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New graphics cards Anonymous 15/06/09(Tue)23:45 No. 21797 ID: 11fdd1

I'm coming across some decent money soon, and I want to update my current graphics card so I can play games better. That, and the recent Fallout 4 update had given me a slight panic attack with me thinking my computer can't handle it.

I currently have an old Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT. What would you guess recommend would be a good upgrade, and let's just say I'm on a fixed budget with this, so where can I get one at a good deal?

Anonymous 15/06/20(Sat)03:21 No. 21803 ID: 10d6c2

Unfortunately under $100 Nvidia cards are complete shit. From what I've read the GT740 is basically a GTX 550 that's been defanged a bit. I bought one and am still absolutely shocked at just how slow the damned thing is at doing just about everything.

Anonymous 15/06/21(Sun)07:20 No. 21804 ID: 583674

EVGA makes the GT740 superclocked. On benchmarks(for Linux btw) it scores like a slightly less power-hungry GTX650. Can't say I'm disappointed with it.
Although depending on your mobo, processor(I'm assuming you won't be doing a new build from scratch) and budget I'd recommend something a little more powerful. A GTX750 at the least would be nice if the price climb from the 740 superclocked isn't too big where you live.

Anonymous 15/06/25(Thu)05:24 No. 21809 ID: 10d6c2

I have one, and it's the GDDR5 version (which is supposed to be slightly faster than the DDR3 version), and compared to the 7750 I had in there before it this thing is absolute shit. It represents a good 75% drop across the board. I bought the GT740 for $100, I bought the 7750 for $100 2 years ago. Why the GT740 isn't even that decent is a mystery.

Unfortunately my new system @ work doesn't provide as much power over the PCIe slot as the old one, so I opted for one that used PCIe power. Rather than discover the new system is equally annoyed at any non-Nvidia card I opted for the 740.

For two years I had the 7750 in the old system and used it without incident so it's not a hurrdurr ATI driver issue. It's just Lenovo devolving into shittier shit. And to head off the inevitable argument on that front: nobody bigger than a mom & pop is going to build a whitebox for their employees. I build them for home, my systems there are wonderful, work with everything, but this is what I'm stuck with at work.

The 740 has two things going for it: The system no longer hard freezes in the middle of the night/weekend while I'm connected to it remotely (or even if I don't - it's an equal opportunity freezer). And I get PhysX support. Woo. I have multimonitor support, which I had under the 7750, but didn't have under the Nvidia card the system came with (I don't know why - see: Lenovo).

Not freezing and multimonitor is about all I care about, but I had to see how good the card was too. You are bearing witness to my surprise. My expectation was equivalency. The posted benchmarks were equivalency. In reality it's worse.

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