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same ol' by Teffen - 07/11/09 @ 06:48 AM CEST

Expect a lot of changes as we get back 100%. Note that some things may be broken at the moment.
Update: A few video embeds are being tested, they may or may not work. (Hulu is borked atm)

Alrighty then by Sazpaimon - 07/11/09 @ 03:49 AM CEST

I've readded most of the old boards (all of the SFW, most of the NSFW). I'll start making backups once content starts filling up again.

whats a happen by Sazpaimon - 06/30/09 @ 01:51 AM CEST

It seems bad luck follows 7chan wherever it goes. I figure I at least owe you an explanation.

Ecatel, our old hosts, out of nowhere, deleted our account. No explanation at all. No idea why it happened, it just did.

"Alright", I says to myself, "I'll just get a new server and load up the backup on that." I had just moved, so I had to re-connect the external hard drive I use for the backup. I plug it all in, and, knowing our luck, the drive doesn't work. It's dead, most likely a mechanical error not worth the money to fix. So we have nothing. Again. Isn't that absolutely Grand?

At any rate, we have our new server, for how long I don't know, but if we lose this one, rest assured I've made a much more secure form of backups that will make sure we never lose our precious content ever again (knock on wood).

Stay tuned for boards being re-added.

UPDATE: Someone was kind enough to convert google's cache of 7chan to an sql file that I was able to restore. I *may* be able to restore some images as well. I'm keeping the boards locked for a couple days while I try to salvage what I can.

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