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Eeyore 18/06/17(Sun)13:32 No. 5829 ID: 889397

File 152923513217.jpg - (106.05KB , 1200x667 , 3ADCB40E-8380-42CE-B5DF-CEA121284EE8.jpg )

If you're depressed, choke yourself. You can get high without drug. You don't need to fully hang yourself. Just use a belt to slightly strangle your neck to cut the oxygen so you enter an altered state of conciousness and can forget bad feelings. Side effects are blood clots and dark face which will go away after a week.

Eeyore 18/06/17(Sun)13:59 No. 5831 ID: 0c3e75

I've tried that before, had difficulty with swallowing after.

Eeyore 18/06/17(Sun)19:42 No. 5832 ID: 4dacb2

It's not as fun as drugs. It just feels shitty. Good idea tho op.
I recommend doing it while on drugs. Maybe some valium, maybe lots of valium.

Eeyore 18/06/18(Mon)21:01 No. 5833 ID: d28da9

yeesh. were just chilling here guys its cozy why get that way .

Eeyore 18/06/26(Tue)12:54 No. 5836 ID: a4c177

When I was suicidal I sat with a noose around my neck, it was pulled tight and I got the same feeling just from sitting with the noose around my neck.

Eeyore 18/11/28(Wed)06:20 No. 5958 ID: 3b98a1

Yeah, I feel you.
I was near hanging myself but I pussied out before I could do it.

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