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Video card knowledge Noobliette 15/07/16(Thu)07:17 No. 21860 ID: 2beb7c

File 143702387668.jpg - (387.14KB , 900x1195 , https%3A%2F%2F41_media_tumblr_com%2F231d3eeffc3594.jpg )

So I'm starting to buy stuff to build my first computer, and I'm realizing I know less than zero about this. My question is how do you tell if a graphics card is good? I looked online and all I've learned is GDDR is better than DDR by like x4. Is there an easy way to tell if card X will run game Y? The only goals I really have are Bioshock Infinite on max and Shadow of Mordor at all.

Noobliette 15/07/16(Thu)07:20 No. 21861 ID: 2beb7c

http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Starfarer50/saved/pzwnTW Here's the build I blindly threw together. I'd like to stay under 1300 if possible and the only thing I've bought is the power supply.

Anonymous 15/07/17(Fri)08:18 No. 21865 ID: 4308ad

GDDR5 is a special type of RAM used only by graphics cards. It's used to store frames and resources for the graphics card. The higher the resolution of your monitor the more ram your card needs. A general rule of thumb is you need 1.5 gigs of ram for a 1920x1080 monitor for most games (keep in mind this is loose and can vary alot depending on various filters and other options.) So for a 2560 by 1440 is going to need about 2.5 gigs according to this, and a 4k monitor is pushing past the 4 gig limit.

GDDR5 isn't the limiting factor as far as raw graphics card performance cards goes. Two GPUs, one with 2 gigs of ram and the other with 4 gigs but otherwise identical, will perform exactly the same until the memory limit is exceeded (Then the graphics card starts eating the CPU's RAM, which is considerably slower.

The only thing i see somewhat wrong with your partpicker build is the processor. The 9370 is an enthusiast class part, it's over kill for the average gamer, and genocide for the average user. It puts out so much heat using anything but water cooling is stupid. I personally use the 8350 (the 9370's little brother) and it has never disappointed me in 2 years. I recommend the 6300 if you're on a budget, it's got more than enough horsepower.

The easiest way to tell how graphics cards will perform in certain games its pretty easy, just look at the benchmarks. You can find them everywhere online, the 390 you picked out will absolutely destroy Bioshock infinite (in excess of 100 fps easily), Shadow of Mordor is newer but you will still be able to play it at full settings with no problems.

Anonymous 15/07/17(Fri)19:47 No. 21869 ID: ade12b

Is that a Medabot?

Noobliette 15/07/17(Fri)21:41 No. 21871 ID: c05181

File 143716210888.png - (503.67KB , 1920x1200 , Cteno Sorry.png )


Okay, so since the last list I downgraded the CPU (coincidentally to the recommended one), got a slightly bigger case, and picked a different, cheaper, motherboard. I thing I have a base understanding of everything except motherboards at this point, so I just picked a cheaper one since I'm trying to find a balance between budget build/good for a few years. Any further advice and or consultation would be appreciated.

Also, it's not a Medabot, it's Garnet from Steven Universe. But I did watch the hell out of Medabots as a kid.

Pic not related, it's Cteno by Slugbox

Anonymous 15/07/18(Sat)03:45 No. 21872 ID: 9083ba

Save yourself some money:
Scrap the network card, your mobo already has an Ethernet connector.
Lose the modular PSU, semi will save you money and you can save more $$$ by going non-modular (stow the cables in an empty drive bay (you're not exactly pressed for space)).
Again, PSU, do you really need an 850W PSU when you're pulling <500W? 700W would still leave plenty of power to add another card, drives and upgrade your processor.
2TB HD? 1TB is more than you'll need.

$100 on a case and only $10 on the keyboard? If you want your PC to present well your keyboard will let you down, and if you don't care about presentation save money and get a cheaper case. At the moment it's like you're taking a girl out for a $100 meal then taking her back to a $10 motel.

Noobliette 15/07/18(Sat)05:39 No. 21873 ID: 4ba955

Right, let me explain. The PSU was originally 135$, on sale for 100$, with a 20% percent off coupon dropping it to 80, and a 30$ mail in rebate, making a 135$ PSU all of 50$. When I picked it up my build was still in the 640w range, so I'm future proofing for five years from now when I upgrade.

The deal with the 100$ case? It has everything I'm looking for, plenty of space to maneuver, and if I do it right I'll never have to buy another case in my life.

Why 2Tb instead of 1Tb? Because it was literally a five dollar difference, and why not? I wanted two, I'm getting two.

The wireless is mandatory, because I'll be damned if I'm running a cord to the one working phone line in my house, plus it's only 30$, I make that in less than two hours at work.

As for the keyboakeyboard? It's a placeholder, of course I'm getting a better one than that.

TLDR: Go fuck yourself.

Anonymous 15/07/18(Sat)13:03 No. 21874 ID: 9083ba

>TLDR: Go fuck yourself.
Nice to see the maturity. Enjoy that "wireless" kiddo...

Noobliette 15/07/18(Sat)21:48 No. 21875 ID: c05181

File 143724892020.jpg - (401.33KB , 1280x960 , Pills.jpg )


So upon further review, I've learned you were right, and I had picked a wired network instead of a wireless card. I was needlessly aggressive when people were offering honest criticism. I apologize for acting like an asshat.

Pic slightly related, humility is a hard pill to swallow.

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