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Modern Mom 13/09/17(Tue)11:27 No. 1625 ID: 751651

File 137941006875.jpg - (303.16KB , 1600x1200 , P1010105.jpg )

Tired of spending money for pay TV?
A good old roof antenna will give you high definition broadcasts, up to 100 channels in some markets. A converter box can be used for older TV compatibility, $25-40

tvfool.com, antennaweb.org, rabbitears.info

There is also free satellite TV available, mostly international broadcasting but there's some cool stuff out there too.
Search for "FTA Satellite". A low cost fixed dish can run you $200-300 if you install it yourself. Ku-band (small dish) has a lot, C-band (large dish) has even more.

No monthly fees at all, for the price of 2 months of Direct or Dish you can get the equipment for free TV for life.

Modern Mom 13/09/17(Tue)11:28 No. 1626 ID: 751651

File 137941010285.jpg - (0.96MB , 2304x1728 , 007.jpg )

Modern Mom 13/09/17(Tue)11:29 No. 1627 ID: 751651

File 137941018174.jpg - (28.13KB , 532x217 , 1188WC-band.jpg )

Modern Mom 13/09/17(Tue)11:31 No. 1628 ID: 751651

File 137941026981.jpg - (37.95KB , 706x721 , dishoverview.jpg )

Modern Mom 13/09/17(Tue)11:41 No. 1630 ID: 83ff82

You sir are a gentlemen and a scholar.

Modern Mom 14/09/07(Sun)00:52 No. 2304 ID: ad6abf

leaking high grade autism

Biff 15/10/02(Fri)17:09 No. 2741 ID: daa22b

Watching tv is a waste of precious time though, and that's one commodity that is very limited. It's mostly ads and shows you don't care about anyhow, why not just torrent whatever you DO really want to watch, or just read the synopsis of it on wikipedia, imdb?

Modern Mom 17/03/20(Mon)07:55 No. 2978 ID: 193bde

1 lookup the frequencies you are interested in in your area.
2 check out the measurements for a yagi antenna on said frequency
3 build said antenna, which is cheap and very easy if youre willing to pay attention for about 10 minutes, you will need a few lenghs of copper wire and some wood or anything non conductive to hold them.

Modern Mom 17/03/20(Mon)08:46 No. 2979 ID: 193bde

You may also want to look into software-defined radios and how to get TV from them, an rtl2832u dongle is about 7.50$US.

A yagi is has
-a driven element, meaning a U shaped wire, on end connected to the center wire on the coax, the other end conneted to the outer layer IE ground.
-a few parasitic elements, meaning lengths of metal measured to be resonant at the frequency you are interested in, the lengh and spacing in between each element is speficic to the frequency range you want, use online calculators or whatever design you find on the interwebs.
-one or several reflecting elements, meaning lenghs of wire larger than the others, so on so forth.

Onward, lad.
To glory

Modern Mom 17/04/19(Wed)19:02 No. 2997 ID: 967dbf

I got a capture card for my pc; two actually. I have one ancient analog->mpeg2 card with inputs for coaxial, RCA, and Svideo and one digital->passthrough for (coaxial) ISDB-t/s (Japan). Less expensive than the integrated-DVR TV sets they sell here and infinitely more capable.

tv is for retards Modern Mom 18/11/18(Sun)06:44 No. 3244 ID: 6d522b

TV is supposed to be free: You're watching advertisements. You're paying for electricity. You're wasting time being programmed. It's possible to receive TV for free, legally.

The biggest retards are cable and satellite subscribers paying for clearer reception, advertisements.

Tim Cook from Apple, regarding "free services"
'You're Not the Customer. You're the Product.'

Modern Mom 18/11/18(Sun)06:49 No. 3245 ID: 6d522b

TV reception looks like a decent hobby.

also there's ATSC...almost 30 channels here some say

Modern Mom 18/12/13(Thu)15:30 No. 3252 ID: d5398f

all i can find in my area are the local network affiliates i already knew about.

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