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Modern Mom 16/07/04(Mon)00:45 No. 2854 ID: 7715bc

File 146758592276.jpg - (75.07KB , 425x514 , aldi.jpg )

Protip - ALDI

If you have one near you, this is a place to pay hundreds of dollars less for groceries. If you buy the right items, thy're even healthy.

Modern Mom 16/07/11(Mon)02:57 No. 2858 ID: 114255

I've become a Costco mom

Modern Mom 16/07/16(Sat)20:16 No. 2860 ID: 778265

I've given Aldi multiple chances.

more than 4 times I've gotten shitty disgusting food from there. Spoiled milk, botulism-ridden canned peas/beans, stale as fuck rice that basically turns into styrofoam when cooked...

Fuck Aldi

Aldi Humpty 16/07/24(Sun)00:47 No. 2861 ID: 62b020

The best things I ever bought at Aldi ! Such bad stories as botullinum are really fake. Try to find a story about botulism and Aldi, You won´t. Its big and the quality is top. And if You can´t cook rice its YOUR problem ! And maybe You should really f.ck a little bit more or get ridden or whatever to get into a better mood !

Modern Mom 16/09/06(Tue)07:37 No. 2873 ID: 58aecf

File 14731402666.jpg - (206.38KB , 750x747 , Voodoo-donut.jpg )

I'm gonna call bullshit on you.

Their food flies off the shelf, so nothing is stale.

If a can is dented, you're a moron for buying it. Grab one without botulism.

Modern Mom 16/09/09(Fri)02:16 No. 2874 ID: 5a53ee

He's just following advice from the documentary Big Daddy - throwing cans on the floor makes them cost less.

Modern Mom 16/09/20(Tue)13:46 No. 2879 ID: 42e177

>If a can is dented, you're a moron for buying it. Grab one without botulism.
You got it backwards, as the bacteria multiplies it causes the can to bloat. Now if the can was dented and pierced/rusted then yeah, it's best to avoid it.

Modern Mom 17/01/27(Fri)14:38 No. 2945 ID: 3b48d8

All produce that I buy from ALDI usually goes off within the day. Yes, it's dirt cheap, but when I have to rebuy my groceries it stops being cheap.

Modern Mom 17/01/27(Fri)20:07 No. 2946 ID: 67e5a6

File 148554406349.jpg - (4.13KB , 160x113 , imagesCALV2UR1.jpg )

For those of us not living east of the Mississippi or the fucking concrete valley of Hell known as LA there are other stores with similar stocking methods and cheap prices. Try Save-A-Lot or any decent Mexican, Asian, or Middle Eastern Grocery store. The meat selection is often wider and sometimes better cut and the produce variety and bakery sections can be really amazing.

"BUT ANON the food looks weird and the products are all off brand"

Yes. They save money by not shelving out of the carton they come in, not packing meat in expensive packaging, and not turning their nose up at produce that may have a spot here and there. To be perfectly honest, these grocery stores are actually more enviro friendly (if that's your thing) then most main stream stores because of the reason listed.

"BUT ANON then I'll have to shop with brown people, who might look at me funny!!"

Shut the fuck up! Do you want to save money or not?

Modern Mom 17/02/12(Sun)00:19 No. 2951 ID: 418381

but lidl is better though god tier shit at dirt cheap prices

Modern Mom 17/02/14(Tue)23:37 No. 2952 ID: 012da4

fuck aldis those bastareds dont have bags for the shit ya buy
dollar tree is cheaper and gives ya a fucking bag to carry shit home

Modern Mom 17/02/21(Tue)10:32 No. 2964 ID: aa90ac

aldi is shit. bag of snickers for $2. yeah bro, real "money saver" there.

heres a protip: shop where the mexicans shop. theres mexican grocery stores if you got any kind of mexicans in your town. mexican grocery store is fuckin cheap!

or if you are a lucky prick, your city will have a produce terminal open to the public.

Modern Mom 17/02/21(Tue)23:55 No. 2966 ID: 13663b

I've learned over the years that you don't actually sace money at these type of shops. Whathever is cheaper, is cheaper for a reason. Buy some yogourt there, it's gonna be 50 yoghurt mixed with water and starch. Does it count as cheaper to you ? I guess that depends how you view it. I'd rarher be eating reak stuff. I'd rather eat a smaller portion of a good sausage, then, filling on bread, than earing a shit one that's bot even meat. When you account for the shitty quality of the producks, by rank, ir's only a few cents cheaper tjan another shop, and those few cents are bot worth the time I waste there, the tereible service and dirty area, and dealing with poor, rude people.

Modern Mom 17/03/17(Fri)12:42 No. 2977 ID: 602cb1

Snickers are garbage food with garbage nutrition.

Modern Mom 17/03/20(Mon)17:19 No. 2980 ID: e05d71

ALDI is shit.
Got amped after paying $5 for some from T-bone steaks. Take them out of the package, start defrosting them.. while waiting, for shit I read the packaging:
Sodium: 10,000 MILIGRAMS.


Modern Mom 17/04/19(Wed)14:45 No. 2996 ID: e3157a

ALDI is probably the shittiest store. fucking processed meats and canned vegetables

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