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food 4 /jew/ Modern Mom 14/03/26(Wed)10:39 No. 1989 ID: 4b9d70

File 139582678359.jpg - (58.38KB , 440x400 , recipe-image-legacy-id--51616_12[1].jpg )

Would it be possible to have a /jew/ food thread?
Maybe if enough content got posted it could become a sticky.

I love tune/pasta bake, tuna is super cheap and great for you and your brain function.

Modern Mom 14/03/27(Thu)11:29 No. 1990 ID: 305209

>>1989 >tuna is super cheap Don't know what planet you're from. It's about £1.20 a can here, or £6 for a pack of four, which is about $2.70 or $10.50, at an estimate, respectively. That's not super cheap.

Modern Mom 14/03/27(Thu)11:30 No. 1991 ID: 305209

>>1990 Meh, phone posting fuck up

Modern Mom 14/03/28(Fri)20:40 No. 1994 ID: cda15e

Dried beans, they're cheap to buy in bulk and last forever, just have to soak them and cook them in batches small enough to use. Dried Soya beans are very cheap and high in protein, Chana Dal/ split gram are also very cheap and high in protein, mung beans too.
Buy frozen spinach and peas, these are cheap and easy to use without defrosting more than you need for cooking.
Soak up your dal or beans of choice, following the instructions on the bag or internet for time, then when boiling them up add some chopped up potatoes and spinach/peas, add salt and spices(turmeric and garam masala will do) to your taste and cook it all up for a good food that is pretty fucking healthy.
You can cook up chicken fillets with diced onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes, salted and spiced to your liking to go with the bean/potato/spinach mix and eat like an Indian person for real cheap and not getting bowel cancer later in life.

Drink coffee and eat grapefruits, this will keep you going longer when hungry, grapefruit slows the metabolism of caffeine so aside from them being delicious and very healthy you get more value from your coffee.

Cottage cheese will make you feel full for longer, your body digests it slowly and it has a good range of amino acids, high protein and low fat, it is also pretty cheap. If it is not cheap where you live but milk is very cheap you can make cottage cheese with milk and lemon juice, look it up, making your own cheese is great.

You can mix cottage cheese curds with your spinach and potatoes when you're bored of beans to make a Saag Paneer, this is surprisingly delicious.

TLDR, A lot of Indian people are poor as fuck but eat pretty healthily and have low rates of cancer, copy them.
Here's a book http://kickass.to/at-home-with-madhur-jaffrey-gnv64-t7047421.html

Modern Mom 14/03/29(Sat)10:34 No. 1996 ID: fe6ce0

Nutrition/taste/cost isnt that bad. You get 425g cans here for $3 and they can make a tuna bake or a fair few sandwiches

Modern Mom 14/04/08(Tue)16:45 No. 2027 ID: 2ec722


mindless_one 16/04/14(Thu)22:04 No. 2823 ID: f95610

I like putting cheese slices on a ¢99 bag of Doritos as a nice nacho appetizer before I eat a ¢99 Banquet TV dinner or buttered egg noodles with salt and pepper. Hell, hard boiled eggs can be made into deviled eggs or egg salad. Eat egg salad with Doritos like normal chips and dip. Get creative!

Modern Mom 16/07/11(Mon)00:49 No. 2857 ID: 5de663

Here is a working link:

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