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Question Poe 12/06/05(Tue)07:42 No. 1969

File 133887493112.jpg - (12.71KB , 429x601 , confused1.jpg )

Would a ban of a post be seen immediately our would it take time to be noticed due to mods judging its "quality" or whatnot?


[hmcd]✡✈▋▋!TJ6ZJp8Bvk 12/06/05(Tue)09:09 No. 1970

File 133888018810.gif - (13.99KB , 200x184 , tf2.gif )

i'll just leave this here

Poe 12/06/05(Tue)19:51 No. 1971

Guess that was obvious

Toot 12/06/21(Thu)20:43 No. 1988

... I don't get it

Mobile files Poe 12/06/30(Sat)04:01 No. 1998

Question thread?
Well if it wouldn't be too much trouble I'd like to ask if there would be any way to post pics on the threads from your mobile site so to speak. Would that be a possible feature down the road or is it such a small concern that it's not worth bothering with. I'd make a new thread for it but, you know, mobile.

ice!.RAPE.curg 12/06/30(Sat)14:53 No. 1999

there is no mobile site. use a browser that supports upload.

Poe ## Admin ## 12/06/30(Sat)18:20 No. 2000

A mobile site is being worked on.

Poe 12/09/15(Sat)21:20 No. 2064

Oooooo, where can I αlpha/βeta it?

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