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Beating traffic camera tickets & automated toll road fees Clever Jew 12/12/20(Thu)00:11 No. 688 ID: 661b98

File 135595868682.jpg - (639.88KB , 1756x1000 , camo.jpg )

OK so I have this idea how to beat traffic cameras and automated toll roads that bill you by taking a photo of your license plate.

Basically, it's illegal to drive without a license plate and it's illegal to obscure your license plate. But what if you camouflage your license plate in a way that makes it impossible for a machine (or overly time consuming for a person) to find where it is in a photo?

You'd do this by printing a tiling license-plate pattern all over the back of your car and affixing your real license plate over one of the plates in the picture. Or instead of printing your could use 1:1 flexible magnets that have the plate design on them.

What do you think would this work?

Modern Mom 12/12/20(Thu)20:12 No. 692 ID: a30638

for automated systems, good idea
elsewhere meh, for a person its quite easy, as its centered

also you would look like a jerk i guess

Modern Mom 12/12/21(Fri)02:28 No. 693 ID: ff70b9

I thought they already made a plastic screen of sorts you put over the plate that blocks cameras...

Modern Mom 12/12/21(Fri)02:59 No. 694 ID: 661b98

I think they did a MythBusters episode featuring that and apparently it didn't work.

Modern Mom 12/12/24(Mon)07:52 No. 706 ID: 2e79fa

I liked the idea of walking around with a t-shirt with a wanted fugitive's face on it. The license plate thing is clearly fraud and will get you put in federal prison. You might check whether obscuring it and putting it in your rearwindow is legal. You could try writing an extra number on it or changing it. I had a parking ticcket once that had my plate written incorrectly so I never had to pay it.

Modern Mom 13/05/15(Wed)04:00 No. 1275 ID: 1589f3

OP, you need a way to make your licence plate change on a dime, kinda like those bigass billboards that flip between 3 different ads, that would be kewl

Modern Mom 13/05/17(Fri)05:34 No. 1304 ID: 39770f

You could just do what my dad does and steal someones plates in a parking lot at night, and then trade them out every week. He's been doing it since '88 and has never got a ticket for anything.

Also, Knight Rider had a pretty sweet 3-plate rotating mount, that he'd flip to a new plate when running lights and shit.

Modern Mom 13/06/05(Wed)12:06 No. 1349 ID: ebc855

No just don't speed
and go around toll booth if possible this may be more expensive than just paying the toll

Modern Mom 13/06/05(Wed)12:40 No. 1351 ID: 8f671e

>Also, Knight Rider had a pretty sweet 3-plate rotating mount, that he'd flip to a new plate when running lights and shit.

You know the British were doing this back in '64 before you were born.

Modern Mom 14/04/28(Mon)02:32 No. 2067 ID: 867fb7

Get a big leaf (oak or something), mist your licence plate and stick the leaf covering one or two symbols. Should be enough.

Modern Mom 14/05/05(Mon)05:32 No. 2077 ID: c24ad8

How do these systems capture and store data? Anyone know?

Modern Mom 14/05/11(Sun)14:23 No. 2083 ID: e630f5

Try using high power infra red lights.

Cameras wont see through it, but it's invisible to the naked eye.

Modern Mom 14/05/11(Sun)14:23 No. 2084 ID: e630f5

Try using high power infra red lights.

Cameras wont see through it, but it's invisible to the naked eye.

Modern Mom 14/05/12(Mon)02:49 No. 2087 ID: 3edb38

you're speaking about Bond... James Bond and the Goldfinger car.

Modern Mom 14/05/23(Fri)00:32 No. 2102 ID: 433396

If you want to make it hard for enforcement to bill/fine you, try getting a personalized plate that looks something like this:

This would not work for avoiding tolls, but if they have a crappy camera or if you piss someone off in traffic it comes in handy.

Modern Mom 14/09/03(Wed)03:41 No. 2295 ID: ecfb71

All this taught me was that I had no idea how to spell Connecticut.

Modern Mom 14/09/06(Sat)09:58 No. 2301 ID: a35ed1


Modern Mom 14/10/25(Sat)06:32 No. 2428 ID: a4b96d

Till a cop pulls you over and then when the registration doesn't match you're so fucking fucking fucked.

Modern Mom 17/05/05(Fri)12:03 No. 3000 ID: 21de63

I feel as if you'd be pulled over and arrested immediately for that.

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