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Things aren't that bad... Ariel 18/08/01(Wed)23:32 No. 5866 ID: cb7a05

File 153315912119.jpg - (352.74KB , 1495x1219 , 20180721_195945_Film1-1.jpg )

Things aren't going that bad lately. I've been with my gf for almost a year and a half, things at work are running smooth, I'm healthy (can't remember last time I had a fever) and my family is doing quite fine, not terribly well but fine.
But I know that things could be a lot better, mostly on the economic side of it. I'm talking about money. Things here in Italy suck lately if you middle income. Basically you can't really build a future on what you earn but you aren't technically poor. You are in a sort of a limbo between poverty and financial security. Starting a business now in Italy is plain suicide: too much bureaucracy and too many taxes.
I am 30 yo and I think and feel this is the time to make important decisions concerning mine and my gf's future.
Besides all this sometimes I feel low and emotionally/mentally tired of all this. I feel like struggling is useless and it's impossible to get out of this situation, feeling like in a swamp. On the side of that I am always conscious that life can always take away everything I have in the blink of an eye. Anything can happen, a freak accident or something like that.

I've been listening to Jordan Peterson lately and he said something that really hit me. He said that happiness in life is not that important but what's really important is to find a deep meaning to what we do in life in order to overcome tragedy. And if we think of it, life itself is a tragedy because you are born, you grow up, learn stuff, have experiences, meet people and then one day, don't even know exactly when, you die.
What kind of a deep meaning can you find in life in order to overcome tragedy?

P.S. That's me on the right and that's my gf on the left.

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