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fag with the goatee and giants hat Eeyore 18/08/04(Sat)22:15 No. 5870 ID: 921a82

File 153341370423.jpg - (2.50MB , 4032x3024 , 15597EC0-42D3-4295-A64B-D0F83A2EDBAA.jpg )

just because I didn’t wash my hands as I grabbed that library bathroom doorknob doesn’t mean I’m disgusting like you said you piece of garbage . you’re the trash that was talking while you where pissing next to me in the other stall . you’re filth. I use hand sanitizer you sack of shit. I’m glad you had to touch that doorknob after you just washed your hands . You’re the piece of Mexican filth that’s dependent on the free water supplant and soap that the state process . BUY hand sanitizer you ass munch. What your like 30-40 you freaking dumbass. Why do YOU feel the need to talk in the restroom. I can understand a woooo eeeeeee after a good piss like a soldier but still fuck.

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