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personal favor Anonymous 17/07/06(Thu)11:10 No. 22484 ID: 1b9fb0

File 149933224388.gif - (719.37KB , 500x500 , piza.gif )

hey i dont normally come on this website but o have an issue. my gf is away at band camp and this retard keeps harassing her and trying to her to give him a bj. is there any way i can get into his social media or just find out where he lives so i can give him a good ol knuckle sandwich?

Anonymous 17/07/06(Thu)13:29 No. 22485 ID: d6b4f1

Get picture of knucklehead
Get first & last name of knucklehead
Search facebook for first & last name knuckleheads in your general area
Use photo to verify which knuckleheads on facebook is your knucklehead

Once you find him on one social media site it's usually pretty easy to find them on other social media sites, and from there its just time until you figure out where they live. If they haven't blatantly posted their address on social media then usually its leaked via EXIF.

knuckelhead anon 17/11/29(Wed)11:59 No. 22501 ID: 9f3954

then pose as your gf and arrange a meeting at burgerking. you get a good burger and the revenge that you want

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