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Holy shit what am I looking at by Sazpaimon - 12/13/11 @ 11:47 PM CET

So yeah, in case you didn't know, we've switched to a new frontpage design, thanks to some mockups from our homies at /co/. We will also be rolling out similar design tweaks on the main board view in the near future, though probably not as drastic a change as you see here.

Now, some points:

WHY ARE THERE DICKS AND TITS IN MY RECENT IMAGES You can fix this by simply rolling up the Porn section on the board list. Recent posts/images only shows content from sections you have opted to see.
WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FRAME? 7chan.org/frames.php. This will save your preference so the frame will show every time you go to the main page again. To make it go away again, just click the "Remove Frame" link in the sidebar.
SHIT'S BROKEN/NOT SEEING SHIT Clear your cache before reporting it in /7ch/
SHIT SUCKS Complain at /7ch/

Captcha by N3X15 - 11/22/11 @ 08:11 AM CET

Most of you may notice that captcha has been appearing on all boards for a few hours (or days) and then vanishing. I'd like to clarify what's going on so there's no confusion (especially since half of you never go to /7ch/, which you should if you have any questions).
First of all, 7chan is not going to permanently globally enable reCaptcha. However, some individual boards with a high propensity for spam, such as /fag/, have had captcha enabled for now.
In addition, we've recently added a feature to our software to allow us to globally enable captcha on all boards for a period of time for any reason. Captcha has been enabled over the past few months repeatedly, as the other chan is rather unstable and keeps going offline. When that happens, we get flooded with all kinds of riff-raff who proceed to whine about our standards or shit all over the boards. Since half of us are off playing Skyrim or Saints Row the Third at any point in time, we've enabled captcha to slow the boardshitting to a pace we can handle.
Hopefully this will clear things up for you all.

Rapidshare Tracker by N3X15 - 11/08/11 @ 10:06 AM CET

Some of you may have remembered our /rs/ board, which tracked all filesharing links posted on 7chan.
Well, it's back, with some backend improvements, feature additions, and security fixes. /rs/ is still a bit of a work in progress, as we have to update some of the sites and add some things, but it appears to be usable now.

Oekaki Board Re-Opened by N3X15 - 10/29/11 @ 03:04 PM CEST

We've just fixed our Oekaki support, so /gfx/ has been turned into an oekaki. We'll be making CSS tweaks and fixes over time (such as allowing non-oekaki image uploads in an oekaki board).
For those of you who were born yesterday, an Oekaki is MS-paint for your browser. Click on paint, draw a picture, and click on upload to show your shitty doodles to the world.

Welp by Sazpaimon - 10/01/11 @ 08:18 AM CEST

Sorry for the downtime, a kernel upgrade on the server didn't go as planned, and as usual it takes support 10 hours to reply to my emails to boot the server into a recovery mode to fix it. As of now we're back in action, though.

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