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Please help, thank you Modern Mom 13/10/31(Thu)04:35 No. 1720 ID: a9a501

File 138319053229.jpg - (187.93KB , 1067x1600 , 1383157192199.jpg )

Hello friends. I'm 18 years old and I'm getting kicked out of the house this summer.

I was just wondering if you guys had some tips on how should i stock up for this and what to do to prepare.

I live in Canada, I have about $3k saved up. I won't be finished highschool until middle of next year at best.

I was also thinking about joining the Canadian Forces.

So basically any Canadians here that know how to live cheaply or any sort of tricks I should know for living by myself?

Thanks guys.

Modern Mom 13/10/31(Thu)05:13 No. 1721 ID: c638d5

if the picture is you i am sure you will do fine.

Also yeah, join the forces and let them figure it out.

Modern Mom 13/10/31(Thu)05:39 No. 1722 ID: a9a501

picture is not me lol. Is basic training and shit hard?

Modern Mom 13/10/31(Thu)15:26 No. 1723 ID: c540e8

who literally gets kicked out at 18? What kind of shitty parents do you have?

Modern Mom 13/10/31(Thu)21:14 No. 1724 ID: a9a501

Shitty, abusive parents who are mentally unstable. they've told me since about 8 years old that if I ran away from home they wouldn't even care.

Floater 13/10/31(Thu)21:14 No. 1725 ID: 1de62b

Don't live in canada. :( sorry to hear that. First off your going to need a jacket a great one. And really good pants. Somthing that wo.t suck in water. I don't know about there but get yourself. some sort safety. net programs. Usa there is GR. And foodstamps. Not much in the way of living a life but use it
. Next your need to do.some.scounting where you.can stay at think wind rain snow. If your out in a area.where there.are woods that no one goes.it. but yourself a.hut. nails and door. And your set if you know anything about woodcutting use.trees if anyone asks if you.made it no you.did not you found it and your using it. Your going to need to.stay warm. Think about that when you build it. If you can afford solar panels do so. You will need it. Get a really cheap cell for work. You going to need to find it. Avoid telling them your homeless. If you have a.car great. If not get use.to.the.bus. I hope there are buses.for you shits tough when yourhomless. If you really have too buy a smart.phone.for net so you can do net 7chan things like that. Canned food is great but you will need a.place.to.put it. Next is water. Big fucking deal. You need it to drink wash . When you bild your hut make.sure you cover as much holes as you can
If you have friend your going to need them. </3 if not shit.man tough. I'm your buddy now. Lol okay next mindful and protect yourself. Your young and I'm sure there somebody out there wanting to fuck you. And not in a.good way. If your in a city bemindful of shelters. If you.can help out there before your homeless. That way the staff like you. Always be.humble. no one likes a dick. Even if your homeless. Thank you for everything. People.like that. And its just right. *webhug* I was.homeless. for awhile again tough. Stay happy even if its a lie. You never know when things will turn around. :/ I wish I.could help some more

Modern Mom 13/10/31(Thu)23:43 No. 1726 ID: a9a501

Wasn't really thinking about living outside, although its a possibility.

I heard you can live pretty easily off about $700/month so I was wondering more about that as well as some little tips and tricks to live more comfortably.
Thanks for your reply though.

Social+Haze 13/11/20(Wed)23:09 No. 1749 ID: feb58c


If you live in Canada you can shack-up with people, pay around $300/mo. on rent each, rest is up to you. If you're over 18 you can get social assistance payments. Just make sure you have your $3K in a different bank account than the one you're planning to use, though.

Modern Mom 13/11/21(Thu)07:06 No. 1751 ID: a9a501

Oh. Do you just apply for that? I've read a lot about that type of stuff on r9k and /pol/ but not too sure about process for that stuff.


Modern Mom 13/11/24(Sun)18:47 No. 1754 ID: 668acc

Dumpster diving is sweet, you get delicious foodstuffs for free. I've only ever done it in a few european countries, but I'm sure it's possible in Canada. In fact whenever I've tried, I've found that with little difficulty you can stop paying for food entirely. So stop paying for food already.

Modern Mom 13/11/25(Mon)03:57 No. 1755 ID: a9a501

That seems really shit. I don't want to eat food thats been next to other garbage or things god knows where they've been. Plus eating half a pizza slice some random person has eaten before you doesn't seem all too good for your health.

Modern Mom 13/11/29(Fri)07:36 No. 1766 ID: 8921cd

All depends where you live man, I was out at the same age as you. Moved to the Quebec side from Ottawa and only had to pay $250 a month rent not to mention the food/beer was cheap. My protip is getting into construction ASAP. As long as you bust your ass tradesmen will notice and you can get some numbers for a good career. Not to mention almost nothing in construction will ask for any kind of qualifications if your starting as pure labour. This means no highschool needed or boring resumee to type.

Also Giant Tiger, find one with a decent grocery section and shop nowhere else. Basically how I survived.

Modern Mom 13/12/01(Sun)00:06 No. 1769 ID: a9a501

alright thanks friend. Definitely gonna go find out more about some construction or something. From what ive heard as long as you're not drunk/high and come willing to work you'll be a mile above half the competition

Modern Mom 13/12/15(Sun)16:55 No. 1804 ID: 7cbdcb

If you're 18 & even remotely good looking, you can live better and experience more for a few years than you will ever again in your life by simply reaching back, spreading your ass cheeks, and letting the right wealthy old guy pump cum up your butt once in a while. My friend who came from nothing & lost that too hooked up with a sugar daddy right out of high school. Lived in a fucking amazing places, traveled all over, lived like a fucking prince, dated incredibly hot girls, and even went to college, all paid for by his boyfriend. As far as he was concerned, you just poop out the cum anyway, and the act of taking dick in the butt isn't really any different than having a doc give you a prostate exam, which we all wind up doing regularly someday anyway. You just figure out how to make it not hurt & feel alright and get on with your day.

Modern Mom 13/12/16(Mon)06:52 No. 1805 ID: a9a501

is this true... I'm not really good looking though, i'd definitely go gay for pay though(if no risk of stds). where do you even look for this shit LOL

Modern Mom 13/12/19(Thu)04:32 No. 1812 ID: 0938a7

You won't get into the military it's competitive. If you don't mind being a mercenary and really, really like being just infantry join the french foreign legion however you are guaranteed to be in combat probably Mali or CAR and are disposable.

Cdn military not recruiting really anymore.

Otherwise better get a trade, go to univ or sell drugs cuz you're fucked with just highschool

Modern Mom 13/12/19(Thu)04:41 No. 1813 ID: 28b5c1

Forgot to add, if you are in Canada then just get a student loan and go to college/university. Finish highschool and they pay for your living expenses too. It's not a lot but enough to eat, share rent somewhere and use your $3k to buy a cheap laptop.

You get provincial and federal student loan everybody qualifies unless you have a ton of debt

Modern Mom 13/12/19(Thu)07:02 No. 1814 ID: a9a501

I know my parents got some shit for me for college just not sure exactly. Aren't student loans kind of not worth since you need to pay them off for centuries afterwards?

Modern Mom 13/12/20(Fri)03:19 No. 1818 ID: acfa7a


As long as you keep doing the paperwork, you can put off paying them back entirely for many, many years. It's a pain in the behind, but my friends have all managed to do it so far.

Best bet is to get some room mates you can trust, find a reasonably safe, lower-end neighbourhood, and you should be able to save a ton in rent.

Social assistance sucks balls, without roomies, you'll not have much left after paying rent. -.-

Modern Mom 13/12/20(Fri)07:55 No. 1819 ID: a9a501

Ok well for the social assistance. How come I constantly hear about people on 4chan talking about living off money from assistance programs and just playing videogames all day and enjoying life.

How do they do this? Thanks.

Modern Mom 13/12/20(Fri)09:07 No. 1820 ID: a9a501

Forgot to add. My marks are fucking horrible. Had 90 average in my classes in grade 10, before then failed almost every class and after that got lazy and was just passing with 50-60%

Will any decent college even accept me? Excluding minority colleges that just take your money and give you a useless diploma.

Modern Mom 13/12/21(Sat)11:37 No. 1821 ID: b676b7

My experience is in the States, so you should talk to your guidance counselor/advisor and see how similar the program in Canada is.

An old trick for getting into a Bachelor's degree program with shitty high school grades, or after bombing an admissions test is to go the community college route. Lots of universities have partnerships with community colleges that allow students to transfer over credits, enrollment or both. You just have to get good grades in community college to show that you'll probably be able to grasp the university's curriculum.

In the meantime, I would suggest that you stop dicking around in high school. Anything you don't master now, for free, you may have to pay cash for later(especially Math and English classes).

Modern Mom 13/12/21(Sat)23:47 No. 1822 ID: a9a501

I was thinking about the community college thing. But I was also strongly considering going into trades.

I was looking for different trades job and I saw they were desperately hiring electricians for like $35/hr starting even without experience. Thinking it might be a lot more worth it since nowadays seems like everyone is going to college and feels "too good" for skilled labour.

Modern Mom 13/12/23(Mon)09:21 No. 1828 ID: b676b7

Nothing wrong with that. Residential electrical work can't be outsourced, and you can get an apprenticeship and make money while you learn your trade. Plus it's a fucking union job.

Modern Mom 13/12/28(Sat)19:19 No. 1835 ID: 8b8134

Canada has an army?

Modern Mom 14/01/05(Sun)21:09 No. 1840 ID: 6f6b8e

Talk to a member of the school faculty to ensure you can complete your education n case you need to move, or if there is a way to move back your graduation.

Look into employment now, and a studio apartment or mobile home.

Learn how to cook and eat well from basic inexpensive ingredients.
Make a budget and build your credit by using it in an intelligent way.

Star planning your future by getting educated in things that apply to you in your situation.

For example if you will have to live outside for a while you should:

Attend outdoor classes with a focus on extreme cold weather survival.

If you party, regulate yourself and find other ways to be social or relieve stress. I suggest working out and finding an outdoor hobby that will benefit you, like hunting, trapping, fishing, or gardening if you love animals too much to kill them.

Get a weapon and learn how to use it. Learn an effective way to protect yourself and escape threats without your weapon.

The key to living thrifty is keeping any money you can. Invest as much you feel comfortable with. Stay organized and cleanly. It will help you keep track of things and stay healthy. You may as well get some practice in by being very obsessive about being clean and orderly now.

Modern Mom 14/01/06(Mon)10:41 No. 1843 ID: cba9d4

Us army basic is not hard, just be prepared to say no at meps to everything, also don't have a heart murmor and then cry for cough meds and get kicked from basic for it.

Modern Mom 14/01/22(Wed)23:05 No. 1866 ID: a9a501

Ok so I tried to do co-op at my highschool to get some experience to be an electrician and I'm told you need Physics and Math courses? What gives.

I thought you only needed physics and math in highschool if you wanted to work in a union.

Anyone here did a co-op in highschool? Is it recommend or should you just graduate then find an apprenticeship and do college classes for it?


Modern Mom 14/01/26(Sun)18:12 No. 1871 ID: 5cc15f

If you are white, and look white, id reccomend looking into fouriegn teaching schools. Places like China and Korea are desperatly searching for Canadian and American citisenz to teach their kids english. They provide shelter, and you make a vast ammount more than the local do. - Learn mandarin chinese, and try to come back to a buisness that could use that technique. Just a thought

Modern Mom 14/01/28(Tue)16:38 No. 1876 ID: 11b907

complain to police, sue them and make them live up to their responsibilities by paying for your education or otherwise prepare you for life and become independent like they want. i dont think that they can just kick you out.

Modern Mom 14/01/28(Tue)20:22 No. 1877 ID: a9a501

pretty sure they can just kick you out. At 18 you're legally an adult and adults aren't required by law to provide for other adults.

Modern Mom 14/02/03(Mon)07:08 No. 1885 ID: a9a501

What are some ways to make decent money? Most of the suggestions here seem a little too slow and take a lot of effort

Modern Mom 14/02/03(Mon)08:35 No. 1886 ID: 9b63b5

Lol. The easiest way is crime, and even that takes effort. So it looks you're shit out of luck.

Modern Mom 14/03/04(Tue)21:01 No. 1952 ID: d9258d

If you really do wanna go gay for pay, craigslist is the place.
I put up an ad, offering people to suck MY dick for money. 25euro. Not much, but still, I got about 5 replies before I took down the ad. And this is in a country where craigslist isn't even that widely used.
Obviously, be safe, meet in public, wear protection.

Modern Mom 14/03/07(Fri)05:06 No. 1956 ID: a9a501

I think the blowjobs are a better idea. You could close your eyes and pretend its a girl after all.

How attractive do you have to be? Can some skinny-fat faggot get blowjobs too

Modern Mom 14/03/23(Sun)01:28 No. 1978 ID: 6fffdb

I actually haven't seen any threads about this or any other going gay-for-pay stuff.
How does someone into this?

Modern Mom 14/05/13(Tue)02:22 No. 2088 ID: 9cf085


I was in the CF and now i'm an ATC. Do it, if you go explain it to a recruiter they will help you figure out what to do. Basic demands 100% from yourself, nothing more and nothing less. Horror stories aside, the instructors are trained professionals and they will push you to your limit, but won't go overboard. If you can try hard, learn from your mistakes and actally get better at what they want from you, then you're golden.

I wouldn't say its easy, but its doable for every person that can do a marginal amount of excersize

Modern Mom 14/06/16(Mon)07:57 No. 2127 ID: a9a501

Thanks anon. What job in the CF would you recommend me to go for? Which one would be most applicable to civilian life?

Modern Mom 14/06/25(Wed)21:21 No. 2148 ID: 3b2b0a

Dude. I applied for the CAF in December 2013. Didn't get sworn in until last thursday(June 19th) and won't get paid until the 15th of July. Do not count on the army to save your sorry ass nigga. I may have to go homeless in the interim.

Modern Mom 14/07/15(Tue)02:36 No. 2181 ID: e22576

What job are you doing in the CAF? Infantry?

Modern Mom 14/11/22(Sat)02:15 No. 2462 ID: b1acd5

at 16 you can legally move out in canada, so i dont think parents kicking you out is a big deal.

Modern Mom 14/11/26(Wed)17:37 No. 2474 ID: 205b0b

don't die

Modern Mom 15/11/12(Thu)02:44 No. 2773 ID: dc21fb

most of them still live with their parents, I think.

Modern Mom 15/11/13(Fri)01:19 No. 2774 ID: 8f8ac9

Where i live you would only find spoiled mcdonalds and hot dogs that have been out for over 78 hours.

Modern Mom 15/12/27(Sun)00:29 No. 2789 ID: e5fc99

better get far away from them, and yes try joining the canadian forces,my grandfather did the same coz shitty parents

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