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Anonymous 16/03/16(Wed)03:36 No. 22054 ID: e8e8ea

File 145809578721.jpg - (24.18KB , 583x418 , 1449872331423.jpg )

Okay, I'm new here, just throwing that out here and idk if this may be the place for this.
Anyways, i've been having problems with my phone lately (iPhone 4). The issue is in terms of storage space, I have jack shit on here (one application and 0 photos) and I still have less than a gig left in storage. I've reset multiple times and completely reset it. I've hooked it up to my computer and the only thing I could find were the pictures. I've had this little guy for about 2-3 years. This problem became relevant a few months ago and it hasn't stopped plaguing me. I've looked up solutions to this but most of them are for the 5, 5s and 6. Any suggestions as to what i can do to fix this.

Anonymous 16/03/16(Wed)05:07 No. 22055 ID: 5a53ee

I have an issue with iDevices where "Other" grows to be several gigabytes in size, even larger. Other covers Safari's cache but also data from Messages and Mail.

The problem is that while you can delete individual items in Mail and Messages to get that space back, Safari's cache is anything but temporary. The only way to fully clear it once its grown to unwieldy sizes is to use erase all contents and settings, then restore from an icloud backup. Restoring from an iTunes backup will just restore those ungodly files back into it.

Anonymous 16/03/22(Tue)00:44 No. 22060 ID: 356300

Speaking of iPhone 4, I have an old one that doesn't power on. If you plug it in, it goes between the logo start screen and being off endlessly. Any ideas?

Anonymous 16/03/23(Wed)01:18 No. 22061 ID: 5a53ee

Could be the battery, but without opening it up and disconnecting the battery you won't know. Could also be some kind of serious corruption in the flash, affecting the initial series of processes that load at boot. A jailbreak gone awry could cause this, since they typically insert themselves into the boot process or otherwise try to modify it.

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