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7Chan's Christmas Spirit/Wildcard Update by Found - 12/01/12 @ 12:36 AM CET

So, /vroom/ was a failure and didn't get enough posts/unique posters to become a board which means it's time for a new /777/. This month's /777/? Do you even need to ask, c'mon, it's obviously going to be... /Christmas/ - All The Things I Hate About Humanity.
Okay, as you've probably guessed, this /777/ is purely a seasonal board and wont ever become an actual board, I dropped the ball with Halloween and made /grim/ too soon, so this is my way of making up for that clusterfuck.
Use it as you see fit, rant and moan about how much you hate Christmas because it's like, totally just a corporate sham, maaaan, post Christmas porn, post Christmas gift ideas for *Channers, and so on.
Global Rules apply, but apart from that it's pretty much limitless, so Go Wild.
Use this thread to post future/better/more /777/ ideas

We now have 3 new Style options, Obsidian, Grasschan and Sakura. All courtesy of isildur4.

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