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MAC address spoofing Ceruleancerise 16/10/14(Fri)01:10 No. 22237 ID: a7bdc2 [Reply]

File 147640025277.jpg - (44.03KB , 750x697 , image.jpg )

Hey /halp/
Im looking for a wi-fi extender/router/hotspot that can spoof its MAC Address to connect to a network, and my devices which cant be spoofed connect to that instead.
Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Anonymous 16/10/17(Mon)01:07 No. 22242 ID: 98214d

You mean jail-breaking.

Ceruleancerise 16/10/17(Mon)02:39 No. 22243 ID: a7bdc2

im already jailbroken

Anonymous 16/10/17(Mon)02:56 No. 22244 ID: 63fd5e

If you choose a deliberately hobbled device, then sure, it can't be changed. But then you shouldn't be choosing deliberately hobbled devices.

Anonymous 16/10/10(Mon)08:23 No. 22232 ID: d20761 [Reply]

File 147608063424.jpg - (98.20KB , 1920x1080 , Windows-10-Logo-Wallpaper.jpg )

So, I was wondering: if my computer is unplugged while it was turned on and updating can the surge from unplugging it damage the CPU? Like, the computer turns on now and I've reinstalled windows but it seems like it is running different.

CPU: i7 @3.8 GHz
RAM: 32 GB
GPU: GTX 970

Anonymous 16/10/10(Mon)11:52 No. 22233 ID: 8efdb5

A surge is a sudden rise in voltage. By unplugging the system you are causing a sudden drop in voltage. It's the complete opposite action.

By reinstalling, did you format and reinstall or did you just install on top of the existing OS? If you didn't format, did you at least run a chkdsk to verify the disk didn't get corrupted by being in the middle of writing data to disk when you shut it off?

Anonymous 16/10/10(Mon)21:19 No. 22234 ID: d20761

Thank you for letting me know.
I don't remember doing either of those things. Is formatting is really needed or can I just get away with running chkdik?

Either way, thank you. You've helped relieve a lot of stress.

Anonymous 16/10/11(Tue)07:05 No. 22235 ID: 8efdb5

You can try running chkdsk and then reinstall, although if you're still having issues you may need to back up all the data you care about and format.

BTW, suddenly disconnecting power won't do any hardware damage, it just may corrupt the fuck out of your HD and/or OS installation.

Reinstalling without formatting typically leaves part of the existing OS behind, which is why you may have to give in.

Unless of course the problem is just in your head. For example when I'm using someone's system that's substantially slower than mine I often wonder if something is wrong with it, when its just slower.

Buying more ram question. Clueless idiot 16/10/05(Wed)19:40 No. 22224 ID: 19a0db [Reply]

File 147568923330.jpg - (71.71KB , 768x960 , 12832378_10208052224437434_4317864982043478232_n.jpg )

I current have the AX4U2800W4G17-BRZ 2 4gb sticks for my pc. I know you can mix ram but can I get a AX4U2800W4G17-DRZ with my current setup I have now and how much performance lost will I get if I mix the 2.

Operating System
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
Intel Processor @ 3.40GHz
ASRock X99M Killer/3.1 (CPUSocket)

DELL 1704FPT (1280x1024@60Hz)
VG248 (1920x1080@60Hz)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 16/10/06(Thu)00:20 No. 22229 ID: 5a53ee

File 147570602524.jpg - (845.91KB , 1275x1650 , fear_mbp.jpg )

Based on AData's product list:

It looks like those two modules are the same speed with the same timings. They are likely the same underlying module with slightly different packaging (like a stylistically different heatsink).

If they are the same module, then you should be able to use them with each other without any kind of speed penalty. You will not want to spread the modules across channels, however - channel A should be matched DIMMs from the same kit, channel B should be the same. Mixing & matching RAM within the same channel is a recipe for pain.

Now, that being said, I don't see either of them on the QVL for your motherboard. I would post a link to the QVL except 7chan apparently doesn't like people posting links to active server pages, so I'd really rather not get banned again for trying to post innocuous technical information. If you type ASRock X99M Killer 3.1 QVL into Google the second result should be a link to ASRock's QVL page, which contains a link to your motherboard.

Basically your motherboard (and most motherboards, for that matter) are only guaranteed to work reliably with a list of modules that they've tested with that motherboard. If you want your system to work reliably then you buy modules off the QVL. If you want to take a chance then you can buy any module, but if you have trouble not even ASRock will help you resolve the issue.

Now, all that being said, I have two sets of 2400 modules in my PC that works fine so long as they're installed as individual pairs. They're on the QVL and are the same thing you're probably looking at here, the same module with different heatsinks. However when I install all four of them the motherboard won't POST if they're run at 2400. It will POST if I downclock them to 2300. For some added cushion I normally leave them at 2200 to avoid any chance of memory issues.

So QVLs exist and can be used to head off a lot of problems, however even then some combinations can be problematic and require additional effort.

Clueless idiot 16/10/06(Thu)00:30 No. 22230 ID: 19a0db

Thank you very much for the information. I will take my chances and go with mixing the AX4U2800W4G17-BRZ and the AX4U2800W4G17-DRZ. Surprisingly that ram cam prebuilt from Ibuypower.

Anonymous 16/10/06(Thu)01:48 No. 22231 ID: 5a53ee

Not surprising, since ibuypower just buys the cheapest product they can find that meets the specs on paper and don't give a shit if it works or not.

They've shipped systems with holes punched through the motherboard.

Anonymous 16/09/29(Thu)22:52 No. 22174 ID: 18126c [Reply]

File 147518231925.jpg - (675.43KB , 1939x1836 , firefox-logo.jpg )

I have an older version of Firefox and it has "forgotten" how to keep tabs open on restart.
I upgraded (to 31 from 30.0) and the problem persists.
I have deleted the sessionstore.js and restarted with no luck. I also noted it did not create a sessionstore-backups folder

I also have a copy of Palemoon which DOES NOT have this problem - but I tend to use firefox more.

Anonymous 16/10/01(Sat)04:45 No. 22176 ID: eafa5b

Does the problem occur on a new profile?


Anonymous 16/10/04(Tue)00:38 No. 22177 ID: 55cd95

The easiest solution would be to uninstall Firefox, use something like CCleaner to remove any leftovers of the browser, then reinstalling it. Let me know how this works out.

Anonymous 16/10/04(Tue)03:46 No. 22178 ID: a870df

Well, seeing as all the configuration information is stored in the profile, there's literally zero advantage to uninstalling Firefox. Uninstalling leaves the profile behind. You can just wipe the profile with it still installed and get to the same point.

But when you wipe it you end up losing all the information in it. By testing with a new profile, leaving the old profile intact, you verify whether the problem occurs under the new profile before doing anything to your saved data under the old profile.

If the new profile has the same problem, then you know it's not anything in Firefox or the new profile, it's something else in the system. Typically this means some kind of proxy server getting in the way, which are annoyingly bundled with antivirus/internet security now. Either disable or uninstall the proxy and your problems should go away.

Of course there's also malware out there that proxies information too and they're typically not as well written as the shitty-ass proxy servers included with AV software.

Anonymous 16/09/26(Mon)01:39 No. 22171 ID: 18126c [Reply]

File 14748467642.jpg - (76.54KB , 495x483 , microsoft bullshit.jpg )

Just noticed the new hotmail is trying to leave offline content on firefox
I've used about:permissions
but for some reason outlook isn't there.
How do I block this shit?

Anonymous 16/09/26(Mon)10:08 No. 22172 ID: eafa5b

Remove data.

Check box that says "tell me when a website asks to store data".

Go to hotmail.

When prompted, deny request to store data.

Site is now added to Exceptions list.

Leave box checked now and forever since very few websites will attempt this, but when they do you can click deny to stop them. You only have to deny once, it remembers the setting.

Note that sites can still store cookies in Flash if you have Flash enabled. The obvious solution is to disable Flash, but if not, there are add-ons that will clear Flash cookies when you quit Firefox.

Anonymous 16/09/29(Thu)22:44 No. 22173 ID: 18126c

File 147518188265.png - (52.66KB , 922x515 , fook.png )

I didn't get any prompt to do anything with Data after checking the "tell me when a website asks to store data".

Anonymous 16/09/30(Fri)01:41 No. 22175 ID: 5a53ee

you have to remove outlook.live.com first.

if you did that then its possible you've screwed things up by messing around in about:permissions. try creating a new profile and test under that. if it works, then your old profile is hosed.

Windows 7 update problems. Anonymous 16/08/02(Tue)07:34 No. 22145 ID: 18126c [Reply]

File 147011607557.jpg - (65.98KB , 902x456 , update woes.jpg )

I have gotten the following error messages while trying to run windows update.

Errors : WindowsUpdate_80070103" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"


Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

Download size: 147.0 MB

I tried updating and re-installing the updater but no joy.

Any clues?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 16/08/02(Tue)07:44 No. 22146 ID: 18126c

Additional note...
I am currently running my system with an ATI Card installed and NOT using the MB onboard card.

Anonymous 16/08/02(Tue)11:20 No. 22147 ID: 6f6f6a

If the driver is showing in Windows Update then the CPU's GPU is visible to the system. If you go into the BIOS/UEFI you should be able to turn it off completely.

On my board the setting is called CPU Graphics Multi-Monitor. It stops the CPU's GPU from being disabled when a discrete video card is attached.

More than likely the driver is failing to install because nothing is attached to it, despite it being enabled.

Anonymous 16/09/04(Sun)10:24 No. 22169 ID: ac1ca3

First you have to hide the update.
Second go to Intel's website and download the driver yourself manually, taking care to download the correct one for your operating system. Here's the website you'll probably need but check your specs.


Make sure no programmes are open whilst installing the driver. So immediately after downloading the driver close your web browser and all other programmes. Then go ahead and install and restart your PC.

Track Whatsapp Account Remotely Chika 16/08/25(Thu)00:22 No. 22165 ID: bba6c2 [Reply]

File 147207737514.jpg - (72.03KB , 1000x500 , whatsapp_holo_ics_by_darka22-d4yaeqa-1000x500.jpg )

How i can track my ex girlfriend Whatsapp account remotely without installing her a shity app in her phone or something i am also able to pay for this !!!

Anonymous 16/08/25(Thu)01:54 No. 22167 ID: 12e144

If you don't want to install a shitty app you have two options:

1) Hack Whatsapp's servers, break their encryption protocols and eavesdrop on her communication.

2) Clone her sim-card, run it in another phone then start a conversation with each of her contacts you want to be able to spy on (you need to start the conversation otherwise their messages will just go to the other (her) phone instead of duplicating the messages to both. Then hope none of her friends are tech-savy enough to realise the account has been duplicated.

Or... you could install the shitty app. But seeing that she's your ex and wants nothing to do with you, her phone is likely on her persons and the restraining order keeps you away from such persons, I'd say you're shit outta luck.

It's much easier to just hire a hooker and get over her.

Anonymous 16/08/25(Thu)08:34 No. 22168 ID: 097150

You could also hire a PI to follow her around but that costs money.

Have you seen the car Magnum drives, Ferraris don't grow on trees.

Noticed this. Clueless idiot 16/08/19(Fri)05:02 No. 22152 ID: a7f773 [Reply]

File 147157577895.png - (61.54KB , 685x535 , Untitled.png )

How can I fix this effectively? What software do I need?

Operating System
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i5 4690K @ 3.50GHz33 °C
Haswell 22nm Technology
16.0GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 933MHz (13-13-13-34)
MSI Z97 GAMING 5 (MS-7917) (SOCKET 0)31 °C
DELL S2409W (1920x1080@60Hz)
VG248 (1920x1080@60Hz)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/08/20(Sat)17:40 No. 22157 ID: 19a0db

Interesting, thank you for the detailed response I will definitely implement a back up system now.

Anonymous 16/08/24(Wed)08:54 No. 22164 ID: 75c23c

Personally I trust CDM to not be shilled by any one data recovery service, mostly because the dev is a fucking autismo moonruner, and it's released under a bsd licence.

To solve this problem, do the following exactly:

Open $browser
Go to $shoppingSite
Order new $hardDrive

Anonymous 16/08/25(Thu)01:53 No. 22166 ID: 5a53ee

My only concern with your plan is that new drives tend to fail within the first 3-6 months, so without a backup he's just as screwed.

His backup drive could fail too, don't get me wrong, but the likelihood of two drives failing at the exact same time is unlikely.

Anonymous 16/08/21(Sun)11:42 No. 22158 ID: 55cd95 [Reply]

File 147177254377.jpg - (29.26KB , 394x328 , vidia.jpg )

Not sure how many of you use Nvidia for graphics, but have any of you experienced weird crap after updating to 372.54 of the Game Ready driver? I downgraded back to 368.81 and don't have the problem anymore, but when I had 372.54, every time on boot, my computer would restart and I would get an error report once on the desktop.

Anonymous 16/08/21(Sun)15:43 No. 22160 ID: 097150

Sounds like every other Nvidia release I've tried (as in update 1 works fine, update 2 doesn't work, update 3 works fine, etc.).

As a result I just don't upgrade unless I'm having a problem.

Anonymous 16/08/24(Wed)08:53 No. 22163 ID: 55cd95

Good enough advice for me. I'll just update my Nvidia drivers when it's needed, then.


Long Term Data Storage Anonymous 16/08/22(Mon)07:30 No. 22161 ID: 0101d3 [Reply]

File 147184382872.jpg - (139.49KB , 960x320 , datacenter_triinti[1].jpg )

Hello /halp/, it's been awhile

I built a NAS not too long ago with 20TB of HDD space in a RAID6 configuration, for 12TB of usable space. Recently, SOMETHING happened to it. Nothing technically wrong with it, just that is was taken and I may or may not be getting it back.

This situation has led me to question online cloud archive backup services for long term (cold) storage. I had roughly 7-8TB, of which I cared about long term preservation of about 4.5TB (lets call it 5TB to be safe). The retrieval rate would be the entire archive less than once per few years. The storage length would be from now until I die.

My question is this: What would you suggest for long term, high capacity, personal online data storage? I would also like some forward secrecy, so if a subpoena is ever issued, the data would remain safe.

BackBlaze and CrashPlan both advertise to be good solutions, however the "1 price for unlimited storage" makes me question their funding, especially in the face of massive amounts of data like this. Not only that but they seem to be for personal PC backups rather than archive solutions. Amazon Glacier also seems like a good idea for long term storage, however the price is much higher.

Any ideas? BackBlaze? Crashplan? Amazon Glacier? Microsoft Azure? Google Cloud? Oracle?

Anonymous 16/08/23(Tue)10:21 No. 22162 ID: 097150

No US-based provider is going to bat an eye at a subpoena. When served with a national security letter, which TLAs regularly abuse, they not only have to turn over your data, they also can't say they were served or that your data was turned over.

Data stored in a foreign country opens you up to the NSA, since once its in the hands of a foreign national they can do whatever they want since it's one of their reasons for existence. You would have to put the data in the hands of a US citizen living in that country to avoid that loophole.

How about three NAS arrays. One that's live, another that's offline but containing data recently backed up from the NAS, and a third that's offsite. The offsite is periodically swapped with the offline NAS. offline and offsite can technically both be offsite, but #2 needs to be more readily accessible, while #3 could be buried in a hole in the woods. Perhaps someplace you infrequently visit, like a relatives home, assuming you can store it there w/o arousing suspicion or even awareness its existence.

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