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Eeyore 18/05/04(Fri)18:36 No. 5791 ID: ee3ced

File 152545179027.jpg - (86.56KB , 838x549 , night-sky-new-moon_jpg_838x0_q80.jpg )

No friends or anyone. What do you personally do to cope?

Eeyore 18/05/05(Sat)07:04 No. 5794 ID: b41c80

drink and binge eat.

Not at the same time.

Eeyore 18/05/05(Sat)12:13 No. 5795 ID: e1fd41

Games, masturbation, and online trolling. Oh, and paid work. Mostly paid work. Idle hands are the devil's suicide machine.

Eeyore 18/07/07(Sat)07:55 No. 5843 ID: 957d2f

alcohol and heroin. oh i wish i never touched heroin, what the fuck did i think was gonna happen.

i went 9 months without it once, now i can't break 6. only, only weed takes the 'edge' off the constant cravings. people say they can take years to go away. idk if i can do it.

dont ever think of opiates as a coping method, or any drug really.

Eeyore 18/07/07(Sat)08:13 No. 5844 ID: 35074e

cry a lot. cut myself sometimes but i try not to since that's a slippery slope and i don't wanna go back to my old ways. post about my feelings on anonymous image boards

Eeyore 18/08/03(Fri)18:11 No. 5867 ID: b2ff8d

I dont even try to quit, it's uphill battle and you just gonna ruin your life even more.
I'm not from USA, im from EU, we get Subutex for free.
That was my way out, it really helps with depression, cravings(you even have nice little high), I tried to quit but Subutex enters your bones, it's probably even worse than H.

If you are in the place of full quit4life(i dont believe you, what are you gonna do without something-something), use Sub, first week cut in half 2mg pill.Then half again, wait for worst cravings(at least ~48h) and take 0.5 sublingual. That will hold you for 2-3 days, than take 0.2 after 4-5 days(it's not perfect but its way better than cold turkey)..

Do not use it as an longterm solution, you will fuck yourself up even more..

Eeyore 18/08/04(Sat)00:30 No. 5869 ID: 957d2f


I'm from the UK, I can get methadone or subutex free of charge but I don't want that on my medical record, due to paranoia about being refused pain meds when i actually need them (this actually happens and its sick) and also potentially being refused entry into the united states for the best surgeon in the world for the work I want done.

I think I may already be listed as a drug user in my medical history anyway, after I tried to kill myself in 2015 paramedics (i think, or the police, or my little brother, it's one of three) took away 3g of H that was in plain site, along with anything i could possibly use to harm myself. they even took away my lighter fluid lol.

subutex fast taper is great for coming off, it's actually a miracle substance. i've used it for that purpose 6 times now, but what I've noticed is it draws out the 'boredom' stage of PAWS a lot longer than going cold turkey does, however I've only gone cold turkey three times and those where in my earlier days of use, so that could just be nonsense, afterall, the longer you use, the more your brain changes and ergo the longer it takes to revert. My first cold turkey was piss easy, I didn't even recognise it was happening to me, I just thought I was agitated and angry because I was involuntarily committed (another thing I'm afraid will block my entry into the US for surgery, their border agency are fucking crazy about that stuff and it's so bizarre to me)

It's been just over a month since I last used, yesterday though, I was going through my old burnt up foils I have stashed behind my desk, looking for anything I hadn't burnt up. I found nothing, of course.

I know it will always be a part of my life. That's just how it's gotta be now. I can't imagine life without an opiate high every once in a while. I've got a few kg of poppy seeds on hand but haven't touched them so far. I hate the taste of PST. But they are there, taunting me, and when I eventually use them I know it'll reboot my downward spiral.

post turned out longer than I thought it would (probably still not very long) but I'm drunk and being a whiner.

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