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Sister treats me badly for asking her help during GERD/ Panic Attack nothing 018 18/01/15(Mon)00:57 No. 5676 ID: 79b1e8

File 151597422814.jpg - (22.52KB , 369x500 , RedTerror.jpg )

Things to ask my sister

Why she said mom is dying
Why she said I will die alone
Why she can’t accept an apology or a discussion

My sister is offensive, violent and merits misery

Her words have made me hate her
Her words have made me hate her

I hate everything about her
I hate everything about her

I wish she wasn’t here
I wish she wasn’t here

We have never gotten along, she has never helped me and has always frustrated me or tried to show she is better than me in every way. I was never treated by her as a person or as someone special. I was always treated like a problematic living abortion.

Any love I had for her fades away with her aggression and offences. I may die alone I still do not know but I may die alone as she said. But she has already died alone. She has already died alone.

I wish she wasn’t her
I wish I could overcome my fear
So that I could bring a better future near

This is not a poem, this is not a rhyme, this is a manifestation of my hatred for a dark and wicked sister. She is only fine when everything is fine. She is broken, useless. She is violent and offensive that is her true side. Her true good side died a long time ago. And now she is insecure and broken. I am broken too but when I start to piece myself together she breaks me like a mirror. She is wicked, she probably deserves to die. She is broken I tried to help her. She is broken and can’t budge. She is broken and has a grudge.

For how she acted tonight she would have deserved to be wiped off from existence. She shines with strangers I hate myself for sharing anything from her.

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