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properties for rent Michael Ding 17/06/02(Fri)14:57 No. 2516

File 149640823755.jpg - (172.60KB , 640x480 , P9090076.jpg )

Yongfu Rd Two Floor Duplex RMB32000 per month

RMB32000 per month includes the rental tax, management fee in a quiet lane at Yongfulu close to Ambassy Court Clubhouse, Yplus Yoga, Ferguson Lane, subway 10, 7, 1

165m2, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, radiators, ground floor with floor heating, wooden floor, tree view, high ceiling, partially furnished, WIFI, satellite TV.

We specializing in old style creative home and commercial spaces in Old French Concession since 2002.

Email: michaelding@reddragonproperty.com
Agent Michael Ding 1391 658 4035
website: www.reddragonproperty.com

If you don’t want to receive any of these housing listing, please let us know, we will take off from our email listing, very appreciate.

I am Michael Ding from Red Dragon Property, we has worked for expats property rental & sale since July 2000.

We focus on to sale expats property owners to sale their properties in Shanghai since 2012.

We would like to get exclusivity to sale your property in Shanghai if you are about to decide sale properties in Shanghai.

What we offer to expats owners to make the sale much more easy and professional with maximum sale prices with sale deals.

1. List the property to all Shanghai agencies to find potential buyers as much as possible.
2. Prepare all documents : Letter of Intent, official sale contracts in Chinese and English.
3. Assist to tax payments to landcenter tax office and title transfer procedures (Or Seller can give agent POA to agent to do complete sale procedures without spending too much time on this boring work).
4. Be the representative to do handover for Seller and to do utilities transfer to buyer name.(if need)
5  To assist seller to apply to transfer funds to overseas from Shanghai.(if need)

Expats who owns their Shanghai property under Hongkong company or Virgin Ireland are complicated, but we have experiences to sale the property based on China property law.

Michael Ding

Red Dragon Property

No 289, Fuxing West Road,
Xuhui district, Shanghai, P.R.China

Mobile: 1391 658 4035
Wechat: yogismichaelding
Phone: 021-6431-0757
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