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/hi/ - History and Culture
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Romanian culture? Historian 18/08/02(Thu)01:56 No. 15091

File 153316776355.jpg - (65.50KB , 620x300 , calusarii.jpg )

Any thoughts on romanian culture, /hi/?

Asking out of curiosity

Historian 18/09/01(Sat)23:01 No. 15094

Dated a girl from there so that's the only reference I have. She was alot younger than me (26 & 18). It seems she was more traditional in some ways (like cooking for me and stuff, which I never asked for) but alot more liberal in other ways (totally open sexually and dtf). It was an interesting dichotomy. She also talked about marriage alot... which scared me off.

Historian 18/10/19(Fri)08:30 No. 15105

I nearly got kidnapped by a Romanian biker guy once.

Historian 18/11/24(Sat)15:27 No. 15110

>Romanian culture
what is that? can i eat it?

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