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Modern Mom 13/07/09(Tue)07:49 No. 1469 ID: 50f3b5

File 137334896832.jpg - (8.24KB , 259x194 , futon.jpg )

Does anybody use a Japanese style futon to save apartment space? I was thinking about doing this, but I know nothing about this foreign concept. How does one go about buying a Japanese futon, and how do you use the damn thing?

Chance Rivera 13/07/09(Tue)08:02 No. 1470 ID: a2021f

Futons have actually become fairly common in the states in recent years. You can order a Futon online or even go down to the local furniture store and ask around. Changing from a traditional Box Spring/Matress to a Futon is a big change so make sure and try them out to see if that's what you're really looking for.

If you have any back problems or like a firm mattress then I'd advise steering clear of Futons and perhaps try inflatable mattresses.

Modern Mom 13/07/09(Tue)12:11 No. 1477 ID: 2c20eb

Most Japanese residences have tatami rooms because the mats help provide cushioning. A futon on a hardwood floor might be uncomfortable. Though, when I lived in Japan, I didn't find futon too be all that comfortable regardless.

Modern Mom 13/08/07(Wed)08:11 No. 1553 ID: 01fd79

What type of matress you buy doesn't matter. Furniture layout matters. Futons only save room if you roll them out to sleep and then put them away during the day. May as well sleep on the couch at that rate. There are couches that pull out and futon daybeds that transform into shitty couches. You can put storage under your bed if your willing to do some work and can afford materials. Or have your bed on a platform above storage if the ceiling is high. A platform can be built out of pipes.

What the fuck kind of futon did you sleep on? They are pretty firm and flat. Inflatable mattresses are terrible for one's back. The air tends to disperse and the heaviest part of your body tends to sink. They also tend to form leaks.

Modern Mom 13/08/09(Fri)17:26 No. 1556 ID: a2c479


I lived in Japan too for a while. The futon mats in the dorm were laid on top of a wooden bedframe. Some students found it uncomfortable and bought another futon to pile on top of the other, but I was fine with it. Maybe that's also an option.

Modern Mom 13/08/24(Sat)12:03 No. 1582 ID: 91e813

I think you'd really have to have more than the mat to save space. You'd have to change your lifestyle, and have the proper storage for mat anyway.

Let me suggest this: http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/S39898308/#/S59874392

Basically it's a chair that folds down into a bed. So you don't need extra storage, you just put it into chair form and then it's actually serving a purpose as a chair but taking up less space.

Japanese futons look kind of glamorous, but I think if I got one I would realize I am a total slob that sleeps on the floor and has no bed to hide junk under any more. But if you can make the lifestyle change, it could work.

Also consider sex.

Anonymous. 13/08/30(Fri)18:52 No. 1588 ID: ce25f7

Haven't slept on the bed, I feel like some elevation of the ground would be nice to at least reduce chances of waking up next to a bug. But My bed is actually 10 milk crates, some pieces of cardboard, and a 40$ roll up mattress. if its space not money your trying to save, you can always use the crates as storage room.

Modern Mom 13/09/08(Sun)16:06 No. 1601 ID: 845492

If you're trying to save space get a platform bed like this one. It has 13 inches of storage space underneath. If you just slept on the floor that would be wasting space that could potential be used for something. http://www.amazon.com/Sleep-Master-Platform-Mattress-Foundation/dp/B006MIUM20/ref=sr_1_1/184-9959363-0638463?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1378645887&sr=1-1

Modern Mom 13/12/23(Mon)11:38 No. 1829 ID: 034444

I just moved into an efficiency apartment.
It's nice.
I don't have a bed, I have 3-4 afghan-thick blankets folded neatly in a rectangle in the corner, and I sleep in a sleeping bag on top of that.

Shit's surprisingly comfortable and my back feels way better these days.

Modern Mom 14/01/05(Sun)15:14 No. 1838 ID: f68c23

Quick FYI, a great way to get mouldy carpet/unusable mattress is to simply buy a mattress without a base and sleep with it directly on the floor. Don't do this unless you hate your landlords or unless you have the means to clean it and throw out the mattress.

I'm assuming these futon things have to be aerated after every night.

Modern Mom 14/01/05(Sun)20:31 No. 1839 ID: 6f6b8e

Find a good comfortable cot. It at least elevates you from the floor in case you have an issue with creepy crawlies like scorpions, spiders, and snakes.

Modern Mom 14/01/15(Wed)17:35 No. 1854 ID: 0950ae

I just have mine on a little wooden frame, that works fine. Before I had it on the ground and didn't have any negative side effects, that was only for about 4 months though, so it might get bad if it was on the ground for a few years or something.
Was fine after 4 months though...

Modern Mom 14/01/16(Thu)00:20 No. 1855 ID: 67f7e0

Don't forget that when you have a bed frame, you get storage space under that bed. Also, don't get an inflatable if you plan on setting it up often, those things take a while to inflate.

sleeping low to the ground Anonymous 14/01/31(Fri)14:02 No. 1883 ID: d19d2f

Due to a bed bug infestation in the apartment my wife and I started renting last year, we had to find a way to keep them off us. For under $200 all said we built a cedar platform that elevates us about 4 inches off the floor and set the posts of the frame in tin cans filled with tea tree oil to keep the bugs off. It was built in two 40X80 sections. Adjacent, they make a king size, separate they make two twins. Topped with a 4" memory foam pad and we are very happy and bed bug free for the rest of the year.

Modern Mom 14/01/31(Fri)18:25 No. 1884 ID: cf266c

File 139118911560.jpg - (101.02KB , 1095x821 , malinalco_hammock.jpg )

What about hammocks? Okay, so I've never really slept on one myself, but I think they would be cheap, space efficient, and generally just an interesting deviation from the normal sleeping surface. It seems like you'd really only have that and a blanket and pillow, so maybe that would make washing it a lot easier (assuming you're supposed to wash hammocks?) Also, of course, no creepy crawlies from your elevation.
The curving probably would ensue back problems for some, but if you had enough space you could spread it out.

I think they could be cool to have anyways, though I might be romanticizing the idea.

Modern Mom 14/04/27(Sun)03:44 No. 2065 ID: 6db86a

I bought a futon style five inch from from tuft and needle. It's great ;D

Modern Mom 14/05/08(Thu)01:19 No. 2080 ID: 896938

i just sleep on the floor with a blanket. i have done this for years and dont see the problem

Modern Mom 14/05/08(Thu)18:45 No. 2081 ID: eff725

No, I sleep in a hammock actually. I installed a rope and a hammock that hangs off of the ceiling. This leaves plenty of space on the ground-level of my room allowing me to have a place for my piano.

Modern Mom 14/05/09(Fri)03:19 No. 2082 ID: 9abfef

you have no idea about the amount of spiders you swallowed in the past year

jesus christ

Modern Mom 14/05/14(Wed)23:03 No. 2091 ID: bc54d6

File 140010138790.jpg - (274.96KB , 1600x1200 , Yo[1].jpg )

Oh look at me it's the first informative post in this goddamn thread.

OP, Japanese (and Koreans) use floor mattresses like these, and what they do is they have a separate closet and keep them folded inside when they're not sleeping on them.

So in the morning you'd wake up, make your bed, fold it up and put it in the closet, and then go about your business.

Korean ěš” posted for example.

Modern Mom 14/05/19(Mon)13:36 No. 2098 ID: 99f5bf

Ive been sleeping on just a futon laid on the floor for about a year, it used to have a cheap bedframe (bought together from walmart) but I got really drunk once and ended up throwing the frame out on a whim. Turns out that it feels WAY better for my back to just lie flat on the floor, soft deep beds hurt me.

To be honest, I have less space now even though it has a 'minimal' look because I can't store things under it. This is sort of a drag but I'm too lazy to find a proper bed frame so I just deal with the space issues. I'm thinking of a way to hang it up on the wall or something when I'm not using it because things do tend to build up around it, dust/dirt/clothes/whatever and this is a pain.

Modern Mom 14/05/20(Tue)08:31 No. 2100 ID: 477fbb

Would you have sex on a chair that also serves as bed? I've heard they charge you extra for that kind of service.

Modern Mom 14/05/27(Tue)09:06 No. 2105 ID: c1779b

Is this the same case for hammocks?

Modern Mom 15/11/16(Mon)19:27 No. 2775 ID: 418d7a

actually I'm considering a futon myself because I read about the lymphatic system of the body and how it pumps waste out of your system, and its all based on movement. Comfort actually inhibits your movement during the night which may stop the automatic release of waste products via your skin

Modern Mom 16/01/11(Mon)00:48 No. 2798 ID: a9ab26

Hammocks for life... they're effectively a $50 couch & bed that's super comfortable

chaosreader 16/05/28(Sat)06:47 No. 2836 ID: 898619

File 14644108326.jpg - (42.41KB , 678x373 , futon.jpg )

I bought this futon from amazon 6 months ago....
Mostly because I started renting a room that was too small for a full sized bed and absolutely hate to have sex on twin beds. Yay I haven't fallen off yet. Japanese beds are 3 - 5 INCHES thick... that's less than half the thickness of the futon that was in your mons spare room. I works for me but could be too hard for a lot of people.

Modern Mom 16/06/15(Wed)01:54 No. 2849 ID: 0bb1b4

Well don't try to sleep in it like the guy in the pic. You have to go almost side ways to that so it actually is a flat line under you instead of fucking up your back.

Modern Mom 16/06/16(Thu)06:05 No. 2850 ID: c22d13

just sleep on the floor man. get a mat if you don't have carpet. it's actually really comfy after the adjustment period, and they say it's better for your back

Modern Mom 16/07/14(Thu)20:39 No. 2859 ID: d5484a

During high school our house got infested with bed bugs, which was disgusting. We think my sister's meth-addicted boyfriend infected our house, but anyway the infestation quickly eliminated wood furniture from our house. Our beds, our dressers, and some clothes. I was fine with the change. I slept on the ground on blankets and a single pillow. When we got beds again after fighting off the infestation, the mattress felt too soft and my back got twisted.

I don't like beds, but I use them. I'm thinking of going to buy a futon to save space.

How do you store futons?

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