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Modern Mom 17/05/23(Tue)02:21 No. 3024 ID: a6056e

File 149549887128.png - (16.01KB , 321x322 , 4247c260929c4445f28f84755849b96c3de21743cbdb56eca4.png )

What's the last thing you saved money doing?

Modern Mom 17/06/07(Wed)14:59 No. 3031 ID: 5ac0b1

I didn't go outside, saved on travel costs.

Modern Mom 17/07/16(Sun)13:54 No. 3043 ID: 6ab041

Skip breakfast everyday.

Modern Mom 17/07/21(Fri)08:13 No. 3046 ID: 4d2f3c

File 15006176136.png - (185.63KB , 7680x4320 , flag_the_good_german_5f.png )


Eating every other day will save a lot of shekels as well, bro.

Modern Mom 17/08/28(Mon)12:38 No. 3072 ID: 4e6359

Pirating a shit ton of manga instead of wasting 20 bucks per fucking volume. Shit's expensive.

Modern Mom 17/08/29(Tue)09:13 No. 3073 ID: 9ae23f

The last really Jewish thing I did was cancel my cable and cell plan, so I could switch to piracy and prepaid. I also sold a bunch of my ingame shit in World of Warcraft and Dota 2 to get credit to buy a few games for free.

Modern Mom 17/09/26(Tue)19:58 No. 3087 ID: 38ac12

File 150644872866.jpg - (110.41KB , 700x648 , SovietShitPoster.jpg )

I'm thinking of doing this as well..
Anon how do you get your pirated material? Starbucks hotspots or from the prepaid cell connection?

Modern Mom 17/09/27(Wed)16:21 No. 3088 ID: 9ae23f

I still pay for an internet connection (cheapest connection that any is willing to sell me). Otherwise I’d probably try public libararies or something, coffeeshops are a fucking ripoff and their wifi is always shit.

Modern Mom 17/10/11(Wed)23:09 No. 3092 ID: ce6522

Sold my muscle cars in GTA to buy a hangar.

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