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Modern Mom 15/10/14(Wed)08:33 No. 2756 ID: 0fb81b

File 144480440693.jpg - (220.94KB , 1080x720 , Photo on 10-13-2015 at 9_53 PM #2.jpg )

Aw, this board is the epitome of what I do. I'll walk through my lifestyle. I've tried many things and kept only the things that have saved me money in the end. I don't care how others judge me, so I've taken things to the next level of weird:

My main motto in life when it comes to managing money is "Time is money". So even if I'm not at work, "chores" and other crap to me is considered work, or rather, unpaid work. So I deliberately avoid situations in which I'm forced to do more work than necessary (that is, by doing things the easier way).

1) I have carefully selected a place for me to live. One which is < 10 minute walking distance to my place of work. My job is perfect for me because I don't really interact with people much and I am sort of left to do my own thing (parcel courier). This ensures my employment because I cannot last 2 months in a customer service/work-with-others workplace without getting fired.

Also, note that this came first before everything else because it is top priority if you're looking to save money.

2) As a result, I no longer necessitate a motor vehicle. - $200 / 3 months for insurance, and $60/month for gas. And additional upkeep and maintenance expenses.

3) Rent your parking space out. +$50/month for me.

4) For regular things in life, like trip to food market, work with your place of residence at hand. If you have one nearby, great. If you have one a bit of a walk away, even better. Why?

5) Screw your gym membership. -$50/month. See pic related. I had a carpenter custom-make a piece of equipment (large rod with impaled dowels through and through on both ends, with a large gap in the middle) that I requested. This serves as a bar-bell onto which my grocery bags go. Go to a nearby playground and try to not act like a pedophile when you work every body part efficiently on the playset. I daresay playgrounds are better than gyms.

Little regime:
- Fartlek your way to the grocery store. Half-ass a full-on parkour by taking the "harder way" there.
fartlek |ˈfärtlik|
nounTrack & Field
a system of training for distance runners in which the terrain and pace are continually varied to eliminate boredom and enhance psychological aspects of conditioning.
- Do squats, rows, shoulder presses, skull crushers (standing), bicep curls, and shrugs to start when grocery bags are loaded on.

6) Notice that I'm naked. Laundry sucks. -$30/month. Only wear clothes when you really have to, and fear not about sleeping on your sheets nude. Sheets can be the one thing that goes in the wash regularly if you're a clean freak. To prevent soiling your furniture, carry a towel with you as though it's your "blankie". I bought a massage table as my choice of bed because it's flat and doesn't hurt my back. And because the surface is leather. So all the stuff that builds up in my sheets can go straight into the wash, and after a quick wipe down on the leather, it's like it's brand new in terms of cleanliness, not trapping dirt inside like beds do.

7) Time is money. So is cleaning. See the hardwood on the floor in pic related? I made sure the place I chose was hardwood because a thorough clean is as simple as a quick run-over with a Swiffer, rather than vacuuming. You aren't trapping any dirt longterm with hardwood. Carpets do, and it's not pleasant to think about what's lingering in them.

8) Buy a large roll of polyethylene plastic you get in hardware stores ($15) and cover all the places you dread cleaning most. I lined the plastic from ceiling to tub in my shower, so that the black mould doesn't build up in the caulking. Also made a template for kitchen counter tops and created over 20 copies of traced copies of it to make life easy when it gets too dirty. All you have to do is toss and replace rather than scrub away for an hour on cleaning day.

Ok, that was cleaning, now:

9) Expenses. I force friends to e-mail me when they need to talk to me as I usually have the computer at my side. $35 phone plan? No. I pay by the minute only when needed. Average phone bill totals $10. -$25 off standard bill. My other bill is internet. Obviously, reduce to the lesser speed. It's not much of a difference anyway if you aren't an avid MOORPG player or whatever games those are called.

10) Food. Sifting through and finding coupons are a waste of time (and time is money). Some grocery stores have a 50% off counter. That, obviously, is my grocery store of choice. I stock up for 2 days worth on that stuff before things get stale and gorge on them. The randomness of it all changes my diet regularly so that things aren't always the same. I do like my sandwiches, so I buy the few things needed for that.

11) Travel. Every six months I designate one day towards all the "little" things I need to do with my handy wooden bar bell. When the dentist tells me "we will expect to see you again on x" I will make x the day that I make my way around the city in a circular, which-one-is-closest-from-this-point fashion, knocking off every thing off the list of things to do, such as bank check deposits, bank account alterations, small purchases at item-specific shops, clinical checkups, visit parents, etc.. My last stop is my grocery store in which I check the 50% off counter, and load up my 5 gallon jug with pure (not mineralized, fluoridated and potentially bacteria-infested tap water) for the water dispenser ($6) and do some weights with it in one hand and the bar bell in the other on the home-stretch to home.

Method of travel:
I tried roller blades: DO NOT USE THEM! It is a total waste of money because the wheels wear down and you have to by new ones for each wheel, and a set of 4 wheels is like $50, which only last for a month anyway if you're using them regularly. Also ended up with knee ITB syndrome due to the legs over-pronating from the blades.

I tried biking: It's a f****** pain in the ass. Only use it for winter.

In summer, use skateboard. Forget the notion of "looking cool". We're not here to do that. There's no need to waste time locking it up when you can carry it around with you when needed.

12) Cut your needless spending. Screw the restaurants, screw the movies. The computer is your best friend. It has everything needed to entertain you. You're already paying $45/month for it anyway. Gain a few hobbies and occasionally spend on those but don't find something that you "want" which you only use once and never look at again. Those temporary highs should be judged on the merit of importance that particular field associated with it has on your life. So if you commit yourself to masturbating 5x/day, and wish for the sensation of being inside a woman, it's clear that a fleshlight would regularly serve its use, so save up for one. Don't buy 3 "for good measure". One is fine.

13) Always kill two birds with one stone. Aim for three or even four with one shot.
I'm currently keeping slats of wood I find in garbages and elsewhere and slowly constructing my very own surface for my laptop and cordless keyboard and mouse to improve and maintain my posture longterm. Keep this in mind: when you do things yourself, you also gain the knowledge of how to do them, which you can apply to other areas of life. In doing this I'm killing two birds with one stone: building something relevant to my lifestyle, and acquiring a new skill.
Also, I'm programming a word game that I want to recreate myself and play. I'm nearly finished. In creating something relevant in my life, I have also acquired the skill to program, which really isn't as hard as it's assumed to be.

More to come as I think of them!

import Freedom

class FactsToConsider{

public static void main(String[] args){

int fact = 1;
long monetaryValue = 1000000L;

System.out.println("Fact " + fact + ": He who is unconcerned with having the least is happiest, which means he who has " + (monetaryValue + 1) + " dollars is one dollar more consumed by wealth and one dollar in more trouble than he who has " + (monetaryValue) + " dollars");



Modern Mom 15/10/14(Wed)09:03 No. 2757 ID: 0fb81b

File 144480621636.jpg - (197.69KB , 1080x720 , Photo on 10-14-2015 at 12_08 AM.jpg )

Also, I acknowledge that I don't need to go to the dentist anymore, but still have the tendency to go there in case there are any subtle problems. I'm starting to floss my teeth on the way to work.

Oh! Buzz your head folks! acquire the new skill of styling your hair efficiently on your own. -$30/month
Pic related. I use this.

Also killing two birds with one stone here: I'm showing you my hair trimmer, and the plastic along shower wall behind.

Modern Mom 15/10/24(Sat)07:58 No. 2759 ID: 1b4402

Wtf bro

Modern Mom 15/10/25(Sun)23:12 No. 2760 ID: 0fb81b

It's what happens when you stop caring about the thoughts of others

Modern Mom 15/10/26(Mon)04:56 No. 2761 ID: 717f10

interesting read, thanks for the info on rollerblades.

>try to not act like a pedophile

I have some bad news for you.

Modern Mom 15/10/26(Mon)05:19 No. 2763 ID: eb89c4

What about comfort? See, I consider comfort a resource that helps "pay" for stress. Wouldn't it then be rational to invest in comfort so you improve your performance in areas that tend to cause you stress?

Also, there's studies that show that things like posters, collectibles etc. help you emotionally regulate yourself.(Secondary source - "Snoop" by Sam Gosling). Again, wouldn't it be practical to own some items that you can strategically look at when you need to feel the emotion that is associated with them?

I'm quite curious what you have to say about this kind of approach.

Modern Mom 15/11/02(Mon)04:43 No. 2768 ID: 0fb81b

Depends on what sort of comfort you're referring to. Obviously not being stabbed in the feet by needles or anything. But generally if its uncomfortable (like sleeping on a massage table), you will adapt and over time think nothing of it. It's the adjustment there and letting your body adapt to the changes that might be the hard part.

I don't really find sentimental value in collectibles or physical objects, so maybe that just depends on the person. If you lack objects that you depend on (not need), you will always adapt to your current circumstances without them and put that want behind you. Or at least for me. To find comfort in nostalgic objects and such is like a fixation on something that the mind always wants. Take that fixation towards learning or something. I take solace in my online lectures on math and physics.

Modern Mom 16/01/11(Mon)01:06 No. 2799 ID: a9ab26

But, OP, what's your point in life? Being frugal is a virtue, yes, but in this summary you've not mentioned why you're saving this money, and you've not mentioned any sort of social interaction.

Don't you have friends that come over and question why you've plastic wrapped your house and are collecting lumber scraps, etc.?

Saving money has no purpose of itself. Are you planning on buying a sailboat and island hopping the Caribbean? Why do you so desperately need to save every cent?

Modern Mom 16/01/28(Thu)05:15 No. 2805 ID: b41207

maybe his friends are thrifty aswell...

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