illness, or "born this way", but I don't want you to do something you will regret and kill yourself. Please, try to take a step back from everything, even the things you have been told your whole life, and make sure this is what you want. My friend killed himself (born male) after starting to transition, and in his note he said he regretted everything. Stay safe, the world is a dark enough place without you gone too.

Eeyore 19/09/23(Mon)08:19 No. 6202 ID: bf8d13

it's ok my mother's fax machine tranny, i still love you

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