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Eeyore 19/03/12(Tue)02:03 No. 6045 ID: 39aa06

File 155235263049.png - (458.37KB , 637x568 , 00p$.png )

How would you off yourself?

I don't mean an epic goodbye where people cry over how you were such a great person fighting against depression. No pretending you were the victim. I mean the perfect plan. The perfect accident. Just one oopsie where you are suddenly gone.

Graey-sama 19/03/17(Sun)08:27 No. 6051 ID: 2da304

Probably skipping around with some socks on, and slipping on my other foot and hit my head on a drawer or my bed frame.
Or any other accidental death.
>I'm not even sure if the first one will even happen.

Eeyore 19/03/21(Thu)11:32 No. 6054 ID: 21d086

Probably a vehicular accident. To be honest, I have no intent of killing myself at all, but I've always had a hunch that is the way I am going to go.

Eeyore 19/03/21(Thu)15:30 No. 6055 ID: c4c055

In a blaze of glory, killdozer style

Eeyore 19/03/24(Sun)04:12 No. 6057 ID: f3bd7a

File 155339714321.jpg - (165.02KB , 600x896 , abandoned_stairway_by_illpadrino.jpg )

"Accidentally" tripping beneath a bus. Although I feel a little bit guilty about the driver and the people coming home late, but well, you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

Eeyore 19/03/24(Sun)04:34 No. 6059 ID: ef3aef

File 155339844712.jpg - (371.42KB , 2325x1297 , signal-attachment-2019-03-24-043627.jpg )

I have seen a lot of suicides but there is only one that stands out in a positive way.

Ivan was a tough old farmer from the a neighboring farm. At 91 his health was failing, hiw wife was long dead and his kids were all adult and living in the city.

From what everyone could gather after the fact, he took his gun, his rucksack and the dog that had apparently gone ill just recently, and went out into the woods.

He had sat at the edge of a moss in the afternoon on a clear winter day. He had fed the dog some nice elk meat and he had eaten a sandwich and had some coffee.

Somewhere in the afternoon he had shot his dog. If you aren't a redneck, this is something we all do when it is time to put them down. Rather than take them to a place and be killed by someone else. That's the rationale at lest.

Then he had laced his coffee with vodka and drifted off to sleep while leaning against the tree behind him under the stars.

He had left all his papers in order, apologized for nothing and just said he needed to die under the sky and not in an old folks home.

Pic related, it's a painting of a lake just a mile from the moor where Ivan sat down to watch the stars.

Eeyore 19/03/27(Wed)08:15 No. 6060 ID: e7fe24

He left this world on his own terms.
No whiny self-pity, no embarrassing video on facebook, just a calm, confident exit at an appropriate time and place.
Much respect, Ivan.

Eeyore 19/04/07(Sun)11:46 No. 6068 ID: b5ee2e

The only way I have tried so far is by ingesting harmful stuff, I'm too scared to try anything else. I'm guessing that's how I'll go out.

Eeyore 19/04/08(Mon)02:22 No. 6071 ID: e3d703

R.I.P Ivan
that was a respectable exit

i'm probably gunna go with an exit bag, that seems pretty good
or blaze of glory, idk
but probably exit bag

love you guys <3

Eeyore 19/05/03(Fri)02:22 No. 6096 ID: 8b3b38

File 155684296989.png - (1.22MB , 900x675 , p_20-2_2.png )

I'd probably go somewhere isolated and comfy that I know I won't be bothered and I would just go to sleep Ivan style faking a disappearance.

Eeyore 19/05/22(Wed)01:34 No. 6106 ID: d2ac0f

I really don't get the opposition to blaze of glory in massive explosion method.
It'd be sweet to join you guys if we hung out in an evening.

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