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Modern Mom 14/04/27(Sun)05:29 No. 2066 ID: 4e656e [Reply]

File 139856935571.jpg - (32.60KB , 700x560 , GangerMoney.jpg )

Why would one desire cash over a check?


sage sage 14/05/07(Wed)20:20 No. 2079 ID: 9c1726

this is not even /b/ material

fano 13/11/05(Tue)13:10 No. 1731 ID: a431ba [Reply]

File 13836534274.png - (194.91KB , 2004x4064 , Toplel.png )

Modern Mom 14/05/13(Tue)02:28 No. 2089 ID: 9cf085

ah dun get it

Modern Mom 14/05/15(Thu)19:13 No. 2092 ID: 28e7fc

It's pretty obvious it's a picture of his sex life.

Modern Mom 15/01/13(Tue)04:12 No. 2520 ID: 2b40a5 [Reply]

File 142111875279.jpg - (161.07KB , 1000x1000 , cu.jpg )

I hear there's good money to be found in copper. How can it obtained and more importantly, how can you get money for it.
I was thinking of just getting all the free televisions and shit from CL and scavenging them for metals, is this viable?

Modern Mom 15/01/21(Wed)12:17 No. 2522 ID: ab9f96

Most people just steal it. Powerlines or communication lines usually a lot of copper.

Old factories. Most places that have copper are well protected. Scrapyards make a lot of money from it too but if you get caught trying to steal it they'll break your legs.

Modern Mom 15/02/20(Fri)21:01 No. 2539 ID: 0b7694

youll get about 1-3$ worth of copper per tv and each will take about 10 minutes to process, granted you have all the tools on hand

are you gonna dissassemble the tvs in the middle of the street or take them home? if you do it in the street, do you have the social skills not to not give a fuck about people watching you tweak out in the middle of the road? if you take them home what are you going to do with all the big glass CRT screens. theyre filled with lead and considered toxic waste.

also if the tv has been plugged in recently youre at risk for shock.

go make friends with a tweaker and he'll show you plenty of places to STEAL copper

Modern Mom 13/07/18(Thu)02:49 No. 1497 ID: fc36d7 [Reply]

File 137410857423.jpg - (9.13KB , 327x240 , 1373380141024.jpg )

Welp, I've been playing music on the street for cash for about a year now, The first spot I was playing got stolen I guess you could say, by some jerk off's who just showed up with a fucking band.

The past month I was playing with in a city.

A cop stopped me today and told me that the state I live in doesn't allow people to "solicit". I guess having a tip jar is the such.

I'm stuck dunno what to do.

I'm trying to scope out places but every where else in my town is basically city owned. Or company owned.

Are there any companies that just let people play a flopping guitar outside there store? Why are people so stingy toward's the idea.

I've heard people say that "People that do that make 400 dollar's a day" Witch is total fucking bs.

I dunno. Just no fucking clue what to do.
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Modern Mom 14/10/12(Sun)06:40 No. 2380 ID: 02f297

They take cash and valuables from out-of-staters, minorities, or other people they decide they can probably fuck over with minimal consequences. The line-of-battle police and military are generally poorly raised (jewish media) and universally poorly trained (lol low-class meatshield). Basically they can narrowly function as an adult in the capacity that society absolutely requires them to, most of the time, but if they have to make a single decision and act on their own, it is a certainty that they will catastrophically fuck everything completely apart from a moral state-of-mind.

So we a cop who has only written speeding tickets and settled domestic trouble so far, grew up making specific judgements about spics, nigs, goth-kids, etc., has an ugly whore wife that cheats on him, and in general is extremely confused by the lands outside of his home state, and is utterly tripped out by anything that's not from US, mexico, or canada. Actually this could be an accurate description of no less than 95% of sworn officers of the law.

So this guy
This guy
Is essentially
and could be ANYWHERE in the cycle of rage caused by the above any time you see him.

keep that in mind when dealing with the police

Modern Mom 14/10/16(Thu)09:11 No. 2385 ID: 58984d

A police officer on a bicycle pulled me over when I was a kid.

He gave me and my brothers vouchers for free ice cream because we were wearing our safety helmets while out biking.

Police have one goal and that's to enforce the law. Make them regret that goal. Find out what the fine for soliciting is.

I imagine there are first time and second time offense fines... don't carry an ID. Pretend to be homeless or extremely poor, talk in a confused and meandering manner. An endless manner. Also theres a reason most bums just use a guitar case, its implied but not illegal. Know the law better than the cops do, if you dispiute them on the spot and shake their confidence (and seem intelligent about it) you could avoid it. Remember that you can go to court over any fine and contest it, do these kinds of cases hold up in court? A cop wont fuck you if they know charges will just be dropped.

Modern Mom 14/10/16(Thu)09:15 No. 2386 ID: 58984d

also how badass are the cops in your town, you really dont want to be arrested and have your instrument impounded. If they threaten that then get the fuck out..

Good luck breaking minor laws no one really cares about.

Modern Mom 13/01/19(Sat)15:15 No. 793 ID: 67474e [Reply]

File 135860491728.png - (131.10KB , 715x635 , 1334057855831.png )

Going to donate jizz for money. Quite good money, actually.

One problem. I have to meet the kid in 18 years if they want to.

Still worth it? What are the general risks of doing this?

Would really appreciate some advice here.

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Modern Mom 14/08/10(Sun)06:11 No. 2249 ID: 746fa0

damn thats rough

Modern Mom 14/08/18(Mon)04:10 No. 2268 ID: aac305

yeah, would rather have the NHS though..

Modern Mom 15/09/03(Thu)13:12 No. 2666 ID: 10f5f9

how will they know?

Free Netflix Jason December 14/09/29(Mon)23:08 No. 2357 ID: 38b6f3 [Reply]

File 141202491619.png - (104.84KB , 1280x720 , netflix-logo__140509172739.png )

Steps for free netflix
1. make a new email
2. make a paypal account same email and password (so it wont get to confusing)
3. make netflix account, select paypal for the payment plan. (netflix gives a free month)
4. set a reminder in less than a month to cancel the service.

This gives you a free month


From Jason December

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 15/06/04(Thu)09:03 No. 2618 ID: afdd8e


Streaming is much preferred to torrents because it uses less space on your hard drive and its not illegal. Plus shows like the west wing are 7-8 seasons with hour episodes so it would take forever to download.

Modern Mom 15/08/09(Sun)01:29 No. 2643 ID: 7b1ebb

File 143907658665.png - (229.68KB , 738x728 , loled.png )


Modern Mom 15/09/03(Thu)13:05 No. 2665 ID: 10f5f9

or download popcorn time and stream

after a while netflix will log your IP and say sorry no more free trailin for u nigger

Modern Mom 14/07/04(Fri)07:36 No. 2154 ID: 1b02b6 [Reply]

File 140445218716.jpg - (179.27KB , 1600x1142 , 1400108349311.jpg )

I'm putting this in thrifty living because it would save me a lot of the problems caused by under-eating. I simply don't have the appetite others do.

What is the most calorie-dense food out there? Like preferably 500+ in just a tiny teaspoon of solid or liquid? Does any such thing exist?

I guess I would be saving money in the long run because then I don't suffer the consequences of under-eating.

Thank you.

21 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 15/08/14(Fri)04:11 No. 2647 ID: 9c70dd

Butter. Poeple on polar expeditions eat it for lunch. It contains 750 kilo-calories per 100g. If you melt 100g of butter you have a little less than half a glassfull. Close enough?

Modern Mom 15/08/29(Sat)01:24 No. 2661 ID: 418d7a

My experience with it has been the slightly higher priced "gold premium" tin in the tower shape mixes a bit better with water so you don't have to blend it.
Its a few dollars to make it much easier to stomach, although its really not that bad overall. Milk really amps the taste, along with adding fat and protein and sugar but it will up the overall price of each cup.
I say just use water. I've experimented with putting it in biscuits, oats, eggs, and other things and its does fairly well.

Modern Mom 15/08/29(Sat)01:32 No. 2662 ID: 418d7a

oats are fine, they are already cooked in most cases so its safe to eat them raw.
Fuck potatoes and corn meal though. You're better off spending money on anything else, what you're eating is basically sugar without the benefits of actual sugar. Veggies are best canned/frozen, they sell green beans in 7 pound tins at most meijer or bulk stores. I suggest getting frozen if you can't manage that, but remember that veggies are basically fiber plus water. You might be better off just getting metamucil, careful with the dose starting up as you'll be shitting 2 pounds a day.
People who live in the bush and consume mostly fiber don't get diseases like we in the west do, like cancer/diabetes. This is presumed to do with the fiber/sugar ratio, which is like 12:1 over there and the opposite over here.

I good thing to remember is that the only reason fruit is 'healthy' is the fiber in it that keeps the sugar from fucking your system. As for the vitamins and shit, I won't tell you to take a multi but fucking eat some goddamn spinach you cunt.

Modern Mom 15/01/21(Wed)20:24 No. 2523 ID: 5dd9ba [Reply]

File 14218682885.jpg - (386.38KB , 793x724 , Ach_Bernd!.jpg )

If you're the educated (BSC, MSC) and you have to work below your qualifications, post there

Msc, biologist, call center monkey. This job has turned me into alcoholic. No perpsectives for change either, job market is awful for STEM graduates, even PhD's.

Although I'm almost 30, I still live with my parents.

6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 15/02/23(Mon)01:08 No. 2552 ID: cd797b

File 14246501275.jpg - (92.81KB , 634x498 , article-2515703-19AF908200000578-663_634x498.jpg )

i'm a lawyer, but i'm crazy so i avoid the lawyer gigs, so i support myself from doing medical studies, a little bit of rent from some shacks i own, another investment i have, and dumpster diving. if i have to i could go get warehouse job, but for 10 years i havent had to.
photo: them apples.

Modern Mom 15/08/16(Sun)13:49 No. 2654 ID: a206fc

File 14397257581.jpg - (21.06KB , 250x166 , benefits.jpg )

Huh, $2,000 and half a year of trade school and after 7 years in the business I'm making enough for a good apartment in an ok area of town, a good used car, 401k and good health insurance while socking away money for a house some time down the road. Hell, first job out the gate I was pulling down a third more than minimum wage.

Never gonna be rich, but I can be comfortable.

Modern Mom 15/08/25(Tue)11:03 No. 2657 ID: f056bc

BSME, graduated May 2014.

Spent the last year and a half working for my folks on the farm, essentially for room and board.

Yesterday I got an offer for an engineering position. I'm going to send in my acceptance today.

The job sounds pretty sweet, but I find it a little strange they didn't even want to have an in-person/on-site interview.

Hang in there everyone.

Shoplifting is for niggers Modern Mom 15/07/26(Sun)22:55 No. 2635 ID: fec61c [Reply]

File 143794415461.jpg - (157.24KB , 631x662 , 1437633216895-x.jpg )

I'm kind of a truck driver. Got my licence from army while in conscription and now I'm driving fish to different stores around my country and it amazes me how many times I have walked right in to store from loading bay. The backdoors have been locked like handfull of times I have delivered stuff to small stores.

Take into account that I'm only talking about small stores. Big stores usually have doorcodes or something like that to prevent unwanted people from entering but smaller stores hardly have cameras. And when you go away from big cities the less people tend to lock their stores backdoors. Just 10 kilometers from the city and they might only have one camera looking at the trucks going in and out the loading bay and those you can easily spot. This opens up a easy acces to the stores storage which is usually unguarded because it's more important to have someone at the cashiers.

I just find it funny that nobody seems to use this trick for cheap food and rather get caught shoplifting because they steal from places where there are more watchful eyes present.

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