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Modern Mom 19/02/01(Fri)21:50 No. 3261 ID: a0f9cb

File 154905421381.jpg - (132.45KB , 960x960 , 67A2E4FA-0B89-4258-B2ED-085732109944.jpg )

If you get a blender, your food expenses might not go down, but your nutrient intake can go way up. Almost nobody has the time to make three fresh meals a day, and meal prep takes extra mental energy, so blend a fresh meal instead. The more energy you can dedicate to improving your health and financial situation, the better. Even if you don’t like smoothes, which is unusual, you can simply dilute the flavor with a extra yogurt or maybe even milk. A good fruit or vegetable smoothie entering just feels right entering your body. Plus, with greek yogurt, and maybe even a dash of unflavored protein powder, you can get a good macronutrient ratio. It’s a nice way to live, and it beats the hell out of most food advice I’ve heard. There’s a fairly wide variety of flavor options, so it’s unlikely to get boring. A pretty bougie at-home smoothie typically costs $2-$3, but can cost $1-$2 if you manage to buy in bulk. Why are you not doing this? One tall cup is about 400 to 600 calories.

Pic related, what your first or second attempt will probably look like.

Modern Mom 19/02/01(Fri)21:52 No. 3262 ID: a0f9cb

File 154905436996.jpg - (218.64KB , 850x556 , 3C44BFF4-5C87-4969-8796-A884CAB4339E.jpg )

Modern Mom 19/02/02(Sat)01:22 No. 3263 ID: decc7f

>why are you not doing this?

Because I'm so poor I haven't had running water in over a year now and I can only live off stuff I can throw into the oven.

If I had water to clean the blender I would absolutely be doing it.

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