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Eeyore 18/04/02(Mon)16:39 No. 5748 ID: 2a5a7e

File 152267997871.jpg - (393.51KB , 1024x1447 , lion_king_by_jflaxman-d9hckja.jpg )

My home i a prison.
My life isn't terrible. It's filled with despair and pain but it's also filled with joy and adventure, for me who is a lover of drastic emotions that's not all that bad. I have friends, I have many interests, hobbies that I'm good at. My life wouldn't be terrible if not for my home.
When I go out I start living. When I come back I wish to die. I live in a decent apartment with my mother and my sister. I use to love them both with all my heart. Now I see how naiive I was for giving them so much affection. They both abuse me in so many ways. they hurt me physicaly and mentaly. I want to leave them, I do, but I can't afford my own place to stay and being homeless is... Well, I have been homeless for a couple of months before. But I happen to be a tiny little girl who's just... Way to easy to hurt. It's better to stay here. But I'm hungry and tired and my tears have all dried but I'm stil unhappy. I remember times when I believed in them. They hurt me more than any punch.
I would have been a very happy person. But my family hates me

Eeyore 18/04/02(Mon)18:29 No. 5749 ID: 1c97da

Well why do they hate you? Do you have a job? Are you a lazy sack of shit and a mega-autist? This may be why they mistreat you.

Eeyore 18/04/02(Mon)19:37 No. 5750 ID: ef7cc0

if you have friends and hobbies, maybe you should also get a job so you can afford moving out finally and have your own space for yourself.

Eeyore 19/01/31(Thu)08:41 No. 6010 ID: f47d69

it is okay, love

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