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Anonymous 16/04/24(Sun)14:02 No. 22071 ID: 99fe2a

File 146149933345.jpg - (259.11KB , 960x540 , Touhou_full_1057649.jpg )

my computer crashed without me shutting down the computer properly

are my files okay?

Anonymous 16/04/24(Sun)14:02 No. 22072 ID: 99fe2a

that is i downloaded some new video files and didn't shut down the computer properly when it says "saving your changes"

Anonymous 16/04/26(Tue)07:43 No. 22074 ID: 621f7c

"saving your changes" is intentionally mislabeled. It's saving changes related to windows updates.

Unless you downloaded the files, immediately shut down, then powered off the system, those files were flushed to disk long before you hit shut down.

Anonymous 16/04/30(Sat)02:26 No. 22077 ID: 070bba

okay cool

i got an error that said the values didn't equal or something and then windows shut down. but if windows shut itself down it would save changes (to itself) too, right?

Anonymous 16/04/30(Sat)02:27 No. 22078 ID: 070bba

also i should mention i was downloading tv series so it was gigs of data that i was wondering about

Anonymous 16/05/02(Mon)13:41 No. 22079 ID: 621f7c

>if windows shut itself down it would save changes
If Windows is the one shutting down then changes will be flushed to disk as part of that shutdown. The only time that wouldn't be the case is if you had an overheat condition (typically CPU) that causes the system to spontaneously power off. In that case you wouldn't see any messages about Windows shutting down, it'd just power off.

As far as why the updates won't install, that could be anything.

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