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Another new /777/ by ponbiki - 03/02/14 @ 02:56 AM CET

The Olympics have past, and it's time for a fresh /777/.

The new theme is "Asshole." Be the absolute worst human being you can to your fellow man. Tell us about the shittiest thing you've ever done to another person. Just be a complete and utter douchebag!

Happy Holidays by ponbiki - 12/25/13 @ 10:08 AM CET

Happy Holidays from all the bastards at 7chan!
We're glad you spent another year with us, and you can look forward to another year of us oppressing and mocking you, as well as huge new changes and additions to the site (that can also be read as "none").

New /777/ - /i/ by Found - 04/01/13 @ 08:13 PM CEST

Ever since we decided to do our /777/ trials one board has been requested over and over again. So now, after constant bitching and annoying emails we've decided we're going to bring /i/ - Raid back to 7Chan as a trial board. So, feel free to discuss all your favourite pest control tactics here, and share tips with your fellow 7Channers. Suggest more /777/s in the /7ch/ thread.

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