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save money on food by not paying for it shepard+dog 17/02/15(Wed)16:19 No. 2954 ID: f1d828

File 148717194117.jpg - (164.31KB , 1024x699 , LyMVjfm.jpg )

hello i see were trying to save money so i thought id share some general rules i use when dumpster diving

while it may seem nasy at first its amazing what is tossed away by the "effcent" capitalism we live under i currently just finished a pack of baggles with chease and ham to make a crude Mc morning sandwich

1 time
times one of the two most important factors time can take on multiple faces however such as the time from throw out till you find and the time of year it can also account for the time of dumpster removal and pick up these three factors come together under the general rule of time obviously the less time between finding food and a dumpster and when the food enters the dumpster the better as it will have less time to rot however given the time of year currently as I write this it is winter there for the outside is a complete freezer thus negating the factor of how long ago it was thrown away as the natural environment is preserving goodies

2 packaging
Packaging is the only barrier between delicious food and the rotting external environment found within a dumpster so only take items whose packaging is visibly intact this is also a decent security measure to determine whether or not bugs or varmints have tried to nibble away at the food

3 processed goods
Obviously the more processed that food items are the safer they are as things such as canning or pasteurization kill any potential bacteria inside the packaging so as long as the package is intact these items are prime value and anything else in your bag should be secondary to any sort of canned good or processed packaged food things such as flour or sugar should be avoided fruits and vegetables should also be avoided as they spoil easily and rarely have airtight packages that's can adequately protect the food inside

4 meat hiararchy
Due to my understanding of meat processing this kind of falls under processed Goods but it's a bit more specific from my experience pig meat is one of the only meats you can be almost 100% certain is safe to eat even in the middle of the hot summer sun this is due to the high amounts of salt that are used in the production process of pig meat the second popular meet would be some sort of steak or cut cow meat I do not recommend ground beef or any sort of Blended ground-up meat as it is harder to identify spoiling last on the list is bird meat I would advise to steer clear of bird meat of any kind due to the higher levels of diseases being present in bird meat such as chicken

5 preparation of food items
For packaged or over-processed Goods such as spam or a box of Twinkies little more than wiping off the container with a rag will suffice for prepping the food for things such as meat or fruits and vegetables that appear to be plenty safe from spoilage I highly recommend washing the crap out of them use plenty of hot water no soap as this will affect the ability of the food itself wash the food off very well and always overcook it just in case it's better to have a steak be over well done and not get sick then it is to enjoy a medium rare steak or rare steak and end up having some parasite in your intestines

In closing
I understand most people would not resort to this as they see garbage food as disgusting and taboo after all it is in the garbage we generally throw away things that are no longer good to us but you have to keep in mind that most of the food items that are being thrown out are being thrown out for stupid reasons for example we fall had a gallon of milk that is two or three days past its sell date and it is still perfectly good but many stores will throw away items long before the sell-by date or if the packaging is ugly when I say ugly I'm referring to a package of Twinkies having a crumpled dent in the corner of the cardboard for example or a tin can having a harmless dent in it these ugly food items are thrown away other things such as holiday items I always check right after a holiday passes and collect all of the perfectly edible candies that are thrown away given Valentine's Day just passed I'll let you know if I come across edible panties.... O.o so I would highly encourage you to just go out and take a look you don't have to jump all in right away and start trying to Chow Down on everything in the dumpster I just recommend poking your nose in every once in awhile and taking a look adjust to the concept slowly and eventually you will find some jackpots that will change your views on dumpster diving such as for example the time that I found a crate of jalapeno potato chips or a crate of cheesy poofs or about two dozen two liters of Coca-Cola I can't say exactly what you will find but I can guarantee that if you poke your nose in there enough you will eventually come across a massive payday and you will wish that you brought a duffel bag and a friend carrying two more duffel bags because of those pay days you will find more food than you can physically carry and want to take multiple trips with these Halls of food you can easily supplement your food bill I currently only spend about 60 or 50 bucks a month on ramen noodles as a basic staple and supplement the rest of my food supply with dumpster finds this reduces my expenses on food massively where the average person would spend a hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty on groceries

Thank you for taking the time to read through my TL DR post and I hope you have a lovely rest of your day

5finger discount shepard+dog 17/02/15(Wed)16:38 No. 2955 ID: f1d828

File 148717311847.jpg - (409.27KB , 1120x1680 , IMG_20170215_083850.jpg )

Technically I cannot condone illegal activity but if you are particularly desperate such as in a homelessness situation perhaps you can find use in something I call the phone game I recommend only doing this at low and dollar stores as a means of covertly shoplifting pic related

What you do is pretend you are texting on a phone the damn thing doesn't even after work it could be a toy phone for all I care this is simply so that if someone was trying to watch you they would simply think you are sending text messages perhaps to whoever you are shopping for now I've only seen cans of sardines be the right size to do the phone game but basically what you do is you grab two or three of the item that you want and then place your hands together like you are texting with both thumbs and then just slip the 1-2 cans of sardines behind the phone and take the remaining can and put it back on the Shelf where it belongs preferably facing forward flush with the rest of the product so it looks like you put everything back this will allow you to grab things even while people are watching you and they won't suspect a thing and then you can take your phone hand which everyone clearly sees you are feeling with your phone so then with simple sleight of hand or diversion whatever technical word you would like to use you can slip the phone into your pocket along with the tins of sardines and you can repeat this process pulling your phone back out later to pretend you are having more texts and repeat the process until your pockets are full enough to survive

Thank you for taking the time to listen and I hope you have a wonderful day

Modern Mom 17/02/15(Wed)16:39 No. 2956 ID: 0c2267

im glad this is here
good stuff, thanks

Modern Mom 17/02/15(Wed)23:12 No. 2959 ID: 7fd13b


Wow an effective way of stealing phone shaped things from a store...


shepard+dog 17/02/16(Thu)16:10 No. 2960 ID: 7d9d5d

thought i posted that as a seperat post ....oh well guess i got em both in one spot so i can reply to any question on both topics

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