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Poe 11/05/28(Sat)13:23 No. 1096

File 130658181179.jpg - (19.28KB , 449x393 , 1279272676931.jpg )

Why doesn't it work ?

Poe 11/05/28(Sat)13:24 No. 1097

>Looking up 7chan.org
>Connecting to 7chan.org [] port 6667
>Unable to connect server 7chan.org port 6667

Poe 11/05/29(Sun)19:26 No. 1100

it's 7chan, 7chan or 7chan, nigger.

Poe 11/05/29(Sun)19:31 No. 1101

oh i see....

Poe 11/06/03(Fri)10:52 No. 1116

File 130709114275.jpg - (232.92KB , 907x1024 , 1279272657676.jpg )

bump :(

ignore this 11/07/01(Fri)21:02 No. 1202

Facepalm with the force of seven thousand suns, oh look at that palm, it's still going and going, oh dog it's going past China where the Chinamen live on mountaintops and eat with sticks, now it's going over Japan, it's stopping at a sushi bar for a rest, oh no and there it goes again, now my palm is stretching over the Pacific ocean, sixty five separate islands saw it flying overhead and now their tribes worship the Flying Palm god, now here my palm is, it's soaring down San Francisco, bitch slapping all the gays on its way, now it's rocketing through the great plains where the buffalo roam, now my palm has reached St. Louis, 10/10 flythrough STRAIGHT through the St. Louis arch, the crowd goes wild, now it's reached New York City, it PUNCHES THROUGH THE GODDAMN CHRYSLER BUILDING, IT KNOCKS DOWN THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE, THOUSANDS ARE DEAD AND MORE ARE INJURED, THE NATION IS TRAUMATIZED.jpg

Poe 13/02/16(Sat)04:04 No. 2218

File 136098385715.jpg - (68.96KB , 640x480 , 518.jpg )

my kitz

Poe 13/02/16(Sat)04:06 No. 2219

File 136098398669.jpg - (485.35KB , 960x1280 , 048.jpg )


Poe 13/02/16(Sat)04:09 No. 2221

File 136098414070.jpg - (153.72KB , 1280x960 , 321.jpg )


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