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Cob home general thread Modern Mom 13/03/16(Sat)20:55 No. 1065 ID: f32f24 [Reply]

File 136346374788.jpg - (51.12KB , 384x269 , cob home.jpg )

Serp /jew/. I need ideas today.

I'm wanting to build a cob house somehow, preferably outside of the U.S. in a country such as Wales, Canada or the like (basically somewhere forested with good hills, mountains and rivers). Ideally I'd like to start an eco-village, but let's stick with the former for now.

How might I go about doing this? Currently I'm working two jobs (both minimum wage, I'm afraid) in order to pay my current living expenses and save up whatever little I can. I may be attending community college soon to work toward an Associates degree, but I'm not convinced college alone can help me achieve this, as I think I'd be getting myself farther in debt than necessary or even practical in this current economy. Basically, I don't want to become a debt slave after I earn my Associates if I can avoid it. I've also been considering focusing on a specific trade for awhile before transferring to a bigger university first in the hopes of being that much better off.

How might I be able to earn up enough credit (and whatever else might be necessary) to buy arable land in another country to do this? Ideally I'd like to go completely off-grid, but that requires me owning land and a home (desiring cob design in my case) first.

I guess I'm looking for a few basic answers and general insight. My questions are:

>Is college (for either Associates or Bachelors degrees) really necessary to get my feet off the ground?
>Would it be worth my time instead to focus on an immediate trade (probably something like railroading, welding, carpentry or forestry)?
>What are the stipends outside of the U.S. for buying land? I'd like to shoot for Wales if at all possible.
>What are the regulations for cob home design?
>Any further thoughts or ideas?
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Modern Mom 14/06/02(Mon)23:13 No. 2112 ID: 927aa4

Canada is expensive. Any cheap land will be complete shit, up North somewhere cold as hell with tons of bugs and no civilization in walking distance.

I'd try looking into South American countries.

Modern Mom 14/06/03(Tue)02:41 No. 2113 ID: a9a501

This is true. The extreme weather in both seasons makes it very hard to have a shelter as it'll be freezing cold in winter yet in summer it'll be extremely hot. Land is very expensive

Modern Mom 14/12/24(Wed)01:13 No. 2510 ID: 76aa97

Free fruit if you live up north.
Urban cities like middle class America. Everything in between. Relatively easy to immigrate. (even criminals can slip in.)

Knowledge+is+power. 13/09/01(Sun)15:57 No. 1591 ID: cb9fa8 [Reply]

File 137804386711.jpg - (1.37MB , 2560x1440 , df.jpg )

How do you plan to keep the company of women when you are older and still poor?

I'm not trying to mock anyone. I just can't get over the despair myself. What are you doing to avert the crisis?

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Modern Mom 13/10/09(Wed)18:26 No. 1673 ID: 00e547

File 138133598639.jpg - (69.52KB , 800x600 , Sunset.jpg )

faggot do you even print scrn

Modern Mom 13/10/12(Sat)06:21 No. 1688 ID: 751651

Be really really good looking.

Modern Mom 14/09/07(Sun)00:49 No. 2303 ID: ad6abf

grindr buttsecks

Modern Mom 14/05/17(Sat)00:46 No. 2095 ID: 8256d5 [Reply]

File 140028037097.jpg - (35.53KB , 296x318 , vending-machine-foar296[1].jpg )

Vending machines.


Could it be a viable option for us here in the west?
My guess is the biggest risk is vandalism and theft.

Modern Mom 14/05/18(Sun)12:36 No. 2097 ID: 9258b5


Depends on the vending machine type, population age-density and your base costs.

If you can't get a small area, then your transportation costs, time to count and the like are extremely high.

Modern Mom 14/09/26(Fri)00:14 No. 2339 ID: c9142f [Reply]

File 141168328746.png - (7.60KB , 178x69 , logo.png )

Advanced Shoplifting - Anti-anti-theft edition

Featured Security Systems:
Alarmed boxes
Spider Wraps
Pillars(sometimes called towers)
Hard Locks
Various RFID tags

5 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 14/09/26(Fri)17:31 No. 2349 ID: 58984d

first of all you are scum

second of all, its easier to find shit the lowly paid clerks just said fuck it- and didnt put security wraps on. Or did it improperly, too loose etc.

>>2340 for example,didnt buy the add on magnet you can stick to the bottom of it. Some might include that by default I dont know.

Also, businesses are cheap, alot of times the batteries die on these things, they wont beep etc, look to see how old the equipment is. Ive had these things just fall apart in my hands from casual use.

these are easily unlucked, all you would need is a simple tool that could insert behind it and twist the simple latch on the back of it

Also, the towers at the front door make different pitched sounds. If you walk in with some neodymium magnet, it will make a different sound from if you carried some security device through it.

Modern Mom 14/09/28(Sun)01:09 No. 2355 ID: 17b5c3


Modern Mom 14/09/30(Tue)00:21 No. 2361 ID: 9491a9

File 141202930635.jpg - (15.11KB , 250x250 , security-tags-250x250.jpg )

These are bog standard security tags for clothes, there's 100's of different types and they all function the same.

Grab the pin and spin the body. With a little pressure separating the two it'll pop off in under a minute.

Modern Mom 14/08/10(Sun)21:34 No. 2250 ID: 56d89d [Reply]

File 140769929636.gif - (1.09MB , 200x199 , 1407681708307.gif )

Ok, I have a bit of an unusual problem.

My grandmother died a year ago and left behind a fuckload of shitty furniture. I want to help my parents sell it because they effectively became poorfags sponsoring my education.

Now, this would usually be no problem except the fact that they live in a shitty 2nd world Eastern European country, and in a small(15k residents) town no less. A garage sale, or a Craigslist ad or really anything of the sort is not an option here.

So what the fuck do I do? I doubt that anyone here has experience with this kind of issue, so maybe just help me brainstrom one up? I really want to help my old folks, but can't do so financially because of being stuck in the post-bachelors limbo.

Modern Mom 14/08/10(Sun)21:40 No. 2251 ID: 9c87c5

Post an ad at some public place, like they did in the old days.

Then you can bring the furniture around in your horse-drawn carriage you gypsy fuck.

Modern Mom 14/09/06(Sat)10:14 No. 2302 ID: a35ed1

1. Ebay the items individually.
2. List as Euro Vintage.
3. ?????.
4. Profit.

Modern Mom 14/07/27(Sun)18:45 No. 2211 ID: 2547a2 [Reply]

File 140647951527.jpg - (391.90KB , 2502x3203 , 1405880725486.jpg )

Okay, so I have a question and since it relates to making money, I thought I'd post it here. Obviously mods are welcome to tell me to GTFO if I'm wrong.

Anyway. I take digital notes of every book I read. This helps me remember the material and pace myself so that I maintain satisfactory retention. It also helps to go over the notes if I need to, use them as reference material, etc.

This gave me an idea of running a blog/website where I'd post short summaries of the books I read. I mostly read non-fiction such as textbooks, essays and scientific papers. Hence, I thought this service would be valuable to students who either are unwilling to get the textbook or need to access the most important parts of the material quickly.

Would this work? Is it permissible in terms of copyright? Would you use this kind of service?

Obviously, all the material will be free and I'll make money from ads and paid link shorteners.

Modern Mom 14/07/31(Thu)08:10 No. 2215 ID: 3e2241

Sounds kind of like cliffnotes or goodreads, is it like that?

Modern Mom 14/07/31(Thu)12:02 No. 2216 ID: 2547a2

I think it's more like Cliffnotes. Also probably a bit more specialised, since Cliffnotes seems to also have fiction.

Modern Mom 15/01/13(Tue)04:12 No. 2520 ID: 2b40a5 [Reply]

File 142111875279.jpg - (161.07KB , 1000x1000 , cu.jpg )

I hear there's good money to be found in copper. How can it obtained and more importantly, how can you get money for it.
I was thinking of just getting all the free televisions and shit from CL and scavenging them for metals, is this viable?

Modern Mom 15/01/21(Wed)12:17 No. 2522 ID: ab9f96

Most people just steal it. Powerlines or communication lines usually a lot of copper.

Old factories. Most places that have copper are well protected. Scrapyards make a lot of money from it too but if you get caught trying to steal it they'll break your legs.

Modern Mom 15/02/20(Fri)21:01 No. 2539 ID: 0b7694

youll get about 1-3$ worth of copper per tv and each will take about 10 minutes to process, granted you have all the tools on hand

are you gonna dissassemble the tvs in the middle of the street or take them home? if you do it in the street, do you have the social skills not to not give a fuck about people watching you tweak out in the middle of the road? if you take them home what are you going to do with all the big glass CRT screens. theyre filled with lead and considered toxic waste.

also if the tv has been plugged in recently youre at risk for shock.

go make friends with a tweaker and he'll show you plenty of places to STEAL copper

Modern Mom 13/07/18(Thu)02:49 No. 1497 ID: fc36d7 [Reply]

File 137410857423.jpg - (9.13KB , 327x240 , 1373380141024.jpg )

Welp, I've been playing music on the street for cash for about a year now, The first spot I was playing got stolen I guess you could say, by some jerk off's who just showed up with a fucking band.

The past month I was playing with in a city.

A cop stopped me today and told me that the state I live in doesn't allow people to "solicit". I guess having a tip jar is the such.

I'm stuck dunno what to do.

I'm trying to scope out places but every where else in my town is basically city owned. Or company owned.

Are there any companies that just let people play a flopping guitar outside there store? Why are people so stingy toward's the idea.

I've heard people say that "People that do that make 400 dollar's a day" Witch is total fucking bs.

I dunno. Just no fucking clue what to do.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Modern Mom 14/10/12(Sun)06:40 No. 2380 ID: 02f297

They take cash and valuables from out-of-staters, minorities, or other people they decide they can probably fuck over with minimal consequences. The line-of-battle police and military are generally poorly raised (jewish media) and universally poorly trained (lol low-class meatshield). Basically they can narrowly function as an adult in the capacity that society absolutely requires them to, most of the time, but if they have to make a single decision and act on their own, it is a certainty that they will catastrophically fuck everything completely apart from a moral state-of-mind.

So we a cop who has only written speeding tickets and settled domestic trouble so far, grew up making specific judgements about spics, nigs, goth-kids, etc., has an ugly whore wife that cheats on him, and in general is extremely confused by the lands outside of his home state, and is utterly tripped out by anything that's not from US, mexico, or canada. Actually this could be an accurate description of no less than 95% of sworn officers of the law.

So this guy
This guy
Is essentially
and could be ANYWHERE in the cycle of rage caused by the above any time you see him.

keep that in mind when dealing with the police

Modern Mom 14/10/16(Thu)09:11 No. 2385 ID: 58984d

A police officer on a bicycle pulled me over when I was a kid.

He gave me and my brothers vouchers for free ice cream because we were wearing our safety helmets while out biking.

Police have one goal and that's to enforce the law. Make them regret that goal. Find out what the fine for soliciting is.

I imagine there are first time and second time offense fines... don't carry an ID. Pretend to be homeless or extremely poor, talk in a confused and meandering manner. An endless manner. Also theres a reason most bums just use a guitar case, its implied but not illegal. Know the law better than the cops do, if you dispiute them on the spot and shake their confidence (and seem intelligent about it) you could avoid it. Remember that you can go to court over any fine and contest it, do these kinds of cases hold up in court? A cop wont fuck you if they know charges will just be dropped.

Modern Mom 14/10/16(Thu)09:15 No. 2386 ID: 58984d

also how badass are the cops in your town, you really dont want to be arrested and have your instrument impounded. If they threaten that then get the fuck out..

Good luck breaking minor laws no one really cares about.

Apartments Rick 14/06/08(Sun)05:04 No. 2118 ID: 8c4b00 [Reply]

File 140219667989.jpg - (97.06KB , 550x440 , image.jpg )

Is living in an apartment worth it? I am going to college close to home and currently living there. However I am getting a degree in a job that's not too generous in pay but I still enjoy it and can do it from home. I don't really need a huge house, only video games and a little something for recreation. But since I usually keep to myself, am not messy, and am quiet then would you reccomend living in an apartment? They are cheap and seem to be nice, but if anyone has lived in one, would you reccomend it?

Modern Mom 14/06/08(Sun)06:17 No. 2119 ID: a9a501

They are usually pretty expensive except for shithole ones in the hood. You'll probably have some room mates to help cut down the cost and it will suck because they will take your shit or do other annoying things.

I'd live at home as long as possible although the freedom is good of living on your own too

Modern Mom 14/06/08(Sun)16:38 No. 2120 ID: 872369

Rent is the biggest single expense for poor fucks like me

Modern Mom 14/06/09(Mon)09:09 No. 2121 ID: a0c6c4

If you can live at home, then you should live at home. There's no reason to move out unless you need to move to a different locale, have money to burn, or you're starting your own family.

Modern Mom 13/01/19(Sat)15:15 No. 793 ID: 67474e [Reply]

File 135860491728.png - (131.10KB , 715x635 , 1334057855831.png )

Going to donate jizz for money. Quite good money, actually.

One problem. I have to meet the kid in 18 years if they want to.

Still worth it? What are the general risks of doing this?

Would really appreciate some advice here.

28 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 14/08/10(Sun)06:11 No. 2249 ID: 746fa0

damn thats rough

Modern Mom 14/08/18(Mon)04:10 No. 2268 ID: aac305

yeah, would rather have the NHS though..

Modern Mom 15/09/03(Thu)13:12 No. 2666 ID: 10f5f9

how will they know?

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