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Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)19:20 No. 12831 ID: e1797c

File 125251683343.png - (347.90KB , 715x541 , finalun2.png )

3D Custom girl thread?

Post your own, or one you happen to like.

Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)19:22 No. 12832 ID: e1797c

If anyone wants links to the game and an assload of mods (with basic instructions), let me know.

Anonymous 09/09/10(Thu)00:07 No. 12834 ID: 6c71d4

This is relevant to my interests.

Anonymous 09/09/10(Thu)02:59 No. 12838 ID: 7a840f


Teh Pyro!3jQAaszf4.!!NjLmNjBTEv 09/09/10(Thu)04:38 No. 12839 ID: 8fc6dc

Where does one get 3D Custom girl anyways? I've heard a lot about it, and I'm eager to try it out.

Anonymous 09/09/10(Thu)06:59 No. 12841 ID: e1797c

File 125255877725.png - (453.65KB , 1024x768 , EA8FEA84.png )

Back again, /h/. Glad to see some interest.


Here's a complete set for the game, plus all available patches up to XP4. Simply follow the instructions given inside the ReadMe and you should be all set to go. Included are a few basic mods, and a modeling program, complete with some pre-made poses.

But as like any game, this one has mods.
I'm talking thousands. And wait a second! Here it is in all 25 Gigs of glory!


(In order to install a mod, simply extract a .rar into the arcs folder. Make sure to go into the game and look it over before you continue. Making a copy of your arcs folder in case anything goes wrong is strongly recommended.)

Whatever fetish you may have, I'm almost certain you'll find it in there. That is, if you have the needed catalog and a fuckload of time and drive space. You see, these mods are simply numbered, not labeled. How is one supposed to find what specific mods they might want? By downloading this:


This gives an idea of the mods used from 9 to 1763. Anything after that is up to you to figure out. Be warned though, not all mods are compatible, and simply extracting them all at once is a good way to fuck your shit up. Go through them and choose carefully what you would like, and test them.

Now /h/, I look forward to seeing your custom girl. Godspeed.

Anonymous 09/09/10(Thu)07:12 No. 12842 ID: e1797c

I almost forgot. The link for XPr4.1 on DeadFrog is no longer active. Here it is:


Teh Pyro!3jQAaszf4.!!NjLmNjBTEv 09/09/10(Thu)09:32 No. 12843 ID: 8fc6dc


Honestly, thanks a lot man. I was expecting to get yelled at or insulted, that's how it usually goes on most other chans, but I guess that really shows how much they know.

Anyways, I'm downloading it now, I'll get into the mods once I figure the actual game out. I'll keep this thread open to post some stuff too, so let's just hope it doesn't die.

Anonymous 09/09/10(Thu)10:18 No. 12844 ID: e1797c

File 125257072242.png - (116.57KB , 1024x768 , EA97161A.png )

Mm, lolilicious.

Anonymous 09/09/10(Thu)10:34 No. 12845 ID: e1797c

A few more.

Anonymous 09/09/10(Thu)10:34 No. 12846 ID: e1797c

EducatedAnon 09/09/11(Fri)05:24 No. 12881 ID: a307e8

If I had the authority, this thread would be stickied so fast everyone posting in it would have to sue me for causing them whiplash.

Anonymous 09/09/11(Fri)19:53 No. 12894 ID: 7a9fba

Is there a mod for men/boys? (not futa)

Anonymous 09/09/12(Sat)00:51 No. 12898 ID: e1797c

Yes, you just have to look through the mods and see which one carried it. Good luck though.

Anonymous 09/09/12(Sat)00:52 No. 12899 ID: e1797c

Yes, you just have to look through the mods and see which one carries it. Good luck though.

Neko 09/09/12(Sat)01:23 No. 12900 ID: bd7cd9

sorry for intruding without related materiel, but can someone post a new link to the main program? the other one is dead.

Anonymous 09/09/12(Sat)13:54 No. 12906 ID: 0114e2

downloaded but the entire readme is illigible. Am also getting a wierd error when trying to run the install file

Boku 09/09/13(Sun)03:45 No. 13418 ID: e1797c

I know what OP is talking about.

You're looking for something with the file 3D_Custom_Girl_complete_iso in it, along with some other things. I can't find it at the moment.

Try checking Hongfire.com for it. I'll keep an eye out for everyone.

Anonymous 09/10/16(Fri)08:44 No. 16463 ID: 353984

File 125567545782.png - (277.07KB , 1024x768 , EA62079A.png )

I was thinking of making one of these until I saw this thread

Anonymous 09/10/17(Sat)02:20 No. 16471 ID: 38c682

Ooh boy! Here's just a few of mine.
Enjoy the tentacles and BDSM outfits.

Cable ## Mod ## 09/10/17(Sat)11:59 No. 16506 ID: 803600


I'm downloading it at the moment. As far as I can tell, it seems legit.
Also: Thread stickied.

Anonymous 09/10/17(Sat)12:32 No. 16510 ID: b86e70

File 125577557254.jpg - (71.61KB , 1024x768 , My Catgirl.jpg )

I'm not even sure which version I have, I'm pretty sure I have just a really basic one though. =/

Anonymous 09/10/17(Sat)13:13 No. 16511 ID: 97227d

I want to use this, but it seems that the only way to get it is through torrents. And besides that it kind of seems like a lot of work just getting it to work. Is it worth it?

Cable!!pmZwAwLwyx 09/10/17(Sat)13:16 No. 16512 ID: 803600

Whats so bad about torrents?

Cable ## Mod ## 09/10/19(Mon)22:44 No. 16553 ID: 803600

Unstickied, just because.

Anonymous 09/10/28(Wed)19:55 No. 16642 ID: d70bbc

I get an error whenever I try to mount the ISO.
Magic ISO and daemon tools can't hang.

Cable!!pmZwAwLwyx 09/10/28(Wed)23:12 No. 16644 ID: 548086

I had the same problem. Im not very good with computer.

Lazerlight 09/11/06(Fri)01:03 No. 18188 ID: 058d1a

is there an english version or anything similar in english.this thing is neat and all,just been clicking and hitting random buttons,but id like to know what and how to use it properly.

Anonymous 09/11/06(Fri)12:34 No. 18196 ID: 45bf93

An English version would indeed be nice, but you can always just memorize what BUTANs do what.

Cable 09/12/13(Sun)18:01 No. 25435 ID: 548086

File 126072368240.png - (646.08KB , 1024x768 , derp.png )

Alas! I have conquered the impossible task of mounting an .iso!

I made this!

Now: to make it uncensored...

Anonymous 09/12/15(Tue)12:58 No. 25454 ID: 23c078

I don't think you know what that word means, Cable.

Cable 09/12/15(Tue)13:09 No. 25455 ID: c79ecb

I dont give a fuck.

Cable 10/01/28(Thu)20:00 No. 28005 ID: c79ecb

So yeah, pretty much everything you'll ever need can be found here.


This includes an uncensor patch. Note - The word "Uncensor" is to be taken in the most literal sense of the word. It does NOT replace the mosaic with an actual virtual vagina. It just gets rid of the mosaic. However, it replaces a dick with a turd and that's pretty funny.

Anonymous 10/01/30(Sat)01:40 No. 28038 ID: 742226

File 126481202224.jpg - (310.96KB , 1024x768 , Yamada_1.jpg )

Anonymous 10/01/30(Sat)02:09 No. 28039 ID: 742226

File 126481374478.jpg - (351.38KB , 1024x768 , Meganekko_1.jpg )

Cable 10/02/01(Mon)20:19 No. 28394 ID: c79ecb

Just a friendly reminder:
Don't import all the mod files into your arcs folder at once or, odds are, you will corrupt your game and have to reinstall.

Try to limit to 10, 15 at the most. Then start the game and exit, just to be safe.

Anonymous 10/02/03(Wed)07:38 No. 28409 ID: 8a57ca

okay about half the mods i'm installing aren't working, either by making the program not start, or simply not showing up , any suggestions? Also, which are the tentacle mods?

Cable 10/02/03(Wed)10:51 No. 28411 ID: c79ecb

I have no idea. No one has posted what any of these mods do, you just have to guess by the .tah filename.

Anonymous 10/02/03(Wed)21:23 No. 28420 ID: 8a57ca

Found a fix for the compatibilty issues. Most computers will probably have trouble with the files with japanese characters in the names, renaming the files fixes this.

Anonymous 10/02/07(Sun)21:56 No. 28621 ID: 23dc01

i wanna know to!

Anonymous 10/02/08(Mon)04:36 No. 28626 ID: 8310bd

Everyone wants to have a little friend.

> !DcIMPLYINg 10/02/10(Wed)00:35 No. 28638 ID: 6f611b

>renaming the files
Or you could just use AppLocale.

Anonymous 10/02/13(Sat)12:45 No. 28709 ID: 03510d

File 126606154399.png - (275.28KB , 488x1067 , Girl1.png )

I decided to try this out 'cause it seemed pretty neat. Here's who I made. Will come back tomorrow with n00dz. Too tired to find and install virtu-vaj patch - I'm using the basic package right now.

Anonymous 10/02/14(Sun)10:26 No. 29663 ID: 03510d

File 126613961265.png - (163.76KB , 285x1034 , Girl2.png )

Well, it's one nude anyway. Could someone show me where to get the vagina mod? I'm capped for the month, so I can't feasibly download 25 gigs of mods.

Anonymous 10/02/19(Fri)08:11 No. 29716 ID: 45bf93

Holy shit wow, downloading at 1mb/sec, whereas the other one is 50kb. Thanks, Cable.

Cable 10/02/19(Fri)10:57 No. 29717 ID: c79ecb

File 126657347873.jpg - (18.86KB , 400x500 , high-five-0808-lg-76258126.jpg )

High five!

Anonymous 10/02/24(Wed)08:57 No. 29789 ID: 8a57ca

okay,question, a lot of the mods show more than one girl, how do you do that? i haven't been able to figure it out by trial and error. *curses inability to learn japanese*

Cable 10/02/24(Wed)10:20 No. 29790 ID: c79ecb

Great question!

Anonymous 10/03/04(Thu)04:46 No. 33307 ID: 7a9fba

Do they have any mods for boy figures or male figures that are not futanari? Basically, something to approximate to convincingly masculine figures... bishi-types are just fine for my purposes.

Anonymous 10/06/23(Wed)15:41 No. 38057 ID: f299a0

I have tried like 4 different install instructions and none of them seem to be working. All the appropriate files, etc, and when I try to run the program obsdx9.exe crashes. Uncensored patch, no uncensored patch, it doesn't matter, it just keeps crashing. Anyone have any idea on how to fix this?

Anonymous 10/07/06(Tue)22:14 No. 44060 ID: 1f742b

I try running the obsDX9.exe thing and i just get an error that says startup followed by some unrecognized text which i assume to be my computer trying to read japanese. what do i do?

Cable 10/07/06(Tue)22:57 No. 44063 ID: fd56fc

Enable East Asian languages.
If you dont have the install disc, download and mount the .iso

Anonymous 10/07/09(Fri)03:35 No. 44073 ID: 64db49


Sounds like you need Microsoft AppLocale

Anonymous 10/07/20(Tue)07:53 No. 44214 ID: 4c183c

File 127960522994.jpg - (100.16KB , 1280x1024 , ObsDX9 2010-03-24 01-21-05-87.jpg )

Anonymous 10/07/20(Tue)07:54 No. 44215 ID: 4c183c

File 127960526860.jpg - (98.84KB , 1280x1024 , ObsDX9 2010-03-24 01-22-46-36.jpg )

Anonymous 10/07/20(Tue)07:55 No. 44216 ID: 4c183c

File 127960532163.jpg - (105.32KB , 1280x1024 , ObsDX9 2010-04-06 01-48-19-44.jpg )

Anonymous 10/07/20(Tue)07:56 No. 44217 ID: 4c183c

Anonymous 10/07/20(Tue)07:58 No. 44218 ID: 4c183c

Anonymous 10/07/20(Tue)07:59 No. 44219 ID: 4c183c

virtual vagina Anonymous 10/07/23(Fri)17:35 No. 44240 ID: 01f43c

how to get the virtual vagina like on the pics?

Anonymous 10/07/26(Mon)08:40 No. 44264 ID: e1ee9b

link to uncensored patch please, the one on the site is no good.

Anonymous 10/07/28(Wed)16:42 No. 44280 ID: b0fae0

this thread made me oh so very happy.


I tried that one too, didnt work for me either, so I gave this one


a shot, and it actually worked. XP4 uncensored.

finally working Anonymous 10/07/29(Thu)10:10 No. 44291 ID: f00b75

File 128039102232.jpg - (82.83KB , 1024x768 , bel\'nora.jpg )

I've finally got mine to work :D

pic related

zombie girl mods. Anonymous 10/08/02(Mon)19:34 No. 44388 ID: f00b75

are there any zombie girl mods out there that allows you make a zombie?

Archer 10/08/02(Mon)23:19 No. 44395 ID: 3ef79c

well i dont know about zombie mods but ive made the catalogs availible online at http://3dcustomgirl.wikispaces.com/

Etkos 10/08/06(Fri)13:04 No. 44467 ID: 69430b

Apparently, I need d3dx9_32.dll? wtfnow?

Cable 10/08/06(Fri)13:40 No. 44471 ID: 8919b4


Etkos 10/08/06(Fri)14:29 No. 44472 ID: 69430b

Okay, I found the dll and am no longer getting that message. I got the program working uncensored (and seriously lacking in options). But every time I try to upgrade to any of the other patches, it says "DirectX" and then gibberish. Note: vista is already displaying Japanese correctly, but the message windows do not. I have no idea what the problem is now.

Anonymous 10/08/08(Sun)21:09 No. 44550 ID: dffc39

I never thought to ask this question before, but hey: will this run on vista or windows 7 at all?

Anonymous 10/08/14(Sat)17:17 No. 44573 ID: 13701f

File 128179901912.png - (833.99KB , 1280x800 , cg.png )

works fine on vista

Anonymous 10/08/15(Sun)00:17 No. 44579 ID: 13701f

File 128182424858.jpg - (184.38KB , 1680x1050 , tac1539.jpg )

Anonymous 10/08/15(Sun)05:21 No. 44590 ID: 037b4d

Thought that was my desktop fir a second. I'm running Simple MU too.

Anonymous 10/08/15(Sun)06:47 No. 44591 ID: 2a2d95

Does anyone have a link to where I can find a futanari mod for the girl herself? I have the one to make the girl she's fucking a futa but not a mod to make her one. Meanwhile I'll try my luck with the 25 gigs of mod pack but I'd like to save some drive space.

Anonymous 10/08/15(Sun)23:14 No. 44660 ID: 13701f

File 128190686169.jpg - (254.81KB , 716x2685 , this.jpg )

Anonymous 10/08/17(Tue)17:27 No. 44672 ID: b96545

My laptop's popping up a window that says "Obsidian/DX9", the text being "startup, ~~~~~~~~", where the ~'s are weirdo gibberish things.


Cable 10/08/18(Wed)01:32 No. 44683 ID: 8919b4


Anonymous 10/08/31(Tue)03:02 No. 44783 ID: f00b75

from experience, it's probably a mod that's doing it

a modest request 10/08/31(Tue)04:59 No. 44784 ID: f00b75

File 128322355362.png - (848.37KB , 566x800 , d490b394ab5bfde8e5d277b6d1b319d2.png )

would anyone be so kind as to make a mod which adds needle marks on the skin similar to the one the pic provided. (arm, between toes, neck, etc.) thanks.

Anonymous 10/09/10(Fri)06:08 No. 45121 ID: 4c183c

holy shit this thread is still here?

Anonymous 10/09/10(Fri)06:11 No. 45122 ID: 4c183c

Anonymous 10/09/10(Fri)06:14 No. 45123 ID: 4c183c

Anonymous 10/09/10(Fri)06:18 No. 45124 ID: 4c183c

Anonymous 10/09/10(Fri)06:20 No. 45125 ID: 4c183c

a modest request 10/11/08(Mon)02:56 No. 46075 ID: f00b75

does anyone know where to get the pose editor?

Anonymous 10/11/09(Tue)00:30 No. 46079 ID: a45109

It's in the character editor with the poses I think.

Anonymous 10/11/09(Tue)06:42 No. 46081 ID: f00b75

where do i download it

Anonymous 10/11/10(Wed)02:31 No. 46083 ID: a45109

It's already in the vanilla game with the options allowing you to choose the character's eyes' color, height, etc.
The button is on the same line as the one that'll make the character change position (like the blowjob one).

nice Sana 10/12/30(Thu)05:11 No. 46821 ID: 95a58b

I like this very much! I'm new to it! do you think there is a shota/male vesion for this?

Anonymous 11/01/02(Sun)15:08 No. 47069 ID: dc36bd

File 12939772929.png - (678.33KB , 816x638 , zombie w-dick.png )

Umm, yeah.
I got a metric fuckton of mods and extra files from a torrent, and one or them was a cock (without balls)
Other modifications, such as a different voice, might be possible.

Try loading config and getting the right resolution

Pose editor is shown here as the leftmost option of the second row

Anonymous 11/01/03(Mon)03:32 No. 47487 ID: cda426

Well, i got all this to work but the uncensored patch just gives me a big pink blur instead of a proper vagina, no mosaic, just pink smudge. Anyone else ?

Also, why do we have to install XPr1 then 2 then 3 ?

Anonymous 11/01/03(Mon)04:07 No. 47488 ID: 3b9194


can u do bj's? is there any cum?

Anonymous 11/01/03(Mon)06:43 No. 47518 ID: cda426

CAN I CHANGE THEIR PUSSIES ? Someone Please help. The pussy i have is nothing but a pink blur. I want pussy options Dammit !

Anonymous 11/01/14(Fri)11:49 No. 48259 ID: 23dc01

i honest to god don't see it.

Anonymous 11/01/29(Sat)04:10 No. 48784 ID: 23dc01


Anonymous 11/02/08(Tue)13:08 No. 48974 ID: d766e5

File 129716688411.jpg - (59.33KB , 600x541 , 127900913285.jpg )

sageing with something (better)


Anonymous 11/02/19(Sat)02:29 No. 49688 ID: f00b75

intriguing, to say the least

Anonymous 11/02/19(Sat)04:30 No. 49689 ID: f00b75

and its not working for me.

Anonymous 11/03/14(Mon)00:32 No. 49830 ID: 23dc01

this thread must not die!

Anonymous 11/04/08(Fri)03:40 No. 49967 ID: fc584c

I think you hit lava

Start=up error? Mimic 11/05/20(Fri)04:32 No. 50994 ID: 97af57

No ways? Every time I try to start up Custom Girl I get a error in random numbers and symbols, anyone got a clue on how to deal with this?

Anonymous 11/05/20(Fri)07:35 No. 50995 ID: 23dc01

i can see that, i just need to know where to get it?

Cable 11/05/20(Fri)11:31 No. 50998 ID: b9f378

File 130588388419.gif - (199.42KB , 384x384 , 3e99af64cef46868098733d3d1ad33bb.gif )

You either have a DirectX error or you need to install/enable the East Asian language package or both.
If you have a copy of the operating system CD, it should be on there. If you pirated it, there should be an .iso available if the download off microsoft.com doesn't work.

Also, this problem has been addressed in this thread already. Try reading it before reposting the same problem.

Anonymous 11/06/20(Mon)10:05 No. 51176 ID: 03f3fa


What's the number of the tentacle mod? I can't seem to find it.

Anonymous 11/06/29(Wed)04:47 No. 51227 ID: fcb6e2

i don't know how you mother fuckers do it. but i can't seem to do a god damn hard save!

i've tried doing Ctrl+save but still i keep getting a white background, how the hell do you do you do it?

Anonymous 11/07/25(Mon)23:36 No. 51323 ID: 853698

File 131162979033.png - (1.88MB , 128x256 , 1304708720995.png )

anyone know where this mod can be found?

Anonymous 11/08/21(Sun)06:59 No. 51960 ID: 126420

So I just got this game and have no fucking clue what's going on. I have no idea how to initiate the hentai scenes and it's really troubling. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous 11/08/27(Sat)22:26 No. 52232 ID: bd5efa

Warning the pack of extras might just give your computer AIDS

yuri 11/10/15(Sat)05:07 No. 53278 ID: 2dba50


Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)19:25 No. 53456 ID: 7ee0ab

File 132094951546.jpg - (221.43KB , 1024x768 , 13061282754.jpg )

Bumping this epic thread with a link to some mods


its in spanish but easy to understand

Anonymous 12/01/10(Tue)22:58 No. 53799 ID: 62a3a8

Anyone else had issues with the r3+ patches not working on win7?

Anonymous 12/02/22(Wed)05:34 No. 53915 ID: db00bf


Want, but can't get into "proper" thread. How many posts do you need on HF before they let you in to the "secret" forums anyway? derp...

Anonymous 12/02/25(Sat)22:22 No. 53922 ID: f5faa5

I've played this game before... a lot. Lol. But, is there a game (like this) That features guys?

Kevinobody 12/02/29(Wed)00:57 No. 53936 ID: cf39c7

Quick question. Can anyone please explain to me how to use the mods? I have the mods, and im reading here that all i have to do is extract them to the arc folder but when i do nothing happens. I see no change. Can anyone tell me what i did wrong?

Anonymous 12/03/09(Fri)08:11 No. 53949 ID: ca49b7


After hours of tinkering with this program, I am left ill at ease. I *still* cannot find a way to change the size of the girl's rear. This is extremely important. I just can't bear it. It's not that her ass is flat, but... it's just not enough.

I just can't stand it. I can't have perfect tits but an imperfect ass. I cannot. There must be an option for it... a mod!

how do I make her ass rounder and bigger, please

Anonymous 12/03/18(Sun)18:14 No. 53964 ID: 5d62d3

Are there any mods for anal h scenes? Ive looked through the wiki and couldnt find much.

Battle_Lamia 12/03/23(Fri)04:18 No. 53969 ID: c77837

Is there a Lamia/Naga mod for this program at all?

Anonymous 12/04/11(Wed)07:35 No. 54039 ID: f1e575

Same problem here.

I have the game working perfectly but .tah mods placed in the arcs folder do nothing.

Anonymous 12/05/29(Tue)02:03 No. 54158 ID: 17d74f

any furry mods?


NXJA Miku 2020 Anonymous 12/06/05(Tue)19:13 No. 54165 ID: d3c4a3

I found the save file for this model recently and I wanted to try it out, however I seem to be missing files for it to display properly.

NXJA body is one thing I need, but I don't know where to find it.
I don't know what to do about the hair, either.

Can anyone help me out?

Anonymous 12/06/05(Tue)19:51 No. 54166 ID: d3c4a3

It just occurred to me that I've been spelling it wrong the whole time.


Either way, I still don't know where to find the actual body. All I can seem to find are mods of the body, but not the body itself.

HELP WITH EVERYTHING! Jeremy 12/06/27(Wed)11:30 No. 54186 ID: 42cd36

idk how the heck you guys do this!
i downloaded everything
but im so computer illiterate i have no idea what im doing
i tried following the read me
but its asking me to run files i dont see o.o

if anyone ANYONE could personally contact me you have no idea how much i would appreciate it.
ive wanted this game for a while
and have been wrestling with these files all night
T_T hentaiiii....

Anonymous 12/08/02(Thu)11:49 No. 54290 ID: e502c3

you need Toonshaders.TAH in order to get it to work.
in return, could you link me to where you found that mod?

Anonymous 12/08/07(Tue)19:10 No. 54302 ID: eed78f

What mod does the op pic have?

Anonymous 12/08/10(Fri)20:28 No. 54322 ID: eed78f

Does anyone have the XPr 4.1 patch (uncensored)? I keep getting megaupload links :/


Glitches 12/08/17(Fri)22:01 No. 54360 ID: 0ef418

Has anyone else had sound problems with this? Whenever I start up there's this awful blast of static and it doesn't stop until I exit. Googling around hasn't given me anyone else with the same problem.

Anonymous 12/10/20(Sat)09:10 No. 54561 ID: 05c678

have anyone found an ass mod?

Anonymous 12/11/12(Mon)06:16 No. 54680 ID: 611978

Asuka Langley Soryu boob scene from end of evangelion

Anonymous 12/11/30(Fri)18:06 No. 54720 ID: 82da95

i do

Anonymous 13/02/09(Sat)01:26 No. 54953 ID: feabda

installed this again.

spent a lot of time going through mod catalogs and shit and was just ultimately really let down at how very little sounded interesting and how even less of it actually looked good in-game. ended up with lots of weird props and shit but not very many clothes, either.

are there any sort of unofficial packs of clothing or anything like that? or maybe somewhere with actually still there character saves in some sort of useful browse-able system?

how to go through mod file easily without have to install Dan 13/03/27(Wed)19:26 No. 54997 ID: d9c669


setup from http://www.cdisplay.me/ then double click any .rar or .zip it will give preview of the file. any question i have yahoo messenger- danst852004 mention this post to me or ill block

Anonymous 13/04/13(Sat)12:06 No. 55062 ID: 960812

yeah, compatability and everything, no way to load in WIN7 atm AFAIK. anyone with win 7 and no other OS manage to make it work?

Anonymous 13/04/28(Sun)22:49 No. 55127 ID: 5f88e7

File 136718217179.jpg - (935.44KB , 2592x1936 , photo.jpg )

Does anybody have any mods that allow you to surpass the maximum size tits can be?
The maximum is good, but just a little bit bigger would be better.

Anonymous 13/06/14(Fri)10:09 No. 55183 ID: e5f971

File 137119732335.gif - (2.68MB , 400x400 , 0238220133.gif )

(´・ω・`)How do you do?

3D Custom Girl texture Mimit 13/06/16(Sun)07:37 No. 55188 ID: c84cfb

Hi guys, I'm having an issue here. Although I've managed to patched the game up to 4.1 ver, however, the pussy itself looks so plain as hell. And I see tons of pictures below. How do I do that?? D:

Anonymous 13/06/28(Fri)03:42 No. 55202 ID: a11881

File 137238372175.png - (736.99KB , 698x727 , 001.png )

Anonymous 13/06/28(Fri)03:44 No. 55203 ID: a11881

There are tons of mods to install. this guy has all of them you just have to search. https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=c9537b5bc3baa8d3&id=C9537B5BC3BAA8D3%21108&authkey=!AOiuF44HAmOtSaM

Anonymous 13/07/27(Sat)02:06 No. 55373 ID: 4773b4

File 137488358172.jpg - (120.05KB , 873x731 , demon girl.jpg )

I think I'm gonna liek this game.

Anonymous 13/07/27(Sat)16:16 No. 55374 ID: 4773b4

File 137493456227.png - (389.74KB , 553x743 , demon.png )

This game is fun.

Anonymous 14/05/21(Wed)07:53 No. 56186 ID: 450951

how does one get this game?

Anonymous 14/08/15(Fri)13:21 No. 56340 ID: 3c1f16


I haven't found any anal h scenes, but there's a mod for anal toys, AnusIjime_N127ANSx.tah (TAC1837)

http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/407840-3D-Custom-Girl-Mod-request-upload-Thread -> 3DCG mod torrent Colletions.rar -> 3D Custom Girl Mods.torrent -> TAC1837.

Press left arrow to make penis disappear. It a'ight.

Anonymous 14/11/22(Sat)01:51 No. 56658 ID: 19125c

Is there a Linux version?

Anonymous 15/10/22(Thu)03:06 No. 57219 ID: 12e4f6

this thread is still a thing?

Anonymous 16/02/05(Fri)02:02 No. 57442 ID: 11605e

this thread feels like 3 years old

Anonymous 16/03/21(Mon)08:26 No. 57509 ID: cab2a0

Try 5 going on 6.

Hongfire doesn't even allow game downloads anymore.

Anonymous 16/05/29(Sun)09:00 No. 57608 ID: b18927

File 146450523065.png - (141.18KB , 1024x768 , uruk chick.png )

refreshing either way.

also know where to find tusks for pic related?

Heavy saves please!! Anonymous 17/02/28(Tue)05:26 No. 58580 ID: ec6a37

File 148825597042.png - (63.13KB , 300x300 , c3a9c3b0c3a9c3b3c3a9c3a0c3a6c3a0-c3a5cc3a9c2a6.png )

Does anybody haves this body or at least a heavy save?


Peru IvanQvm 17/09/16(Sat)17:52 No. 58745 ID: 325807



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