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Historian 14/02/05(Wed)05:25 No. 14129

File 139157435728.png - (758.13KB , 1473x1198 , scandinavi.png )

How would other countries react if Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden were to all conglomerate into a single functioning unit? How pissed would Russia be? Would Germany be equally nervous?

Could this new country Scandinavia not theoretically increase positive production through unification since it provides more incentives for investing into different areas for the wealthy?

Is something like this prohibited by EU, what if they did it anyways would people start embargoing them? Would other countries/regions possibly start doing the same thing elsewhere?

Historian 14/02/05(Wed)05:48 No. 14130

>Would other countries/regions possibly start doing the same thing elsewhere?
See: the Commonwealth

Historian 14/02/05(Wed)06:59 No. 14133

I don't think anyone would be concerned or even bother updating their maps, because a United Scandinavia would still only have the same 6 people in it there now, and you'd still all just be sitting around getting drunk and pissing your names in snow all day.

Convincing Germany and Switz to bury the EU and create a Federal Republic, ie, United States of Europe, which the rest of you charity cases could join and leverage your many ancient and obsolete treaties and pacts and start anew, now that would rustle some fucking jimmies, holy shit.

Not that that'd ever happen. Most of those countries got out of the Empire game and don't want back in, for good reason, but USA, China, and Rusk like you as you are, fragmented and marginalized.

Historian 14/02/05(Wed)23:42 No. 14134

Scandinavia is divided by language, but the cultures are similar enough that unification would be entirely feasible. Indeed, throughout much of the early Medieval period, both Norway and Sweden were ruled by Denmark, as was Iceland and Greenland. That said, the Union would have very little impact outside of the northern Baltic, as the new Federation would consist of the same low population density and pacifistic Lutheran culture.

>>14133 Presents a more interesting hypothesis. Imagine a new Greater Reich, the German-speaking nations of Europe uniting to form a new Federation because of their disgust with the ineptitude and corruption of their EU partners. Germany, Switzerland (which I really have a hard time believing would ever go along with this), and, most importantly, Austria, unite to become a new nation. Shazaam; a new European superpower arises! Germany already dominates the EU industrially and economically; imagine the power the new Greater Reich would wield! Throw in a resurgent nationalist movement and the reintroduction of the Prussian military method...now THAT would have world leaders shitting in their britches from Paris and London to Moscow and Washington DC!

Historian 14/02/07(Fri)01:21 No. 14141

what if the scandinavia country formation was marked by an increase in nationalism, and spending their , 'banked' money [im american, whats the opposite of a deficit?], on modern technologies and trying to get skilled people to migrate there in large numbers, where the national law was made to be very open to creativity in regards to patents and such. They would have a shitload of money and could build the best facilities and pump out the most technology to sell or distribute to the rest of the world, a shit load of space, and a lot of people who would be willing to go

Historian 14/02/11(Tue)15:25 No. 14149

We would need to get rid of the non western immigrants before that becomes an option.

Historian 14/02/12(Wed)03:50 No. 14150

Other critical countries will get over it I think, OP. As well, they'll be too busy watching Russia do it as soon as the Olympics are over and Putin rolls tanks on everyone to be bovvered by you guys driving them out of the great white north.

I'd love to see one last place in the world stay true to its own culture. If the jews get to have a culturally "pure" Israel, and we all have to pay for it, then I don't see why the Nordic people's can't declare the same.

Good times.

Historian 14/02/12(Wed)22:18 No. 14156

That would be funny, wouldn't it? The Jews leave Israel (Judea, as it was then known) in the year 70 CE, then return to it almost two thousand years later and boot the indigenous population to declare the formation of a 'Jewish State'. So, why can't we return to Britain and say, "We are forming a 'Celtic State'...all these nasty Normans and Anglo-Saxons have to go..." Remembering, of course, that the English have been in England for about as long as the Arabs have held Palestine.

Historian 14/02/14(Fri)10:03 No. 14157

Russia's effectively run tanks over his own people already.

Look at how most non-Slavic citizens of Russia over the past decade have either left Russia (leading to their aged population and correspondingly low birth rate) or have been involved in actions aimed at overthrowing Putin's corrupt, autocratic rule.

End of the day when "culture" is used in place of "race" then the "culture" won't survive because that kind of extreme inbreeding leads to weak-minded, stupid citizens.

Historian 14/02/26(Wed)15:58 No. 14175

File 139342668813.png - (463.55KB , 384x512 , Skellyaintmad.png )

Norway has lotsa oil, Sweden has lotsa iron ore, Denmark is great at agriculture, Finland has mumin trolls, and we all have a shit ton of forest and the highest coffee consumption in the world. Together we will possess Absolut Vodka, legos, lusekofta, moose and the polar circle all under one banner. We would rape the winter Olympics for all time.

I say we do it, even if just to see the shitsorm arising from trying to pick a flag which won't leave anyone anally frustrated. If they ask us why, we will ask them "why the fuck not?".

Historian 14/02/26(Wed)22:30 No. 14180

>>14175 moose and the polar circle all under one banner. We would rape the winter Olympics for all time.

The arctic is NOT a Scandinavian monopoly, Comrade. If you want to form a Federation of Arctic States (which IS an interesting idea) the only possible first language would be RUSSIAN; Siberia contains more arctic territory than all other nations combined.

I still think language would be the big barrier; are you going to make your Union's official language Danish...and isn't that going to annoy a lot of Norwegians, Swedes, and Finns? Or are you going to actually try to run a nation-state with polyglot, multiple languages, a modern-day Tower of Babel? It might be doable, if there was a real need for this Union, but there isn't; it's not like the new arrangement would make the Scandinavians any more secure or prosperous...so why bother?

Historian 14/03/07(Fri)01:13 No. 14197

You guys need something the rest of the world doesn't have. A giant megafauna predator. Breed some sort of insane noctournal sabre-toothed carnivore, or better yet, an army of small subterranean killing machines, and let them wander a big tract of forest somewhere. Declare it a national park and keep it off-limits to people.

The world doesn't have any more monsters or places people dare not go. Time to make some.

Historian 14/03/14(Fri)04:46 No. 14212

and the world is warming up, so they'll be able to grow more crops

Historian 14/03/18(Tue)02:53 No. 14215

>divided by language
Only the Finns have a crazy fucked up language. The rest of them all speak very mutually-intelligible languages save the dinosaur known as Icelandic, which still has much in common.

The only people that should be concerned about such a thing if it were to happen (which it won't) are the Russians who are always looking for a way to fuck with the god damned Swedes and Finns. They would have a little more to deal with, but they could still steamroll.

Russia would still end up fighting a guerrilla war if they invaded the mainland.

Historian 14/03/18(Tue)04:03 No. 14216

File 139511182381.jpg - (120.29KB , 500x719 , SimoHayha.jpg )

Russia would be damn smart to remember the lessons they learned during the Winter War. After they steamrolled in back then one Finnish sniper killed over 500 Russians, including members of teams created to specifically hunt him down. Using a rifle with iron sights.

Not to mention that invading any of the NATO states is tantamount to declaring WW3.

Historian 14/03/28(Fri)03:57 No. 14230

If Russia invaded Latvia we'd go to World War mode?

I think you'd see NATO kick the backpedaling in high gear. NATO was a bluff, which stood for as long as the Ruskies were willing to remain weak and unchallenging. ...I think those days are over, and so is the effectiveness of the NATO threat.

Historian 14/03/29(Sat)22:19 No. 14233

WW1 was started because some inbred aristocrat was shot and set in motion chain of events started occurring that were required, by treaty, to happen. That's the funny thing about treaties. When you respect them, which I know Russia doesn't but humor me for a moment because most everyone else does, then they create all kinds of obligations and requirements that legally have to happen.

Russia has been living in an insulated petrochemical bubble for a long time but, while I know it's hard for them to envision it, the rest of the world doesn't operate like Russia. The closest place that operates like Russia is Nigeria, with endemic corruption at all levels of society.

Historian 14/03/29(Sat)22:44 No. 14234

>The closest place that operates like Russia is Nigeria, with endemic corruption at all levels of society.
There's endemic corruption at all levels in practically all societies today. Any corruption found in Russian society can be found just as easily in American and European society.

Historian 14/03/30(Sun)08:05 No. 14237

Yeah, that was what I was getting at too. The US pre WWII was pretty freaking isolationist. You read up on Adams, Jefferson, & the gang, and there's all these concerns about how a permanent standing army leads to a permanent state of war to justify it, which results in continuous abuses of power and erosions of liberty, & leads to bankruptcy, a world of nations hell-bent on destroying you, and diplomatically tied hands because of all the foreign treaties and entanglements that it takes to play global politics with every country in the world. Makes you poorer and weaker and deader as a nation.

Good thing we didn't let any of that happen.

Historian 14/04/01(Tue)11:25 No. 14238

>There's endemic corruption at all levels in practically all societies today.
Nope, there are always levels of corruption. And corruption is far greater in Russia and Nigeria.

False equivalency is not a good thing. That's the bubble climate change and holocaust deniers live in.

Historian 14/04/04(Fri)03:44 No. 14241

And chicken little is the bubble climate change whiners live in.

Historian 14/04/05(Sat)06:47 No. 14244

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

Back to OP's question, I don't think the rest of Europe would really give much of a damn one way or the other about this Scandinavian Federation. After all, Europe is already ruled by a single, central government called the European Union, and nobody is going to feel the slightest bit threatened by this new turn of events.

Historian 14/04/05(Sat)17:05 No. 14245

File 139671031365.jpg - (197.27KB , 602x855 , Science!.jpg )

Science: Learn it. Live it. Love it.

>I don't think the rest of Europe would really give much of a damn

Historian 14/04/05(Sat)17:44 No. 14246

File 139671266097.jpg - (34.63KB , 420x271 , ragnar.jpg )


Ragnar approves of this message.

Historian 14/04/05(Sat)18:46 No. 14247

>>14246 You do know that Ragnar Hairy-Breeches died in a snake-pit in England?

Historian 14/04/06(Sun)07:48 No. 14248

File 139676331353.jpg - (51.70KB , 592x333 , 1324516515.jpg )


Historian 14/04/06(Sun)09:38 No. 14249

That's already happening lol

Historian 14/04/06(Sun)09:40 No. 14250

Mutated wolves of the forests near Chernobyl

Historian 14/04/06(Sun)18:49 No. 14251


Hey, nobody is a greater admirer of the Vikings than I am; I used to be a Viking reenactor and still have all of my gear. But Scandinavia today is NOT Viking; indeed, it couldn't be more completely polar opposite of the Viking's ethos and psychology if it tried. Scandinavia today is a mix of Lutheran and Humanist. The actual Vikings must be howling with rage in Valhalla to see what their descendants have become.

The last gasp of combative instinct Scandinavia possessed died when Gustavus Adolphus fell at Lutzen almost four hundred years ago.

Historian 14/04/06(Sun)19:22 No. 14252

Im Danish and i am sorry to say that my follow norsemen have descended into Ethnomasochism and even worse our people is being replace in the name of multiculturalism and diversity.

Historian 14/04/07(Mon)19:28 No. 14253

File 13968917359.jpg - (107.80KB , 580x601 , cache_934757674.jpg )


Indeed. There has never been a civilization so intent on cultural suicide as the nations of Western Europe and the English speaking world; we do not merely accept the gradual murder of our traditions and way of life, we joyously celebrate it as a noble thing.

Unfortunately, Vlad is right.

Historian 14/04/07(Mon)21:49 No. 14254

Youtube  >>14253
Do you really think that the people who ruled the world a 100 years ago all of a sudden developed extreme self hatred is a coincident? for me it seems oblivious that there is a sinister conspiracy against the European people going in.

The international bankers want to create an EU superstate and they know that they need to destroy each sovereign nation from within before that become an opportunity.

@14253 anon 14/04/08(Tue)06:18 No. 14255

if western civ collapses, so will the rest. without the stability of the english speaking world, the rest of the world is destined for the 2nd dark ages.

or if that isnt blunt enough.
simply put. we will bury you.

>14255 anonomous 14/04/08(Tue)06:34 No. 14256

Exactly anon. check out the documentary, "The World Without US" its a real eye opener.

Historian 14/04/08(Tue)08:07 No. 14257

If there's one statement that's guaranteed to never be true, it's

>Vlad is right

Historian 14/04/20(Sun)04:23 No. 14269

Know where I can watch it?

Cant find the full movie anywhere.

Or should I just read the book?

Historian 14/05/10(Sat)22:31 No. 14289

>>Look at how most non-Slavic citizens of Russia over the past decade have either left Russia

Non-Slavic Russians (Espec Muclims from Caucauses) have the highest birthrates. The Slavic Russian population is pretty much steady/slightly growing but not enough to outpace the Muslims.

Historian 14/05/14(Wed)00:40 No. 14296

lol. finnish pronunciation is very similar to japanese while swedish and friends are bit more like english. maybe this is why it may sound more garbled to 'outsiders'

Historian 14/05/14(Wed)02:17 No. 14297

>Slavic Russian population is pretty much steady/slightly growing
That's why there's more Russians living outside of Russia than in Russia.

Historian 15/04/03(Fri)03:32 No. 14565

Does anyone use this board?

Historian 15/04/05(Sun)09:38 No. 14566

7chan? No.

Everyone just sits in IRC instead of posting.

Historian 15/04/15(Wed)09:33 No. 14576

I do, because I refuse to use IRC, since it is not 1995 anymore and I don't like direct interpersonal communication.

I check in here once a month or so and see what three people have said since last time.

If this board were called Culture and History, it might get more attention, because most people are instantly put off by remembering their high school history class taught by their drooling ape of a football coach, and the thought of spending their free time on a board titled this is unthinkable.

But if it were called Culture and History, it'd probably be full of pop culture drivel that should really be on /b or /me instead.

So it remains a nice quiet, bookish corner here in the land of the 7 chins, and that's pretty nice.

Historian 15/06/13(Sat)06:08 No. 14645

File 143416849254.png - (68.96KB , 1283x616 , modernrome.png )

Historian 15/06/13(Sat)11:09 No. 14646

File 143418656025.png - (703.54KB , 720x1280 , 911 100%.png )

I hate these sort of 'science is fuun!!!' posts that overuse swears to try and add punch. It's interesting on its own merits, not cus some aspie tard sperged an infographic.

Read into the controversies around climate change's shit interpretations of data and forced political goals before throwing yourself wholesale on the altar of 'science'. Faggot.

Historian 15/06/18(Thu)14:11 No. 14655

File 143462946590.png - (209.16KB , 800x1080 , WhichMakesMoreSense.png )

>Read into the controversies
Why do climate change denialists always harp on controversy but never actually stop and look at the people feeding them the information they're using to "debunk" the science?

You're relying on information provided by fossil fuel companies. You don't think that maybe they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo at any cost? Remember, this is the same group of people who didn't think twice about killing and maiming tens of thousands of US citizens (not to mention countless Iraqis) by getting Chimpy there to invade Iraq for its oil; Do you honestly think they give a crap about any kind of long term impact from their business activities?

Look at the phenomenal job they're doing covering up groundwater contamination from accidents, spills, and plain old normal operations. You don't think that maybe the meteoric rise in earthquakes around fracking sites is connected to their operations, do you? Not a peep from the conspiracy theorists on those, just Jade Helm and Climate Hoax full steam ahead.

Historian 15/06/18(Thu)22:17 No. 14656

>Do you honestly think they give a crap about any kind of long term impact from their business activities?
I believe it was the ESSO CEO who said it best, "We shouldn't belive or worry about climate change as it will not affect us in our lifetime." Now, this was said in the early 2000's so the prestanding research may be outdated but damn!

Historian 15/09/10(Thu)04:18 No. 14746

Denmark is the best Scandinavian country, because it hasn't been fucked over by the Muslims invading and shitting on the streets like they do in Sweden. If Sweden had any balls at all, they'd kick all the Muslim immigrants out to restore homogeneity.

Historian 15/10/12(Mon)23:07 No. 14777

>climate change denialists

So you can choose which set of thieving liars you want to be abused by.

The evil international petroleum industry or the evil global financial industry.

Purple or Green, dude.

Historian 15/12/18(Fri)16:09 No. 14820

Sweden? Don't you mean the Caliphate?

Historian 15/12/21(Mon)21:12 No. 14821

If you let the evil petrochemical industry have its way with your rectum, you're still going to get screwed by the evil financial industry. The latter is going to have its way with you no matter what you do, so it really just depends on how many people you want to violate your anus.

Historian 16/01/16(Sat)21:47 No. 14832

File 145297724628.jpg - (48.69KB , 711x533 , young Sadhu.jpg )

>id love to see one last country...

The motherfucking Sauds
vast parts of India

come to my mind

Thach 16/02/22(Mon)02:19 No. 14841

the escandiavians of the 21 centhury are pussys and homo-femen defenders, theyre can not do nothing useful or belic

Historian 16/05/15(Sun)17:03 No. 14857

File 146332462717.jpg - (291.27KB , 1344x904 , Swedish flag.jpg )

Dane here, a little late to the conversation.
Firstly, while the idea looks good on paper, it doesn't have a snowflake's chance in hell given the current socio-political climate of Scandinavia. That is to say, while your average Dane, Swede and Norwegian can get along just fine, our upper middle classes (the people who are needed to act of the 'glue' of such a union) would be at each others throats, and indeed already are to some degree. You've likely already seen examples of Swedish journalism and debate culture, and likely think it complete madness - so ask yourself if you would ever want to merge your country with people like that?

I will leave you with this small example of a moderate Danish/Swedish televised debate:


Historian 16/07/26(Tue)06:15 No. 14893

File 146950652216.jpg - (113.83KB , 768x800 , 1467886525340.jpg )

literally the only world this ever happens in is the one when london is nuked tomorrow.

Historian 16/07/26(Tue)06:18 No. 14894

File 146950673726.jpg - (273.48KB , 864x438 , 9240059_orig.jpg )

Can we stop with all these Polish-Lithuanian memes?

Historian 17/11/23(Thu)12:19 No. 15055



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